The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 270

Chapter 270

The first one to notice Xiao Liuli's strange behavior was Xi Luo. He turned his head, and his golden eyes met Xiao Liuli's luli eyes directly.

When he saw the fleeting dark light in Xiao Liuli's eyes, he sighed deeply and walked up to Xiao Liuli, leaning over and whispering in his ear.

"Fifth Prince, or should I say Xiao Liuli. I'm Eldest Sister's younger brother, I would never harm her.

Be patient for now! I'm just borrowing Eldest Sister's body to do something, she'll be back tonight naturally."

Hearing Xi Luo's words, Xiao Liuli turned his head and stared blankly at the familiar face, saying flatly, "Really?"

"More real than gold. After all, I'm a man, how could I occupy a young girl's body?

Most importantly, this body has no front bumps or rear curves - I really don't like it."

"Well then, good. Just remember to return Eldest Sister's body after it gets dark. Otherwise..."

Xiao Liuli finished speaking and gripped Xi Luo's wrist directly. Just as he was about to squeeze, remembering this was Lin Zaozao's body, he had to let go.

He glared at Xi Luo fiercely, then turned and walked away.

Xi Luo looked at the faint red marks on his wrist and couldn't help sighing.

What a mess!

Why did all those fellows slowly awaken as soon as he appeared? It seemed all his painstaking efforts to suppress their memories over the years were for naught.

Could it be that before long, Eldest Sister's husbands would recover their past life memories too?

Thinking of that, Xi Luo took a deep breath.

He could currently suppress Gu Shan and Little Xibei because he had seized the initiative.

But if he lost that head start...

Oh no! He was finished!

At this moment, the Lin Zaozao sitting inside the glass dome looked on in bewilderment as the system used her body to chat and laugh with Gu Shan, Xiao Liuli, Dashan and the others.

She couldn't understand their speech.

But from their facial expressions, it seemed like they were all unhappy!

What did that damned system say to her husbands? Why did it block her hearing?

Thinking the damned system might mistreat her husbands, the extremely vexed Lin Zaozao stretched out her hand and slammed it hard against the transparent glass dome.

But in the next second, a crack surprisingly appeared on the previously invisible glass dome.

Lin Zaozao touched the thin crack, and subconsciously punched it out of confusion.

With one punch, she could see through the small hole that inside was an expanse of white as far as the eye could see.

Or rather, a pale white.

Gazing at that vast whiteness, Lin Zaozao's brows furrowed involuntarily.

What was this place with no hint of color whatsoever?

Why was there absolutely no color in this blindingly white space?

Just as Lin Zaozao peered through the small hole wondering about this place, Xi Luo, who was walking up ahead with Gu Shan and the others, suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Oh no, Eldest Sister had discovered that place.

But if he went back now, he wouldn't be able to return to her body later.

Without Eldest Sister's body, how could he handle what came next?

As Xi Luo stood there at a loss, Lin Zaozao was considering whether to make the small hole bigger so she could climb through and take a look when suddenly, an enormous red eye appeared inside the small hole, staring at her with disdain.

"Oh my god! What the hell is that?!"

Lin Zaozao was so startled that she backed up a step, her spirit form pressed against the transparent dome behind her.

In the next second, that huge red eye slowly shrank into a small red ball and rolled through the tiny hole, jumping straight onto Lin Zaozao's hand.

"What are you?" Lin Zaozao poked the red furball with her finger, utterly baffled. In such a blindingly white space, how could this vibrantly red little furball appear?

About the size of a fist, the red furball had an eye that took up ninety percent of its body.

At first glance, apart from being bizarre, it was rather cute.

"Host, I'm your system!"


Lin Zaozao raised her hand to look at the red furball, then turned her head to glance at the - soul? - that had taken over her body and was chatting and laughing with Gu Shan.

The one outside claimed to be her system, while this little red furball also claimed to be her system.

What was going on here?

Was her system experiencing some sort of split personality?

Was she like the Buddha, needing to distinguish the real from the fake Monkey King?

"Host, I'm the system from your previous life!"

"System from my previous life? Damn! I had a system in my past life too? And my system was a red furball!"

Lin Zaozao reached out and pinched the red furball, her eyes full of disdain.

Such a tiny ball was her system?!

Ugly as hell, truly unsightly.

Skeptical, Lin Zaozao unconsciously squeezed the furball in her hand harder, as if testing whether it would bounce back like a rubber ball.

But the next second, she realized her mistake.

"Host, since you have committed physical assault against this system, I have the right to administer a minor electric shock punishment!"

No sooner had the furball spoken than Lin Zaozao's transparent spirit form was struck by a powerful electric current that felt like it might blast her seven souls out of her body.

Under the agonizing shock, just as Lin Zaozao's body started to slide uncontrollably to the ground, Xi Luo's gaze flickered as he spoke with Gu Shan.

In the next second, his golden eyes flashed with a ruthless light.

At the same time, the red furball flying on Lin Zaozao's hand was knocked away by some tremendous force.

"Splat!" It hit the ground, immobilized.

Recovering her senses, Lin Zaozao looked at the furball lying motionless on the floor, wondering if it had died, when a pair of giant hands suddenly appeared on the wall in front of her and flung the furball back through the tiny hole it had emerged from.

After the hands dragged the furball through the small hole, the hole that Lin Zaozao had broken immediately sealed itself, becoming transparent once more.UppTodatd frm n/v/e/lb(i)n.c(o)/m

Enduring the pain, Lin Zaozao forced herself up from the ground and slapped the now seamless transparent wall, but couldn't find a single crack.

Thinking of the red furball from before, Lin Zaozao peered through the glass dome at her own body.

A system also resided within her body, conversing and laughing with her husbands.

Which one was the real system - that furball or the one outside?

Or were they both systems?

Or maybe neither of them were!

Good lord, it was all so confusing! Just what the hell was going on here?

Just as Lin Zaozao tried punching another hole in the wall, her body suddenly went limp, collapsing uncontrollably to the floor.

Although she could see, she couldn't hear or move.

It seemed she had been paralyzed by the system!

Her eyelids felt so heavy... she was so sleepy.

In a moment, Lin Zaozao had fallen into a deep slumber.

Meanwhile, Xi Luo, occupying Lin Zaozao's body, took a deep breath and continued walking ahead without a word.

On the way up, Xi Luo looked at the grateful people lining the sides of the road, his eyes full of the expression of someone who had struck it rich as he gazed at Eldest Sister's assassins.

One merit, two merits, three merits...

Holy cow! Those were countless merits.

Eldest Sister had saved so many people at once, how many merits was that?

Eldest Sister had rescued so many during the plague, prevented Princess Qianyue from burning the border city, and saved an entire city's people.

Not to mention avoiding the battle with a hundred thousand soldiers outside Han Country City, changing the fate of Canglan Country's destruction, Purgatory Valley, Eighteen Floors, and next was Fengshuo Country, the Frozen Wasteland, the Frontier Region...

Eldest Sister had saved so many people, the accumulated merits should be enough to contend with that damned thing, right?

More importantly, with so many merits, he could exchange for an interesting job for Eldest Sister!

Like that position that could transcend time and space...

Thinking of this, Xi Luo's eyes shone with excitement.

He was so thrilled that his gaze towards the assassins became even more affectionate.

These people were all the merits Eldest Sister had accumulated, he had to protect them well!

If Eldest Sister ever faced danger in the future, those merits could save her life.

And that damned dog system had to die!

It actually dared to shock his Eldest Sister!

Thinking of that red furball, Xi Luo wanted to rush in and squash it flat right then.

But considering what was to come, Xi Luo could only put on a smiling face in Lin Zaozao's body as he continued up.

Once out of the forge, he reached out and took a red moonlight flower.

Red represented sanctity, red represented loyalty.

Since the sacred moonlight flower could not fall upon Eldest Sister, then he would have everyone pledge their loyalty to her instead.

With so many people's loyalty, he didn't believe that damned demonized being would dare punish his Eldest Sister or sacrifice her body.

As Xi Luo spaced out holding the red moonlight flower, Little Xibei walked over and patted his shoulder, whispering:

"Xi Luo, you're staying? What do you want to do? I can help you, but I have one condition - can you hurry up and scram?

Seeing you wearing Zaozao's body to flirt with others is painful for me to watch."

"My dear Little Xibei, are you being serious? You're willing to help me no matter what I want to do?"

Xi Luo gleefully asked, playing with the moonlight flower.

"Tell me first what you need help with? Let's settle it beforehand - I won't do anything shameless."

Chapter end

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