The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 236

Chapter 236

Zhang Dashan, you rascal, how dare you slander me in your heart!

No, I didn't. I, Dashan, am an honest man, how could I possibly slander others in my heart!

Cut the crap, my eyes can not only see one's past and present lives, my ears can also hear one's innermost thoughts.

You mongrel, don't you dare deny that just now, you called me a tigress in your heart!

Facing Ye Xi's fierce expression, Dashan couldn't help but shrink his neck.

What His Highness Han Ye said was right. If it wasn't for the Baichi Clan restraining this Princess Ye Xi, the State of Canglan would definitely not be in its current shape.

Tsk! Even without the Baichi Clan restraining me, the State of Canglan was doomed to perish.

My Empress Mother was too greedy. She did too many evil things in her past life, so she must be punished in this life.

For a female emperor, the greatest punishment is to never reincarnate even after death.

But this is also good. Now that the State of Canglan has been annexed by the State of Han, at least the people of Canglan will no longer suffer.

It's just my bad luck that the strange soul from another world happened to be reborn as my Empress Mother in this life.Vissit novelbin(.)c.m for updates

If not for the circumstances, I would have gotten rid of that strange soul long ago, rather than letting her strut arrogantly in front of me.


Ye Xi looked at Dashan, as if lost in thought, and said,

However, do you think your young miss can smoothly live out her life after knowing about her past life?

Facing Ye Xi's questioning, Dashan hung his head even lower. He clasped his fists respectfully and said sincerely,

Princess Ye Xi, His Highness Han Ye said that if the young miss relives her past life in the illusion you created, please delete the later parts at the appropriate time.

The young miss' past life was very miserable, we don't want her to recall it. We're restoring her past life's memories now in the hope that she can regain her sacrificial powers.

Also, before long, neither His Highness Han Ye nor the National Master can bear the sacrificial powers in their bodies anymore. I'm especially worried that the National Master may die young in this life because of the sacrificial powers, which were also given to them by the young miss in her past life.

Delete part of it?

Looking at Dashan, Ye Xi couldn't help but sneer. That guy Han Ye actually thought her illusions were child's play!

Past life's memories can't simply be deleted just like that. If memories were so easy to erase, why doesn't he delete them!

But she could make some modifications with the help of that Demon Lord Gu Shan, right!

After all, in his past life, the Demon Lord Gu Shan was a bona fide nightmare demon!

To wait for his lover, that emotionless nightmare demon actually persisted for so many years. He should get favored early on in this life!

Since Zaozao suffered so much in her previous life, if Ye Xi used her powers to add some sweetness in the illusion, there shouldn't be any harm!

And that dog Han Xibei pretending to be a mystic all these years really disgusted her.

Dashan, I can only make some changes to Zaozaos past life memories, and I still need the Demon Lord Gu Shan's help.

If Zaozao completely regains the memories of her past life, I'm afraid she won't come back after returning to her original world.

Wha, what? The young miss won't come back?

Dashan raised his head, looking at Ye Xi in disbelief, his eyes full of incredulity.

Dashan, after experiencing so much pain in her previous life, if there is no one worth pining for in this world, why would she come back? Therefore you must let her know what happened after her death in her past life.

Only then will she give up her family and return here again. Otherwise, all your efforts would be in vain.

But Princess Ye Xi, it's so unfair to the young miss. Her previous life was miserable enough, how could we make her recall those things.

Dashan, unless Han Ye is willing to let Zaozao disappear for good. Otherwise, there is no discussion between us.

Whats more, that dog Han Ye is too confident about the illusions I created. My abilities are limited, I'm afraid errors may occur midway through the illusions I conjure.

Seeing Ye Xi's firm attitude, Dashan thought for a moment, bowed respectfully to Ye Xi, then turned around and chased after the direction Zaozao had left in.

They wanted the young miss to recall the past, yet also feared her remembering the past at the same time.

It was truly complicated.

Princess Ye Xi was right. If there was no one worth pining for left in this world for the young miss, what right did they have to ask her to return.

But her past life had been so unfair to the young miss.

After watching Dashan leave, Ye Xi walked barefoot to the center of the prayer altar, pulled out the hairpin in her hair, and slashed several bone-deep cuts on her feet.

As the blood flowed out, she paced around barefoot on the altar. As she walked, those blood mists that had been absorbing the luck of Canglan City's residents also slowly disappeared.

When Ye Xis feet were bleeding more and more profusely, to the point that the entire altar was covered in bloody footprints, she finally sat down with a pallid complexion.

Panting heavily, she watched as the surrounding blood mists over the altar dispersed, before finally heaving a long sigh of relief.

The strange soul's magic formation for absorbing luck placed here was finally broken by her.

The State of Canglan would finally not perish.

Looking at the two figures standing outside the prayer altar, Ye Xi couldn't help but laugh loudly.

Rascal, why are you here with me instead of going to Hells' Valley with your sweetheart?

Eldest Sis! Are, are you alright?!

Xiao Liuli stood awkwardly outside the prayer altar, not daring to get too close. Below were the sacrificial formations painstakingly drawn by his eldest sister, he could not damage them.

Come in! The formations laid here by the Empress have been destroyed by me, it won't hinder anything if you come in.

Hearing Ye Xi's nonchalant words, Ye Yi pulled Xiao Liuli along carefully towards Ye Xi.

The two brothers walked to Ye Xi's side, Xiao Liuli took out the Golden Sore medicine from his arms, and carefully bandaged her wounds.

Looking at the pattern on the medicine bottle, Ye Xi chuckled lightly.

This medicine bottle was given to you by Uncle Yin Xue, right!

Yes! It was indeed just given to me by Uncle Yin Xue.

Xiao Liuli held the small medicine bottle and diligently dressed Ye Xis wounds.

Whats wrong? Little one, you dont dislike Uncle Yin Xue anymore?

Seeing Xiao Liulis sulky appearance, Ye Xi laughed gently.

Eldest sis, I have no right to object to who the Sword Immortal chooses to be with. I was ignorant in the past, always felt that it was disgusting for two men to do those kinds of things.

But now...

But now that you are suffering from unrequited love, you can empathize with the matter between Uncle Yin Xue and the Sword Immortal?

Hearing Ye Xis meaningful words, Xiao Liuli hung his head in shame.

Xiao Nuo, one only has a few short decades in this lifetime. Even bonds between lovers can turn into resentment over time.

The affection between Uncle Yin Xue and the Sword Immortal has never hindered anyone. Xiao Nuo, when looking at problems in the future, you must try to see things from other people's perspectives more.

Although we three siblings are all the Sword Immortals disciples, none of us can accompany the Sword Immortal for a whole lifetime. The Sword Immortal needs someone who understands him, loves him, to live out his entire life with.

"Sister, I know I was wrong, and I will never dare to do it again. Also, I have apologized to Master Yin Xue and Sword Immortal Master," Xiao Liuli lowered his head and said softly.

He just hoped his elder sister would not continue this topic anymore. He was afraid that if the conversation went on, his sister would bring up the topic of his liking Zaozao.

After all, the one he currently had feelings for was his third brother's wife.

Ye Yi looked at Xiao Liuli's appearance and what could he not understand! In fact, last night, he already knew that his younger brother sat outside his door all night.

In addition to worrying about Zaozao's health last night, he was also struggling in his heart.

Zaozao was his wife, and for the sake of his clansmen, he had already given up too many things.

Now, he didn't want, nor was he willing, to share the love of his wife with anyone else. No matter who, even if it was his cousin brother who he had protected since childhood.

He could let go of anything, but not even half of his wife.

"Xiao Yi, Xiao Nuo, I'm fine. Fenghu Valley is very dangerous. Zaozao has no martial arts to protect herself. You two should go there to protect her now!

And now I'm awake too. I will take care of the matter with Cang Lan. Those little nobodies, I don't even put them in my eyes."

Hearing Ye Xi's domineering words, Xiao Liuli raised his head and opened his mouth, intending to speak. But thinking of his elder sister's nasty temper, he forcibly swallowed back what he was about to say to the corner of his mouth.

"Ye Nuo, were you wondering why I could see that the Empress Dowager had a problem, yet I still drank the poison she handed me?"

"Sister, why?" Ye Yi asked in a deep voice.

"Xiao Yi, because I saw the future of the Baichi Clan. If I didn't drink the poison the Empress Dowager handed me, I would continue to fight against the soul from another world by the Empress Dowager's side as the Eldest Imperial Princess.

And the final result would be that the entire Baichi Clan would perish in the battle between me and the Empress Dowager.

And you would live a lonely life forever, and Xiao Nuo would also die with the Baichi Clan. Father would die from anger because of the battle between me and the Empress Dowager.

As for the Sword Immortal, he would walk towards death with Master Yin Xue in an attempt to save the Baichi people, and would never be able to return to his beloved Nine Sky Mountain.

And I would have my luck completely drained by the soul from another world beside the Empress Dowager until I become a complete lunatic.

By then, our Baichi Clan would disappear forever from this land. And the secret that our Baichi Clan had been guarding would never see the light of day."

After saying this, Ye Xi took a deep breath and stroked Ye Yi and Ye Nuo's heads, "Xiao Yi, Xiao Nuo, rather than fighting the Empress Dowager pointlessly, I'll take the Baichi people with me and become the living dead together to escape this clan extermination disaster.

It's just that things happened too suddenly at that time, and I didn't get a chance to properly explain it to you before I entered the state of the living dead.

Xiao Yi, actually I could hear every time you talked to me. It's just that I had no way to respond to you."

"These years have really been hard on you and father."

Chapter end

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