The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 259

Chapter 259

"Zaozao, you, do you not want to take responsibility for me anymore? You don't want the child in my belly anymore? Or are you simply saying that you don't want me anymore? Zaozao, do you dislike me now, so that's why you're saying I'm not pregnant, right?"

Facing Gu Shan's rapid-fire volley of questions, Lin Zaozao was so scared that her head almost shrank into her shoulders.

"Gu, Gu Shan my dear. I, I was wrong, how could I not want you or dislike you! I swear, even if I dislike myself, I would never dislike you. Really! If I'm telling a lie, then may I be struck by thunderbolts and have a bad..."

Before Lin Zaozao could finish speaking, her mouth was quickly covered by Gu Shan.

"Zaozao, you, you even dared to make such a poisonous vow in front of me, do you want to get rid of me! Indeed, you've fallen out of love with me, you really don't want me and the babies anymore. Wah wah wah..."


"Heartless little vixen! Pull up your pants and you don't acknowledge it, Lin Zaozao! Fickle and unfeeling bad woman!"

Hearing Gu Shan's complaints, Lin Zaozao was shocked, but her heart inexplicably wanted to laugh at this situation!

But before Lin Zaozao could laugh out loud, Gu Shan's tears came pouring down like they cost nothing.

This, this is...

"Gu Shan, I acknowledge it, I absolutely acknowledge it. Don't even mention carrying a child in your belly, even if you were carrying a piglet, I would still acknowledge it. I will take responsibility, I will do my best to be a good mother! A good wife! I swear, I absolutely will not do anything to abandon my husband and child and lose my feminine virtue."


Gu Shan asked pitifully with a pouting mouth.

"Really, truer than pearls!"

Lin Zaozao nodded repeatedly.

"Then hug me now!"

"Ai! Hug, I'll hug you right now."

After Lin Zaozao forcefully hugged Gu Shan in her arms, her eyes could not stop laughing.

"Zaozao, kiss me again."

Gu Shan acted like a spoiled child.

"Kiss, I must kiss you."

Facing Gu Shan's pitiful expression, Lin Zaozao gave him a few resounding kisses.

"Zaozao, carry me while you walk later."

Faced with Gu Shan's spoiled behavior, Zhang Shu, Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli, and Little Xibei, who had been quietly standing by Lin Zaozao's side, all showed expressions that said, "Gu Shan, that's enough, you should stop."

Although Gu Shan's face looked a bit childish, his height was a full head taller than Lin Zaozao's. Plus, he had developed muscle from years of martial arts training, so his weight was not light. Now he was asking a young girl to carry him while walking - he really had the nerve to say that.

Although Ye Yi and the others looked at Gu Shan with disdain for putting on a big act, Lin Zaozao's heart was actually very happy.

Was there something wrong with her heart?

Why did she feel that this whiny Gu Shan in front of her was even more adorable?

"Zaozao, carry me while you walk!"

Seeing Gu Shan's outstretched arms, Lin Zaozao gritted her teeth and directly picked him up from the ground.

Fortunately, this body of hers had great strength. Otherwise, she was afraid she wouldn't be able to carry him.

Watching Lin Zaozao happily carrying Gu Shan from the sidelines, Zhang Shu, Ye Yi, and the others felt they couldn't bear to look anymore.

It was really true that one was willing to act spoiled, and the other was willing to indulge him.

One cried hard, the other comforted hard. They were both doing it willingly, so why did they just disdain them?

Compared to the subtle expressions of Zhang Shu and the others, the silent Little Xibei felt that his life would be gloomy for the next decade or so.

He would have to keep giving birth to children like a rabbit!

"Ah! Little Xibei, where is that cow Princess Qianyue? Where did you all keep her locked up?"

"Young Master, when we came in, that Princess Qianyue and those venom masters were tied up outside, so we conveniently locked them in a prison cell nearby."

Dashan scratched his head and said with a red face.

It was no wonder he blushed, because the scene he saw when he came in was too eye-scorching.

In broad daylight, Princess Qianyue, as a princess of a nation, was shamelessly doing that kind of thing with those venom masters right in front of them.

"Is that so? By the way, Little Xibei, where are our spies that you planted in Purgatory Valley? Where are they now?"

"Zaozao, all of our spies planted in Purgatory Valley have been poisoned and are in critical condition."

Thinking of those critically poisoned spies, Little Xibei's gaze immediately turned cold.

"Poisoned! Little Xibei, quickly take me to find our spies. I may not be good at much else, but I do have some skill in detoxification."

Lin Zaozao, carrying Gu Shan, motioned with her eyes for Little Xibei to lead the way quickly.T/his chapter is updatd by nv((l)biin.co/m

"Dashan, you walk ahead and lead the way."

Little Xibei glanced at the snickering Dashan with disdain and spoke.

"Ah! Oh! Young Master, this way."

Dashan quickly suppressed the smile on his face and put on a serious look as he led Lin Zaozao forward.

He couldn't be blamed for snickering now, ah!

It was really...

The lordly Gu Shan was now acting so petulant and spoiled, it was truly too ridiculous. In any case, he was not the only one snickering now, those people with their heads lowered surrounding the Young Master were all snickering as well.

After Dashan turned and walked for a few steps, he stopped and turned to glance at Gu Shan, curled up in Lin Zaozao's arms like a kitten. He made a polite suggestion:

"Young Master, this path is quite long. Why don't... I carry Lord Gu Shan instead, what do you think?"

But before Lin Zaozao could answer, Gu Shan, being carried in Lin Zaozao's arms, spoke up pitifully first.

"I don't want that stupid big lug Dashan to carry me, I only want Zaozao to carry me. If he dares to touch me, I, I will die!"

Hearing Gu Shan's pitiful voice, Lin Zaozao lowered her head and kissed his face, saying:

"My dear Gu Shan, don't worry, even if I have to break my arms today, I won't hand you over to anyone else."

Raising her head, Lin Zaozao glanced at the snickering Dashan with a smile in her eyes, cleared her throat, and instructed:

"Dashan, I don't need your help, just lead the way ahead. My dear Gu Shan isn't heavy, I can carry him."

Receiving the look Lin Zaozao gave him, Dashan could only purse his lips helplessly and walk slowly ahead.

This Purgatory Valley is truly a wondrous place, Gu Shan the Demon Lord hasn't been here for long, but how did he become so effeminate?

And those large patches of white flowers ahead, why do they look so familiar?

Ignoring the images that kept surfacing in his mind, Dashan took a long breath and walked forward.

Following behind Lin Zaozao, Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli, and that large group of people all had puzzled expressions on their faces as they watched Gu Shan's currently delicate and frail appearance.

What exactly happened to Gu Shan after he entered Purgatory Valley that made him change into this state?

Otherwise, how could he have become like this?

They had secretly asked the National Master earlier, but the National Master had only glanced at them indifferently before lowering his head and sighing again.

They really didn't know what happened to Gu Shan and the National Master Little Xibei in those few hours after entering Purgatory Valley.

So it was with Ye Yi and the others' puzzled gazes that Lin Zaozao followed Dashan all the way to where the Han Country spies were being held.

Along the way, Lin Zaozao turned her head to look at the white flowering trees, her eyes full of confusion.

She remembered using the "Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger" system ability given to her to turn the venomous snakes in the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes to dust, then it seemed she walked towards the forest of white bones beneath the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes.

But what happened next? Why couldn't she remember anything?

Moreover, when Lin Zaozao came out of the secret passage, she only smelled the disgusting stench of rotting corpses, not any floral fragrance.

So where did this floral fragrance in front of her come from?

Looking at these large patches of giant flowering trees, how could this be the terrifying Purgatory Valley?

After returning from Purgatory Valley, she should ask Little Xibei!

She couldn't ask Dashan, with his current sulky look, she had no way of asking him!

If she asked him, he would cry, and she couldn't bear to make Gu Shan cry!

Following one stone path after another through the mountain, she finally reached her destination. When Lin Zaozao saw the more than a dozen figures lying on the stone bed, her brows couldn't help but furrow.

That man in green clothes, wasn't he Lvzhi, Princess Qianyue's vassal and a spy planted by Han Country?

According to the information Ye Yi gave her, Lvzhi had been staying in Fengshuo Country all these years. So why did he suddenly appear in Purgatory Valley?

Thinking of that big cow Princess Qianyue, could it be that she discovered Lvzhi's identity and poisoned him?

Seeing Lvzhi's pale gray complexion, Lin Zaozao looked down at Gu Shan in her arms and discussed with him.

"My dear little Gu Shan, I need to treat and save people now, do you want to get down for a bit?"

"Kiss me first, then I'll get down," Gu Shan clung to Lin Zaozao's neck and coaxed.


After planting a fierce kiss on Gu Shan's pouting lips, Lin Zaozao finally put the reluctant Gu Shan down.

The resounding kiss between Lin Zaozao and Gu Shan made the people surrounding them twitch at the corners of their mouths.

The Demon Lord Gu Shan, he is now really...

Green... tea... ah!

Ignoring the strange looks around her, after putting Gu Shan down, Lin Zaozao walked towards Lvzhi lying on the stone bed.

She held Lvzhi's hand and began transferring his illness to herself. After transferring the illness, she fed him the drop of level 4 soul-cleansing fluid she obtained.

But seeing Lvzhi's face still pale gray, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but feel anxious.

What's going on?

The system said that a drop of level 4 soul-cleansing fluid could cure any illness, so why wasn't it effective on Lvzhi?

[System, stupid system, are you there?]

[Watermelon host, what's the matter with you, silly?]

[Stupid system, you said a drop of level 4 soul-cleansing fluid could cure any illness, so why isn't it working on Lvzhi?]

[Watermelon host, my level 4 soul-cleansing fluid really can cure any illness. It's just that someone has stuck three silver needles in Lvzhi's head.

If you don't pull out the silver needles, no matter how much level 4 soul-cleansing fluid you feed him, it won't work.]

[Silver needles?]

[Yes, someone has stuck three silver needles in the heads of these people. Host, if you want to pull out the needles, remember to first transfer their illnesses, feed them the level 4 soul-cleansing fluid, and only then can you pull out the needles.

If you get the order wrong, these people will definitely die.]

[Got it, got it! Thank you, my dear system!]

[You're welcome, stupid watermelon host.]

Chapter end

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