The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 272

Chapter 272

Xi Luo's words made both Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli's bodies stiffen abruptly. They simultaneously gazed at the familiar face before them, a face so deeply ingrained in their bones, yet their hearts couldn't help but be entangled involuntarily.

Thinking of Lin Zaozao's current identity, she was the Empress of the Han Country.

Most importantly, she had just come of age today, a mere eighteen-year-old Empress of the Han Country.

Her life had only just begun, who knew who would reside in Lin Zaozao's heart in several years' time?

After all, no one could predict the future.

With this in mind, Ye Yi turned to look at Xiao Liuli, who was holding a quail, and sighed softly.Nnw n0vel chapters are published on n0v/e/(lb)i(n.)co/m

"Xi Luo, if Zaozao truly loves Xiao Nuo and Xiao Nuo loves her back, I won't intervene in their relationship."

"Is that so?"

Xi Luo's golden eyes met Ye Yi's directly, seeming to penetrate straight into his soul.

Perhaps seeing the struggle in Ye Yi's heart, Xi Luo tugged at Ye Yi's sleeve, leading him towards a corner.

"Ye Yi, I'll show you something. It's the emotional entanglement between your younger brother Ye Nuo and your elder sister as dictated by fate."

Xi Luo raised her hand and took a red Moonlight Flower, as if blessing him, and gently placed it by Ye Yi's ear.

"Ye Yi, close your eyes and witness the ultimate outcome between your younger brother and elder sister in this lifetime, guided by destiny."

Listening to Xi Luo's bewitching voice, Ye Yi followed her slow cadence and gradually closed his eyes.

As Ye Yi closed his eyes, what appeared in his mind was a red wedding pavilion.

Above the wedding pavilion lay a huge coffin.

Ye Yi stared fixedly at that coffin, identical to the one his mother had prepared for his elder sister when she was still alive.

The massive coffin was adorned with colorful gemstones. Ye Yi looked at the familiar coffin and walked straight towards it.

When he saw the person lying in the coffin, his eyes widened in shock.

Because the person lying in the coffin was his younger brother, Ye Nuo.

At this moment, he was wearing a bright red wedding gown, with his hands folded on his chest, looking peaceful.

Ye Yi gazed at Ye Nuo lying in the coffin, his heart tightening. As he reached out to touch Ye Nuo's delicate face, a crisp cracking sound interrupted his movement.

He followed the sound and saw, in front of the coffin, leaning against it, a disheveled drunkard.

Seeing the silver-haired drunkard, and the familiar figure, Ye Yi's heart skipped a beat.

This person was...

As Ye Yi approached the figure, what he saw was Lin Zaozao, her face full of despair, gulping down wine from a jug.

And at her feet, jugs identical to hers were piled up.

Looking at the lifeless Lin Zaozao, Ye Yi squatted in front of her, reaching out to snatch the jug from her hand.

But when he reached out, he realized he couldn't touch Zaozao's body at all.

Just as Ye Yi was astonished to see his hand pass through the jug, he looked up again and saw blood trickling from Zaozao's mouth.

Lin Zaozao seemed oblivious to the blood at the corner of her mouth, casually wiping it with her sleeve before continuing to drink.

"Zaozao, you're coughing up blood. You can't drink anymore," Ye Yi reached out, trying to hold Lin Zaozao, but he couldn't touch her at all.

"Zaozao, what's happening? Why is your hair turning white? And Xiao Liuli, what happened to him? Why did he die?"

As Ye Yi anxiously questioned from the side, Lin Zaozao threw away the empty wine pot, staggered, and stood up, supporting herself on Ye Nuo's coffin.

She leaned over Ye Nuo's coffin, reaching out to touch his cheek. When Lin Zaozao saw Ye Nuo's pale lips, she bit her finger, smearing the blood evenly on Xiao Liuli's lips.

"Xiao Liuli, I regret it. Can you please wake up! I'm sorry, you shouldn't have taken that fatal blow for me.

I'm a despicable person, unworthy of your sacrifices. Xiao Liuli, I truly realize my mistake.

I thought I treated you like family, like a younger brother, and that I would take care of you with Ye Yi for the rest of our lives.

Despite knowing your feelings, I kept avoiding, afraid to face them.

I'm sorry, truly sorry...

But what good is my apology!

Rest assured, I'll stay with you, okay! I'll be with you, I'll come be with you now..."

With that, Lin Zaozao removed the hairpin from her head and thrust it straight towards her neck.

"No, Zaozao, stop..."

Seeing the sharp hairpin heading towards Lin Zaozao's neck, Ye Yi reached out to stop her.

But he couldn't touch her, couldn't stop her...

As Ye Yi felt his breath constricting, the bloody scene before him suddenly vanished.

Opening his eyes, he saw Lin Zaozao's face.


Ye Yi tightly embraced "Lin Zaozao," his eyes filled with relieved joy.

"Hey hey hey! Ye Yi, don't hug me! Although this body belongs to Lin Zaozao, the soul is mine.

Ye Yi, I'm a man. Even if you're attractive, I can't like you, let alone play games with you as a spirit."

Xi Luo's indifferent voice instantly brought Ye Yi back to reality.

He pushed away Xi Luo, who occupied Lin Zaozao's body, his eyes full of disdain.

"Hey hey hey! Look at you, so timid? Although I'm a man, this body still belongs to Lin Zaozao.

Although her chest is flat like a washboard, at least I can tell the front from the back!"

Seeing Xi Luo touching Lin Zaozao's body indiscriminately, Ye Yi couldn't stand it anymore and slapped Xi Luo's hand away.

"That's Zaozao's body, you're a grown man, why touch randomly?"

"Why can't I touch? With it being so flat, it's not even as big as my original body's chest."

With such a small chest, I couldn't feel anything even after touching it for ten days. Honestly, feeling up this washboard figure is no better than touching myself in front of the mirror!

After all, the original chest muscles of this young master were super developed," Xi Luo's shameless voice directly left Ye Yi speechless.

But seeing him bowing his head and pinching Lin Zaozao's waist, muttering that the flesh was in the wrong place, Ye Yi felt the veins on his forehead throbbing.

If it weren't for Zaozao's body, he really wanted to slap Xi Luo's face.

Xi Luo even claimed to be a little priest, but in Ye Yi's opinion, Xi Luo was more like a little hooligan.

He really didn't know who taught him, why he was so lecherous and not serious!

"Xi Luo, what did I just see? Why did Xiao Nuo die? Why did Zaozao's hair turn white?

And what about Zaozao's death? What will be the fate of the rest of us? What will it be like?"

"It's about Zaozao and Xiao Nuo twenty years later. As for your fate, sorry! I can't say, or rather, I dare not say.

Because once I say it, I'll be turned into ashes by others."

Xi Luo said indifferently.

"What exactly happened between Zaozao and Xiao Nuo?"

"The Buddha said, I can't say it. If I do, my ass will blossom, and my body will turn into ashes. You don't understand!"


Ye Yi met Xi Luo's golden eyes, which were full of indifference.

Thinking of the scene he had just seen, Ye Yi asked patiently.

"Xi Luo, can we change what will happen twenty years later?"

"Of course! Definitely. If not, why would I stand here? Am I supposed to watch you all wait to die!"

Listening to Xi Luo's constant use of 'I', Ye Yi's ears hurt.

"Xi Luo, how can we change what will happen twenty years later?"

"It's simple!"

Xi Luo turned sideways and grabbed Xiao Liuli, pushing him in front of Ye Yi.

"Let him, Xiao Liuli, go into the bridal chamber with Elder Sister tonight and become her husband. Then have more children with her.

Children are hope, they can resolve all kinds of dire situations. As long as there are children, your dire situation will naturally be resolved."

"What, you want me to go into the bridal chamber with you? Unless I die. Ah! No, even if I die, I can't go into the bridal chamber with a man."

Xiao Liuli's roar instantly attracted everyone's attention.

"If you don't want to, I don't want to either! I am a straight man, a straight iron man.

How could such a straight man like me go into the bridal chamber with you? Look at your skinny body, there's not an ounce of flesh on you, I would feel uncomfortable lying on you with your bone poking me!"

Xi Luo looked at Xiao Liuli with disdain and said.

"Even if I'm skinny, at least I have my own body. But you! You're just a bodyless wandering ghost.

For someone like you, I don't mind, and you dare to mind me!"

"Why can't I mind you?"

Xi Luo stood tall, pointing at Xiao Liuli, from top to bottom, disdainfully saying, "Let me first comment on your disgusting attire! Look at you, with a jade crown on your head resembling a big cabbage, dressed in clothes like a sack, a green belt like a seaweed, yet thinking you're as beautiful as the Eastern Invincible.

Looking this hideous, you dare to be proud! Let me now critique your appearance, a hooked nose, a toad-like mouth, mousey eyes, and short legs. Your ears flapping like sails in the wind, one gust and you'd break your legs!"


"What 'you'? Did I say anything wrong? Looking this ugly, you dare to be proud! You even disdain me, refusing to let me dominate you.

Ah! No, you're offering yourself for me to dominate, but I can't be bothered! Looking that hideous, what's there to dominate!"

"How dare you criticize me! I-I'll gouge your eyeballs out right now."

"Gouge my eyeballs? Are you referring to your elder sister's eyeballs? Well then, go ahead, gouge away! Why hesitate now?

Look at you, so timid, still contemplating gouging my eyeballs! I lend you three guts, yet you still don't dare!

Tch! What a coward!"

Chapter end

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