The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 233

Chapter 233

"Ah! So it's not possible. But I once had a fortuitous encounter, and afterwards obtained the ability to make men pregnant."

Lin Zaozao turned her head awkwardly and said embarrassedly.

Good heavens! If Luo Xuan's father hadn't brought this up now, she herself would have forgotten that she had the ability to make men pregnant and give birth.

If she and Ye Yi consummated their marriage tonight, and the conditions were right, she could make Ye Yi's stomach swell in one go. That wouldn't be good.

After all, she wasn't the one who needed to get pregnant and give birth. So she felt she needed to give Ye Yi a heads up about getting pregnant.

After all, under normal circumstances here, it was still women who got pregnant and gave birth.

Of course, if they encountered her special situation, then that remained to be seen!

Moreover, Ye Yi was a third prince. Even if he had an easygoing personality, she felt she still had to tell him about this before their wedding night.

At this time, in contrast to Lin Zaozao's embarrassment, Luo Xuan and Sword Immortal's expressions immediately lit up.

That's right, that's it.

The saintess of the Baichi Clan truly had the ability to make men pregnant and give birth. And now, with the holy Buddha light around her, the wife of Third Prince Ye Yi, the bright pearl Queen Mingzhu of Han Country, was undoubtedly their Baichi Clan's saintess.

Thinking of this, Luo Xuan and Sword Immortal's eyes almost shone with light.

Now that they had found the saintess, the secret their Baichi Clan had been guarding for many years was about to come to an end.

Thinking this, Luo Xuan didn't care that Lin Zaozao was his daughter-in-law. He grabbed her hand, gaze firm as he said:

"Queen Mingzhu, I can now confirm you are our Baichi Clan's saintess.

If you don't believe me, just come back with us to Nine Sky Mountain and take a look at the mural above the formation eye. That can prove everything I said is true."

Facing Luo Xuan's enthusiasm, Lin Zaozao awkwardly pulled her hand back, expression somewhat unnatural as she said:

"Father Luo Xuan, no matter whether I'm some saintess or not, since this is our first meeting, I feel I should introduce myself first.

I, Lin Zaozao, was originally an ugly-looking, unrestrained village woman from Falling Water Village.

Not only was I ignorant, I was also greedy and lecherous. My greatest wish was to lounge at home embracing my handsome little husband and being a kept woman for life.

You see I'm so unambitious, I definitely can't be the saintess you spoke of.

Saintess! A saintess is certainly someone extremely high class and top tier, it definitely can't be me. So you've got the wrong person for sure!"

Hearing Lin Zaozao speaking so self-deprecatingly, Ye Yi immediately frowned.

"Zaozao, what ugly looks and unrestrained behavior, you were obviously just concealing your true self and behaving freely.

As for ignorant, greedy and lecherous!

If you were really ignorant Zaozao, how could you have captured ten thousand soldiers from Canglan and Fengshu without bloodshed?

I've witnessed the cunning of those Ye twins Ye Ye and Ye Mu. Yet in front of you they were still brought down, weren't they?Fll0w current novls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

As for greedy and lecherous, in one lifetime, who can achieve being not greedy and lecherous?

Moreover, the money you were greedy for was all used on the common people. As for lecherous, between husband and wife, if there isn't a bit of passion or appeal, how can that be called husband and wife?"

The more Ye Yi spoke, the brighter Lin Zaozao's eyes shone. She really hadn't imagined Ye Yi's evaluation of her would actually be so high.

Grinning widely, Lin Zaozao ran to Ye Yi's side in just a few steps and threw her arms around his waist, laughing happily as she said:

"Ye Yi, don't worry. Although I'm lustful, I would never overstep boundaries. I may be lustful, but I'm only lustful towards my own dear husband. I won't fool around outside, I can swear to that!"

"Zaozao, I know what kind of person you are, you don't need to swear at all," Ye Yi said gently as he hugged Lin Zaozao's waist.

Standing opposite Ye Yi and Lin Zaozao, seeing how intimate the little married couple was being, Luo Xuan and Sword Immortal couldn't help feeling it would be awkward to keep pressing Lin Zaozao.

After all, they had found the saintess.

And this saintess was also the wife of Third Prince Ye Yi, Queen Mingzhu of Han Country. As long as she was still Ye Yi's wife, sooner or later she would go to Nine Sky Mountain with Ye Yi.

As long as she went to Nine Sky Mountain, sooner or later she would uncover the secret their Baichi clan had been guarding for over a thousand years.

Seeing Luo Xuan and Sword Immortal not questioning further, Lin Zaozao couldn't help heaving a long sigh of relief.

To tell the truth, when she first heard others calling her saintess, she felt an innate aversion to that term from the bottom of her heart, and was extremely unwilling to have any connection with that term.

What saintess! If they said she was a lustful woman, she would have been quite happy to accept that.

To break the stiff atmosphere, Lin Zaozao looked at Luo Xuan and tentatively asked:

"Father Luo Xuan, I remember the first person I saved yesterday was Ye Yi's big sister, Princess Ye Xi.

I've been here so long and still haven't seen her. And what about the other Baichi people, where are they? Why haven't they come out?"

"My child, although the Baichi people awoke yesterday, the poison was too deep in their bodies, and they lay in those coffins for too long.

Now the elderly and children whose health isn't good, although they can speak, they simply can't sit up."

"Is that so? Then please take me to see them Father, I have a method to help them recover swiftly."

After all, her reward level had now increased to four. The system had said level four Marrow Cleansing Potion could treat any illness or injury.

Then with one drop of level four Marrow Cleansing Potion, she guaranteed the Baichi people would become hale and lively.

Seeing Lin Zaozao's determined gaze, Luo Xuan exchanged another glance with Ye Yi for confirmation. Seeing Ye Yi nod, only then did Luo Xuan lead Lin Zaozao towards the side palace.

And Master Yin Xue carefully unlocked the profound iron shackles around Sword Immortal's feet, then half carried Sword Immortal to Lin Zaozao's side.

Seeing Master Yin Xue's solicitous care towards Sword Immortal, Lin Zaozao secretly snuck a peek, then couldn't help wanting to secretly laugh.

Now she just hoped this Sword Immortal also had a handsome appearance.

If Sword Immortal's looks didn't match Yin Xue, she would truly feel somewhat disappointed in her heart.

After all, it was more interesting to see two big hunks together!

But whether Sword Immortal was good-looking or not didn't concern her. After all, to each their own in love!

Thus, on the way to meet the Baichi clan members, Lin Zaozao's mind was preoccupied with fantasizing about Sword Immortal and Master Yin Xue. She didn't even notice Ye Yi's probing gaze.

By the time they reached the side palace, even before she entered, she could already hear Little Liuli and a girl's conversation.

After following Luo Xuan into the side palace, Lin Zaozao saw Little Liuli with red-rimmed eyes, carefully supporting Princess Ye Xi as she fed her medicine broth.

In contrast to Little Liuli's sobbing, Princess Ye Xi's expression was quite calm.

When Princess Ye Xi's tranquil gaze met Lin Zaozao's probing one, a shallow smile immediately appeared on her face.

Ye Xi's smile seemed to contain some indescribable magic. At just one look, it gave people an inexplicable feeling.

Sweet and pure, like pristine white snow in winter, adorning the entire earth. Making people's moods involuntarily turn tranquil.

Seeing such a natural, uncontrived smile, it wouldn't be excessive at all to call Princess Ye Xi the saintess instead.

After all, Princess Yexi's smile was truly too charming.

So gentle!

"Queen Mingzhu!"

Ye Xi looked at Lin Zaozao, who was obsessed with looking at her, and gently called out.

Hearing Ye Xi's gentle voice, Little Liuli, who was lowering his head to take the medicinal soup, noticed Lin Zaozao, who was not far from the bed.

He immediately put down the medicine bowl in his hand and excitedly pounced towards Lin Zaozao. Last night, after he had dealt with the affairs in the Political Palace, when he went to Feixu Palace to see Lin Zaozao, he heard from his father that Lin Zaozao had fainted from saving someone.

However, when he reached the door of Lin Zaozao's room and saw the closed door, listening to his third brother confessing his affection to Lin Zaozao over and over again inside the room, Little Liuli, who was standing at the door, did not even have the courage to raise his hand and knock on the door.

Zaozao, she was originally the wife of my third brother.

And he could only be Zaozao's "little sister".

In Xiaogu Village, if he had listened to his third brother and was willing to become Zaozao's fiance from the beginning, would he have the right now to walk into the room, hold Zaozao's hand, and confess his feelings to her!

Unfortunately, there are no ifs in this world.

When he first met Zaozao, he not only threatened Zaozao that he would gouge out her eyeballs.

What's more, when he saw Zaozao in Xiaogu Village, his attitude towards her was extremely bad.

So last night, he only dared to sit quietly outside the door and listened to his third brother confessing his love for Zaozao over and over again.

At that time, he was strangely jealous of his third brother who had always cared for him since childhood.

He shamefully thought that if his third brother was willing to exchange positions with him by Zaozao's side, he would be willing to pay any price for it.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as what-if in this world.

This morning, to cover up his guilty conscience, he quickly went to the palace to deal with state affairs after getting up, and then came to the side palace to see his eldest sister whom he thought had died many years ago.

When he came to the side palace and saw that his eldest sister looked no different from a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl, he was shocked and even more heartbroken.

His eldest sister, Princess Yexi, the eldest princess of Canglan Country, would be the next empress of Canglan Country. How much suffering did she go through to keep her appearance at the age of fifteen?

When Little Liuli had close contact with his elder sister and saw that she was paralyzed all over her body, the grievances and sadness in Little Liuli's heart burst out uncontrollably.

What kind of person was his elder sister before the accident? How could she become what she was now?

He had just finished crying and his mood had just improved a little. His eyes were still red! He was actually seen by Zaozao.

Would Zaozao laugh at him for being a grown man crying?

Chapter end

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