The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 256

Chapter 256

After such a long time, Lin Zaozao raised her eyes and surveyed the surrounding patches of white bones.

The next second, she directly pulled out a hairpin from her head, expressionless, and poked a bloody hole in her fingertip.

Slowly walking to a blank spot, Lin Zaozao used the fresh blood from her fingertip to draw an intricate pattern on the familiar ground.

If the blood from her fingertip dried up, she would continue poking another bloody hole in a different finger.

Until that intricate pattern was successfully drawn, Lin Zaozao's ten fingertips had already become a bloody mess.

"Luo Luo, help your elder sister break the formation," Lin Zaozao murmured, staring at the pattern under her feet.

Just as Matchless and Invincible were wondering who Lin Zaozao was talking to, what happened next made their eyes widen in shock.

They saw a white light slowly emanate from Lin Zaozao's body. As the white light gradually converged, it transformed into a spiritually gracefulman.

The man had silver hair, and his entire being radiated a holy light that was too brilliant to look at directly.

His near-translucent body hovered slowly beside Lin Zaozao. He extended his ethereal hands and gently intertwined his fingers with Lin Zaozao's until they were tightly clasped together.

Looking at this ethereal figure before her, Lin Zaozao spoke in a wooden voice.

"Luo Luo..."

"Elder Sister..."

The man's adorable doll-like face was filled with sweet smiles when he met Lin Zaozao's golden eyes.

"Luo Luo, where is your body?" Lin Zaozao asked in a dazed tone.

"Elder Sister, the sacrifice is about to begin. Be good now! Don't talk anymore," the man said softly, gently holding Lin Zaozao's other hand as well. He smiled and pressed his forehead lightly against hers.

"Elder Sister, I really miss you so much!"

"Luo Luo, I..."

"Elder Sister, close your eyes. The sacrifice is beginning."

As soon as the man called Luo Luo finished speaking, a dazzlingly holy light suddenly burst forth from Lin Zaozao and his bodies.

That sacred white light visibly spread at a visible pace, slowly extending to every corner of Purgatory Valley.

Wherever the light passed, all the bones and corpses in Purgatory Valley turned into streaks of white luminescence, slowly flying up towards the sky.

The little Poison Children soaked in the poison pool and the emotionless puppets gradually regained their senses and slowly approached the area where Lin Zaozao was.

As for the venomous insects, snakes and ants in Purgatory Valley, they all turned to ash under the sacred white light and vanished.

After the sacred white light dissipated, the once putrid poison pool and foul-smelling mud rapidly sprouted towering trees.

Until the trees blossomed with luminous white flowers, filling the air with a fragrant scent that drove away all the gloom and darkness from Purgatory Valley.

When that soul-soothing floral fragrance reached Lin Zaozao's nose, the white light emanating from her and Luo Luo slowly receded back into their bodies.

"It's the scent of the Moonlight Flowers from the Sacrificial Hall. They drove away the lingering spirits and despair trapped here..." Lin Zaozao murmured, her golden eyes fixated on the man before her as she breathed in the fragrance.

"Elder Sister, it's the scent of the Moonlight Flowers. Not only did they drive away the lingering spirits trapped here, but they also brought us hope.

Elder Sister, after a while, we'll truly be able to reunite. Also, Elder Sister, I really miss you so much."

The man raised his near-transparent hand and gently covered Lin Zaozao's golden eyes.

"Elder Sister, forget everything and have a good rest! Leave the rest to me!"

As the man's voice trailed off, Lin Zaozao's golden eyes slowly turned pale red, then gradually returned to black.

As she was about to close her eyes and fall backward, the man did not reach out to catch her since his ethereal body was unable to.

Instead, Lin Zaozao was swiftly caught by Little Xi Bei and Han Xibei who had rushed over.

After handing Lin Zaozao to Han Xibei's embrace, Little Xi Bei stood up, staring at the ghostly figure in shock.

"Xi Luo! How did you..."

"Han Xibei..."

Xi Luo slowly revealed a gentle smile towards Han Xibei. Seeing the smile, Han Xibei unconsciously took a step back.


Some people are really better off mute!

Like Xi Luo. As soon as he opened his mouth, even the most sacred image would be ruined, making him look like a little rascal!

The next second!

"Han Xibei, you bastard! You and that dog Han Ye, are you so bored you have nothing better to do than constantly divine my whereabouts?

Why do you two care so much about what I'm doing and where I am?

You two mutts, swaggering about with Elder Sister's sacrificial powers all day!

You mangy mutt, I'm going to strangle you right now! It's because you two kept carelessly divining my location that I got electrocuted so many times by that demoniac!

I was already exhausted from fighting that demoniac, but I also had to divert my attention to stop you two morons from coming to bother me.

You jerks, I've been sick of you for too long! Now I'll strangle you first, for the good of the world."

Seeing Xi Luo charge toward him, Han Xibei instinctively raised his hands to defend himself. However, when he saw Xi Luo's ethereal body pass straight through him, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Damn! This dog Xi Luo, his temper is getting more and more volatile.

"Han Xibei, you little runt, how dare you dodge me! I'm going to strangle you right now..."

Faced with the furious Xi Luo and seeing his ghostly body, Han Xibei steadied his mind and nonchalantly straightened his clothes, sneering at him.

"Xi Luo, you don't even have a body now, yet you're still ranting in front of me? No matter how much you rant, you're just a powerless clown!"

Hearing Han Xibei's disdainful voice, Xi Luo, who had already swung his fist at Han Xibei's face but missed, revealed a wicked grin.

"Han Xibei, do you think that since I don't have a body now, I can't do anything to you?"

"What else could you possibly do? With your current pathetic state, you can't do anything to me!

You don't even have a body anymore, why would I be afraid of you? You're just a worthless Little Priest, a total bastard, Demon King of the World."

Hearing Han Xibei's smug tone, Xi Luo's expression froze for a moment before his face regained a mischievous smile.

"Heh heh heh..."

"What are you laughing about?"

Confronted with Xi Luo's bone-chilling laughter, Han Xibei asked warily.

"Heh heh heh... Hahaha... Ohohohoh... Eeheeheehee... Eeeyaayaa..."

"Xi Luo, can't you be a little more normal? Don't laugh in such a creepy way."

"Eeyoyoyoh... Lalalala... Han Xibei, you little runt, I..."

Meeting Xi Luo's sinister gaze, Han Xibei felt goosebumps all over his body.

"Heh heh heh... Han Xibei, I may not have a physical body now, so I can't physically harm you.


"But what?"

Han Xibei asked cautiously.

"But I am a true wolf-born, a little Priest. My abilities are innate, far stronger than yours, you imposter.

I just helped Elder Sister ferry over so many ghosts, and rescued so many people, so..."

Xi Luo floated his body in front of Han Xibei, looking into his golden eyes, placing his hands on Han Xibei's shoulders, and enunciated each word carefully.

"I, the Little Priest Xi Luo of the Sacrificial Hall, now place a small curse on Han Xibei. For the next ten years, whenever you engage in lovemaking, you will only be able to last three seconds at most.Yur fvorite stories on /o/(v)/lbn(.)cm

But as compensation, after each time you make love, you will become pregnant, and with at least two children each time.

This Priest wishes Han Xibei a decade of prolific childbearing, with offspring as numerous as the rivers and streams, an unending torrent.


As Xi Luo backed away, Han Xibei's face turned deathly pale.

"Xi, Xi Luo, I, I'm a man, I can't give birth."

"I used my priestly powers to allow Elder Sister to gain the ability to make men bear children.

Han Xibei, I'm going to make you give birth until you puke over the next ten years..."

After saying that, Xi Luo didn't even look at Han Xibei's shocked expression, but turned to face the swarming Venomous Ones and puppets.

Or perhaps they were just pitiful people who had endured hardship but narrowly escaped death.

Xi Luo's golden eyes, devoid of any emotion, stared at the people surrounding Lin Zaozao.

After blinking his eyes slightly, he spoke in an emotionless voice.

"You were all rescued by Queen Mingzhu, the Empress of Han Country. From today onwards, you must wholeheartedly support and be loyal to her.

If anyone dares to harbor thoughts of rebellion, this Priest will make you suffer torments ten times worse than Purgatory Valley.

If you are willing, kneel before Queen Mingzhu and express your loyalty to her!"

The Venomous Ones and puppets below, upon hearing Xi Luo's words, fixed their gaze on Lin Zaozao.

The air fell still for a moment, then the Venomous Ones and puppets under Xi Luo and Lin Zaozao all knelt before Lin Zaozao, expressing their loyalty.

Floating above, Xi Luo saw this scene and waved his hand, unleashing a flash of radiance that dissipated the black miasma clinging to the Venomous Ones and puppets, leaving them spotless.

"As a reward for rescuing you, you will henceforth remain by Queen Mingzhu's side!

As for any memories of me, you would do well to forget them! It will save me trouble in the future."

Chapter end

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