The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 254

Chapter 254

Quickly hiding the dim light in her eyes, Little Xibei pulled Lin Zaozao, who was walking briskly ahead, and pointed to the fork in the road ahead.

"Zaozao, let Da Bao and Gu Shan lead the way. They know this place better than anyone."

"No problem, Zaozao. In the Purgatory Valley, no one knows it better than me."

Gu Shan pulled Lin Zaozao behind him, tightly holding her hand, and skillfully headed towards the middle of the fork in the road.

"Gu Shan, this is a wall, there's no path."

Looking straight at the stone wall in front of her, Lin Zaozao reminded him.

"Zaozao, from now on, follow me quietly. There are too many traps in the Purgatory Valley, and if you're not careful, you'll lose your life.

I've placed people here, but they've all been tangled up, and they're all quite far away from here. Before we meet up with my people, we have to be extremely careful, understood?"

"Uh-huh! I got it. Oh, Gu Shan, it's been so long since I left the Canglan Country that I haven't seen Matchless and Invincible. Do you know where they went?"



Seeing Matchless and Invincible suddenly kneeling in front of her, Lin Zaozao was quite startled.

What happened? She had clearly separated from Matchless and Invincible when she left the Canglan Country. Last night she had tried calling them, but there was no response.

How did they suddenly appear here now?

Facing Lin Zaozao's confusion, Gu Shan glanced at the kneeling Matchless and Invincible and said, "Zaozao, after you left the Canglan Country, Matchless and Invincible learned that you were coming to the Purgatory Valley, and they were afraid you'd encounter danger here. So they informed Uncle Zhang and rushed here to let me know. Last night, I was able to find you in time because Matchless and Invincible showed me the way."

"Is that so?"

Lin Zaozao said softly.

"Please punish us, Master!"

"Please punish us, Master!"

Hearing Matchless and Invincible's voices in unison, Lin Zaozao asked in confusion, "What's wrong? Why would I punish you?"

"Master, ever since the Demon Lord sent us to be by your side, we can only recognize you as our master for this lifetime. But yesterday, we betrayed you by going to find the Demon Lord without your permission. Master, please punish us."

Seeing Matchless and Invincible kneeling on the ground, Lin Zaozao could only sigh helplessly.

Although Matchless and Invincible didn't have her permission to find Gu Shan, their intention was to ensure her safety.

These two people who wholeheartedly protected her - how could she punish them? If she really punished them for this, then wouldn't everyone serving under her become mere wooden puppets following orders?

"Matchless, Invincible, get up first! This time I won't punish you. But next time something like this happens, you two must tell me in advance.

Yesterday I called you both several times but didn't hear a response, and I thought something had happened to you."

"Yes, Master."

"Yes, Master."

Seeing Matchless and Invincible stand behind her, Lin Zaozao turned her head to look at Gu Shan and asked worriedly, "Gu Shan, you came out to find me, are the subordinates you arranged in the Purgatory Valley alright?"

"They're fine. They're all people who crawled out from piles of corpses. Without me, they can still survive.

If they were that weak, I wouldn't have bothered rescuing them in the first place. Because those I rescued would just be useless trash."

Gu Shan shielded Lin Zaozao behind him and reached out to feel the uneven stone wall.

When Gu Shan pressed a protruding stone on the wall inward, a third path suddenly appeared between the original two paths of the fork.

"Zaozao, stay close to me, don't touch or fiddle with anything."

"Okay, for the sake of my life, I won't touch or fiddle with anything."

Following Gu Shan into the rather narrow passage, Lin Zaozao lowered her head to look at her constantly "clanging" swaying breasts, and once again couldn't help but roll her eyes.

Damn it, if only the dog system had given her this "busty and curvy" reward on her wedding night, that would have been so much better!

At least it would have added some spice to her wedding night.

What use was it now?

Her breasts now did nothing but "clang" up and down annoyingly, an eyesore and a nuisance.

As Lin Zaozao was grumbling about her protruding cantaloupe breasts, she felt her plump butt get sneakily poked.

Lin Zaozao turned around to see Little Xibei looking quite embarrassed, and gave him a very "sweet" smile.

"Zaozao, your butt kept swaying, and I couldn't help myself... so, sorry about that!"

Hearing Little Xibei's explanation, Lin Zaozao waved her hand nonchalantly, indicating that she didn't mind.

Little Xibei was her husband, so what was there to be concerned about between them?

"I knew my Zaozao is a magnanimous person."

Hearing Little Xibei's gentle explanation, Lin Zaozao curled her lips into a big smile at him.

"Little Xibei, your sister's figure is indeed quite busty and curvy today. But tomorrow, your sister will return to her original beansprout figure.

Since my breasts will shrink tomorrow, your sister won't be able to be magnanimous to you.

Don't worry though, tomorrow when your sister is no longer magnanimous, I'll 'pinch' it back from you bit by bit on your body."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's teasing voice, Little Xibei lowered his head in embarrassment and rubbed his nose.

He really had been a bit too frisky just now.

Now he had brought trouble upon himself.

"Zaozao, don't talk, up ahead is the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes. If we make even the slightest sound, those venomous snakes will come swarming over and bury us in a pit of snakes."

Hearing Gu Shan's lowered voice, Lin Zaozao immediately became excited.

The Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes, huh? She liked that! Because she had the system's cheat code, she would definitely be able to kill all those venomous snakes.

"Zaozao, walk behind me."Visitt novlbin(.)c/m for the ltest updates

Gu Shan deliberately lowered his voice and quickly pulled Lin Zaozao behind him.

"Gu Shan, you've forgotten. Just now I used only one finger to turn all those venomous insects and snakes into dust.

As long as I have my 'Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger,' I can still turn those venomous snakes into piles of dust."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's prideful voice, Gu Shan still pulled her behind him.

"Zaozao, when you used that 'Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger' skill earlier, your chest became this big.

If you use that skill again, do you want your cantaloupes to become giant pumpkins?"

Hearing Gu Shan's blunt advice, Lin Zaozao looked down and cupped her two "cantaloupe" breasts with her hands, unable to help but chuckle.

"Gu Shan, what's wrong with becoming giant pumpkins? That feel would definitely be incredibly satisfying."

"Zaozao, stop messing around! With such a huge chest, how are you going to walk?"

Hearing Gu Shan's slightly raised voice, Lin Zaozao held back the laughter in her eyes, squeezed his hand, and explained in a low voice, "Gu Shan, it was already a rare chance for my little buns to grow into cantaloupes. So even if I use my 'Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger' again, my cantaloupes won't become giant pumpkins."

Hearing the regret in Lin Zaozao's voice, Gu Shan quickly glanced at her protruding breasts, his face slowly reddening.

After glancing at Gu Shan's gradually reddening face, Lin Zaozao looked down at her cantaloupes again.

If only the timing and environment were right, Lin Zaozao wanted to do some naughty things to Gu Shan again.

Unfortunately, what she had to face next were those slippery venomous snakes.

"Gu Shan, take sister to the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes. Sister will let you witness again just how formidable sister's 'Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger' is."

Lin Zaozao hugged Gu Shan's arm with both hands, deliberately rubbing her chest against his arm.

Feeling the soft sensation on his arm, amidst his shyness, Gu Shan could only follow Lin Zaozao's lead and walk forward.

As they walked out of the dim tunnel and Lin Zaozao's vision became unobstructed, what entered her sight was a massive stone pit.

Looking at the colorful venomous snakes in the stone pit, and the white bones protruding from the snake pile, Lin Zaozao's eyes instinctively narrowed.

Damn it, if Canglan and the Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country didn't do evil deeds, and instead had them run a snake breeding business, they would definitely make a steady profit.

As for the Female Emperor of Canglan Country, never mind her, she's already dead.

No matter what, the Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country is the empress of a nation.

What else does she have to do all day but be bored out of her mind? Why does she have to do these unscrupulous things?

She's really rotten to the core.

Gu Shan was indeed right, those venomous snakes were extremely sensitive to sound. When they walked out of the tunnel, they intentionally slowed their steps and lowered their voices.

Yet, even with such low voices, those venomous snakes slithering in the stone pit all straightened up halfway, sticking out their red forked tongues, opening their yellow eyes, and staring directly at Lin Zaozao.

To be honest, although Lin Zaozao had the cheat tool "Ashes to ashes, shadowless finger" given by the system, when her gaze met so many venomous snakes, she couldn't help but feel goosebumps.

Rubbing the goosebumps on her arms, Lin Zaozao took a deep breath, wondering how she could exterminate all the venomous snakes at once.

Because she really didn't want to have any "intimate" contact with those snakes!

Just as Lin Zaozao was worrying about the venomous snakes before her, Princess Qianyue, who had run off earlier, returned with those snake charmers.

She stood above the Pit of Ten Thousand Snakes, looking down at Lin Zaozao.

"Slave One, play the snake flute and let the venomous snakes tear that vile woman Ming Zhu into shreds for me."

As soon as Princess Qianyue finished speaking, the snake charmer called Slave One began wailing and playing the flute.

Following those shrill flute sounds, Lin Zaozao disdainfully curled her lips. She turned her head and gave a signal with her eyes to Gu Shan and Little Xibei standing beside her.

Chapter end

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