The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 274

Chapter 274

[Host, this is still easy! When you go out later, if they don't obey, just "sleep" with them!

After all, this body of yours is exceptionally gifted! Taking on several at once is more than enough!]

[Damn system, I'll sleep with you uncle! I'm gonna pluck you bald! Don't be so rude again! Ahhh! Damn system!]

[Ahhh! Oww! Washboard host, you'll pay a painful price for this!

I'll make your face grow pimples, a big nose, pig ears!]

After a bout of screaming in pain, a dazzling white light burst from the small furball in Lin Zaozao's hand, blinding her so she couldn't open her eyes.

After the white light flashed, when Lin Zaozao opened her eyes again, her eyes had changed from gold back to black.

She found herself sitting in a chair, with three flushed red-faced men lying on the bed before her.

Two of the men were her husbands.

And the other was her younger brother - Xiao Liuli!

When Ye Yi, Little Xibei and Xiao Liuli saw this person with black eyes and a confused look, they understood at a glance that Lin Zaozao had returned.

Seeing the abnormal flush on their faces, Lin Zaozao could figure out with her ass that Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli and Little Xibei had been drugged by the damn system.

And the drug was an aphrodisiac.

It was alright for Little Xibei and Ye Yi, since they were her husbands, so it would be reasonable for her to take them to the nuptial chamber.

But Xiao Liuli was different! He was Ye Yi's blood brother, and she saw him as her own brother too. How could she do something to wrong her own brother?

Just as Lin Zaozao looked helplessly at Xiao Liuli lying on the bed, she felt an intense heat rapidly spreading through her whole body.

This familiar feeling!

This old, hackneyed trick!

This melodramatic plot!


This damn feeling!

[Damn system, what's going on? Have you gone mad, how could you drug Xiao Liuli?

Is this something a system should do? Are you so bored you've gone nuts? Always doing these harmful and self-destructive things!]

[Why not! I not only did it, I also gave you guys an extremely potent, world-class aphrodisiac.

If you want to be a virtuous person, then I'll make all of you impotent, and have you become nuns and monks beating wooden fish in a temple for the rest of your lives!]

[System, I don't care if you drugged me and Ye Yi and Little Xibei. But Xiao Liuli is unacceptable.

If I really do something with him tonight, how can I face Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli afterwards?

I, Lin Zaozao, wouldn't be worth anything, I can't possibly do such a despicable thing of forcing my own brother!]

[Host, shut up! Why don't you ask Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli if they really don't want you to be the shared wife of the two of them?]

[How thick-skinned could I be to ask such a thing? System, don't talk nonsense, quickly get me the antidote!

System, hurry and get me the antidote. Ahhh! Don't make me slap you!]

[Slap what! Just now the damn host brutally attacked my furry body.

As punishment, I'll make you grow a pig nose and pig ears and become an ugly freak for three days starting tomorrow at sunrise.

During those three days, no matter who you see, you won't be able to speak, only snort "huff huff huff" at them while shoving your snout.]

[Oh... oh... oh no! System, you can't do that! Doing that would make you impotent for life.]

[Shut up, damn host. Now go ask Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli if they're willing for you to be their shared wife.

Host, remember. Some things, some people, if you miss the chance now, you'll never get them again in this life.

I've done my best, please seize the opportunity I've created for you!]

Hearing the system's sorrowful voice, Lin Zaozao came to her senses and, fighting the unbearable heat in her body, took one difficult step after another towards the bed.

Reaching the bedside, Lin Zaozao tentatively extended her hand. She wanted to grab the flushed Xiao Liuli, but remembering he was her brother, she instinctively tried to pull her hand back.

But before Lin Zaozao could withdraw her hand, it was grabbed by both Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli.

"Zaozao, help me..."

"Elder sister, I'm so hot, it hurts!"

Meeting Xiao Liuli and Ye Yi's expectant gazes, Lin Zaozao thought of the system's parting words.

She took a deep breath, trying to keep her voice calm before asking slowly, word by word.

"Xiao Liuli, Ye Yi, are you both willing for me to be your shared wife?

To be honest, if either of you shake your head to refuse, I'll leave immediately. As for the antidote, I'll get it for you even if I have to risk my life.

But if you're willing, I swear I'll treat you both well from now on."

"Zaozao, I'm willing."

"Elder sister, I've admired you. A long time ago, I admired you. Zaozao, I don't want to call you elder sister anymore, can I call you by your name, Zaozao?"

Meeting Xiao Liuli's hopeful gaze and Ye Yi's approving look, Lin Zaozao could no longer restrain the heat in her body and pounced straight at them.

Meanwhile, Little Xibei had been lying beside them, wanting to escape.

But he couldn't move his body at all.

Although Xi Luo had said that having more children would let him live longer...

But that bastard Xi Luo had arranged for him to only last three seconds each time!

Three seconds! What could he do in that time?

When he eventually entered the nuptial chamber with Zaozao, she would definitely look down on him!

Thinking of Lin Zaozao's disdainful gaze, Little Xibei felt extremely aggrieved.

Just as Little Xibei wallowed in dejection, the topless Lin Zaozao pounced on him.

Feeling her wandering hands on his body, Little Xibei couldn't speak or move.

So he could only passively endure Lin Zaozao's outrageous acts.

When he was teased into a flushed, heated state by Lin Zaozao...

Little Xibei's face rapidly turned from flushed to deathly pale.

He really could only last three seconds.

Not one second more or less, precisely three seconds!

It was at this moment that Little Xibei felt his body regain mobility.

He slowly raised his head to meet Lin Zaozao's astonished expression. In her eyes, he clearly saw disbelief.

"Zao... Zaozao, I..."

"It's okay, Little Xibei. If it didn't work this time, we can try again later?"

"No no no, no need, Zaozao. My body has a problem, I can't last very long in bed.

Those three seconds were really my limit."

Little Xibei covered his face with both hands, his voice bitterly dejected.

Fighting the heat in her body, Lin Zaozao saw how miserable Little Xibei looked and couldn't help consoling him.

"Little Xibei, those three seconds aren't your fault, it's just that I don't have that blessing.

When we return to Han Country, I'll have Fantian Baby give you a thorough examination.

Don't worry, Fantian is a divine physician, his medical skills must be excellent. If Fantian can't cure your three seconds, then I'll have Senior Uncle Yin Xue treat you.

Senior Uncle Yin Xue's medical skills are even better than Fantian's by a fair bit. I guarantee Senior Uncle Yin Xue will definitely be able to cure you."

"Little Xibei, you better not go. I, I don't want to embarrass myself! That, that Little Xibei, I, I can't do it anymore, so I'll go out first. You guys continue."

After saying that, Little Xibei quickly straightened his clothes and rushed towards the door.

Seeing Little Xibei leave, Lin Zaozao was about to go after him and comfort him with a few words. But in the next second, the burning desire within her body took control of her reason, forcing her to turn and pounce on the two people behind her.

Listening to the panting sounds coming from the room, Little Xibei, standing at the door, was gritting his teeth so hard they were almost shattered.

That bastard Xi Luo! Scoundrel!!

While seething with rage, Little Xibei raised his head and looked up at the sky.

Indeed, his fate had been changed by Xi Luo.

He really wouldn't die young anymore.

However, although Xi Luo was an incredibly capable young priest, changing someone's fate was no simple task even for him.Updted chapters n nvelbin(.)com

Thinking of his transparent soul, what torment he must have endured over these years!

In the system (Xi Luo), he had now regained his human form, shattered the transparent barrier before him with a palm strike, and walked forward.

Entering that pure white world, Xi Luo's golden eyes were filled with barely concealed disgust.

It was the filthy thing in this pure white world that made her elder sister suffer so much.

Now that he had come, this place masquerading as sacred would be replaced by darkness.

With a wave of Xi Luo's hand, the pure white world before him was immediately replaced by endless night.

What sacredness and kindness! What selfless devotion! What sacrifice for the people!

It's all bull**!

He and his elder sister were human beings with the seven emotions and six desires, how could they become emotionless machines for others to make wishes upon?

As Xi Luo sneered at the darkness before him, sure enough, a red furball with a single large eye drifted from the darkness and hovered before his eyes.

[Xi Luo, you have violated the system rules again!]

[Oh! How have I violated the system rules? Am I not diligently following the rules and carrying out my tasks?]

Xi Luo sneered at the red furball before him.

[Nonsense. According to the system rules, Lin Zaozao saved so many poisoned people and puppets, and the massive Moonlight Flower Tree that was born required her to sacrifice her nose and ears.]

[Didn't I make my elder sister sacrifice them?]

Xi Luo stared at the furball and sneered.

[The sacrifice the system speaks of is to cut off her nose and ears, not simply turn her nose and ears into pig snouts and ears.

More importantly, the punishment you gave her only lasts for three days! What can be done in three days of punishment? The sacrifice and reward are not equivalent!]

Chapter end

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