The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 283

Chapter 283

[Seriously, is there really such a great reward? To copy whatever I want, then I should definitely go raid the national treasury and granaries!]

[Of course, this reward does have a time limit! Please don't get too excited, my host.]

[How long can I use it for?]

Lin Zaozao asked excitedly.

[Five days. Once the time is up, the copying function will be immediately reclaimed by this system.]

[What, only five days!]

[Little greedy host, don't be too greedy. Five days is actually quite a long time. If you go copying things every day, one national treasury can become two for you, and one granary can be doubled.

Such a great reward is truly rare.]

[Alright, alright, I understand. Oh! By the way, System, why didn't you allow me to use that random reward after I saved those people?]

[Tsk! Host, host, I used to say you were stupid and you didn't like that. Don't you know by now? The so-called random rewards are all given to you at this system's discretion.

Host, random rewards generally consist of growing meat and farting loudly, plus a Buddha's halo filter.

Tell me, host, which of these rewards are you lacking? This system will give you some for free.]

[System, do you have any pregnancy pills? Gu Shan and Little Xibei are pregnant, and I'm worried about them.]

[I have those. This system will give them to you now. But in exchange, let's have the host gain fifty pounds!

After all, helping disaster victims will be quite strenuous, requiring a lot of physical strength.]

[What, what the hell! Damn system, you can't do things like that. Fifty pounds of meat is no small amount!]

[Transaction successful, this system is now giving the host fifty pounds of meat.]

As the system's mocking voice faded, Lin Zaozao's body began visibly expanding with fat.

Lin Zaozao looked down at her bulging belly. She pinched the spare tire that had appeared on her stomach, feeling like rolling her eyes and passing out right then and there.

What an unhelpful damn system! It really can't stand seeing her even a little bit thin!

As Lin Zaozao was pinching the fat on her stomach and complaining about the damn system, she suddenly felt something appear inside her clothes.

She reached into her clothes and felt a bottle. Taking it out, she saw it was a bottle of pregnancy pills.

"Little Xibei, this is for you, pregnancy pills. Follow the instructions on the bottle and take them on time."

As Lin Zaozao handed the bottle of pregnancy pills to Little Xibei, she felt something else appear inside her clothes.

Reaching in again, she pulled out another bottle of pregnancy pills. Without making a sound, she placed the bottle on the table, and then felt yet another item appear in her clothes.

Reaching in once more, it was another bottle of pregnancy pills.

And so it continued, with Lin Zaozao magically producing pregnancy pills from her clothes one after another.

Until she had taken out a full fifty bottles of pregnancy pills, covering the entire table, she finally stopped.

[System, why did you give me so many pregnancy pills?]

[This system is fair and reasonable, treating everyone equally. One pound of meat for one bottle of pregnancy pills, quality guaranteed, I would never let the host make a losing deal.]

[But you gave me fifty bottles of pregnancy pills, do you want Gu Shan and Little Xibei to eat them for meals!]

[Although Gu Shan already has pregnancy pills, you can still give some to Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli!

After all, they are also pregnant. It's very difficult for a pregnant man, so the host must take good care of them.]

[What, what? Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli are also pregnant? Is my ability really that powerful?

We only had relations once! How could my efficiency be so high!]

Lin Zaozao disbelievingly looked at Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli's flat bellies, realizing that children were now growing inside them.

Thinking of this, Lin Zaozao involuntarily took a deep breath.

She really was an expert marksman!

Just one time, and she had gotten all her husbands pregnant. If it was like this every time, then her husbands would be giving birth constantly.

It's not that children are bad, but Gu Shan and the others are still men after all, and having them give birth all the time would definitely harm their bodies.

[Host, you don't need to be so amazed. Of your husbands, aside from Little Xibei, the rest will never be able to give birth again after this one time.]


[Why? Of course it's because of that damn fate! It just comes so unexpectedly!]


[What's wrong? Stupid host?]

[System, you'd better just shut up! Damn fate, you just keep running your mouth.]

[Tsk! An ungrateful stupid host.]

After cursing, the system left grumbling.

"Zaozao, is this..."

Seeing the table full of pregnancy pills, Gu Shan asked in confusion.

"Pregnancy pills, you, Little Xibei, Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli can share them."


Little Liuli, who was eating, suddenly froze.

"Elder Sister, I, I'm not pregnant! Besides, Elder Sister, even if your body is special and can make men pregnant, we only did it once. How could I get pregnant from just one time?"

"Little Liuli, your Elder Sister's body is truly gifted, with extraordinary bones and a unique structure.

So it's not surprising that I could get all four of you pregnant at once. In fact, back in Han Country, I got Han Ye, Xiao Taohua, Ruo Qiu and Ji Fantian all pregnant in one go.RAd latSt chapters at n(v)e(l)bin/.c/o/m Only

To tell you the truth, when I woke up and learned that I could make men pregnant, I was no less shocked than you are now."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's explanation, Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli exchanged a glance before unconsciously placing their hands on their bellies.

They, really, were pregnant.

When they first learned that Gu Shan and the Imperial Preceptor were pregnant, they were extremely shocked.

After all, men giving birth was completely unheard of.

But now, they were also pregnant!

They were both carrying their wife's children...

Seeing Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli's dazed expressions, Lin Zaozao felt a bit embarrassed and lowered her head.

For them as men, after consummating their marriages with their wife, it was not their wife who became pregnant, but themselves instead.

For a man to become pregnant - the level of shock this caused them was no less than a pig climbing a tree.

"Zaozao, are these pregnancy pills related to the meat on your belly?"

Gu Shan stroked the spare tire on Lin Zaozao's belly and asked solemnly.

"Yes! One pound of meat for one bottle of pregnancy pills. But Gu Shan, you don't need to worry. I have level 4 beauty liquid, a few drops and these fifty pounds will effortlessly melt away."

Lin Zaozao held Gu Shan's hand reassuringly.

Gu Shan looked at the pregnancy pills on the table, they were the same as the ones Xi Luo had given him. It seemed that the one Lin Zaozao was making deals with was Xi Luo.

But if Xi Luo was in that position, why was she trying to embarrass Lin Zaozao?

Like the other day when Lin Zaozao's nose turned into a pig snout, and her ears as well. Now, because of these pregnancy pills, she had gained so much weight.

Previously when Xi Luo was giving him pregnancy pills, she had been very generous.

"Gu Shan, stop pinching it. Pinching the meat won't make it go away."

Standing up from the chair, Lin Zaozao said to Dashan.

"Dashan, have you sent someone to scout ahead?"

"Young Master, it has been scouted."

"Are there refugees from the border regions up ahead?"

"Yes, there are many refugees who have fled into the area. But His Highness Han Ye has sent a message saying that the young master can handle them however he wishes - he doesn't have to bother with the refugees if he doesn't want to."

"In addition to being able to accumulate good deeds and virtues, there are other benefits for me. Well then, I'll still look after them! After all, it's a matter of human lives!

Who wouldn't hope that someone would reach out and lend a hand when they're in the most difficult of times?"

Lin Zaozao let out a long sigh and continued speaking.

"Dashan, send a message to Ruo Qiu, telling him I need his help in securing some grain, medicine, and clothing, etc.

After all, you can't just save people with words alone.

It's been so long since I've seen Ruo Qiu, Xiao Taohua, and Ji Fantian - I don't even know how they're doing?

Several months have passed since I left, and I don't know if they're having a hard time with the pregnancy? Are they experiencing morning sickness? Has their belly started to show? Are the babies in their bellies being fussy?

And also, I've been gone for so long, I wonder if they miss me? To be honest, I really miss them."

"Zaozao, are you thinking of us?"

Ruo Qiu's voice rang clearly in Lin Zaozao's ears. She looked up and saw a group of horses approaching in the distance.

Ruo Qiu, Ji Fantian, and Xiao Taohua were riding the horses, looking at her with smiles in their eyes.

"What the - ! My goodness!"

Lin Zaozao stared in shock at the slightly protruding bellies of Ruo Qiu, Xiao Taohua, and Ji Fantian. These three were genuine pregnant men!

They had swollen bellies, yet were riding horses to come find her.

"Ruo Qiu, Xiao Taohua, Ji Fantian, my ancestors! Quick, get down from the horses!

Your bellies are sticking out, what if the jostling of the horses dislodges the babies in your bellies?"

Watching Lin Zaozao scold them and fuss over helping Xiao Taohua, Ji Fantian, and Ruo Qiu, Gu Shan, Little Xibei, Xiao Liuli, and Ye Yi felt a sour taste in their mouths.

"Come, come, Ruo Qiu, Xiao Taohua, little darling Fantian, sit here. You all are really something, didn't I tell you to wait for me to return to Han Country? How could you ride here with your bellies sticking out? The jostling of the horses, what if it dislodges the babies?"

"Lin Zaozao, you silly girl, watch your words! What do you mean 'dislodge the babies'?"

Xiao Taohua took a sip of tea and scolded her.

"Ugh, my big mouth, I misspoke. My dear Xiao Taohua, you are the bigger person, please don't hold it against me, okay?"

After giving Lin Zaozao a disdainful look, Xiao Taohua grabbed Lin Zaozao's hand and placed it on her own abdomen.

"Zaozao, feel your son!"

Chapter end

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