The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 223

Chapter 223

Uncle Zhang, at this time, those who spread rumors do not want me to take over Canglan Country. They are just testing my bottom line.

If I not only don't suppress these rumors at this time, but let them spread more and more, then those who spread rumors will think that I, the Empress of Han Country, am weak and deceptive.

If I show weakness here, then their arrogance over there will surely become rampant. Uncle Zhang, when one becomes arrogant, they will come out of the shadows into the open.

Lin Zaozao drank another sip of tea, rested her chin in her hand, tilted her head and smiled at Uncle Zhang, Uncle Zhang, by then all those in Canglan Country who do not submit to me will come out into the open, and it will be convenient for me to destroy them all at once. As for the rumors they spread, they are negligible.

By then, those who opposed me taking over Canglan Country would be dead, and those rumors would collapse on their own. History is written by the victors, I will have incorporated Canglan Countrys territory into our Han Country, so why would I be afraid of some harmless rumors!

As long as I want, I can turn black into white. And I can directly shift the blame for those rumors onto the people who spread them.

Also, when the news of the death of the Empress of Canglan spreads within the borders of Fengshuo Country, Uncle Zhang, don't you think that to protect herself, the Empress of Fengshuo might do something unexpected?!"

In addition to being shocked by Lin Zaozaos analysis, Uncle Zhang was even more pleasantly surprised. This scheme was really not something an ordinary person could think of.

"By the way Uncle Zhang, about recruiting doctors from the civilian population I asked you to do earlier, how is that going? Why hasn't Ye Yi woken up after all this time?"

"Little master, I just received word that a doctor named Yin Xue is standing at the palace gate waiting for you to grant an audience."

"Yin Xue! What a nice sounding name. Uncle Zhang, is Yin Xue a man or a woman?"

"Little master, Yin Xue is from the Divine Doctor Clan. He is Divine Doctor Ji's uncle."

"What! This Yin Xue is my little darling Fan Tian's uncle! Uncle Zhang, what are you still waiting for, hurry up and send someone to usher him in! The uncle of my little darling is also my uncle!

How could I let a white-bearded elder wait outside! That would be too impolite."

"Your Majesty, although I am my nephew Fan Tians uncle, I am not some white-bearded old man."

Hearing this clear voice, Lin Zaozao turned her head to look. She saw a man in white clothes walking in from the doorway, backlit.

Lin Zaozao was facing the light, so she did not see what the man looked like for a moment. What she could see was that the man was very white!

When the man called Yin Xue walked into the hall, Lin Zaozao finally saw his appearance clearly.

Dressed in white, with ankle-length silver hair, silver eyes, and pale skin.

Amidst his aloof aura, his pair of silver eyes gave off a mysterious feeling. His all-white appearance was set off by his pink lips, giving his whole person a touch of sexiness.

Lin Zaozao felt that if you put a pair of wings on this man in front of her, he would be the winged human flying in the sky.

Ah! No, an angel.

Seeing Lin Zaozao staring blankly at him holding her tea, Yin Xue couldn't help but frown slightly.

Seeing Yin Xue's displeasure, Lin Zaozao immediately put down her teacup, stood up and smiled awkwardly at Yin Xue. She had been staring at him just now without blinking, which was quite impolite.

However, the man called Yin Xue in front of her had an appearance that was too outstanding.

And the silver eyes and long silver hair were so rare.

"You are the Empress of Han Country, Fan Tians wife."

Yin Xue asked plainly.

"Yes, I am my little darling Fan Tians wife."

"At the Border City, were you also the one who saved the Divine Doctor Clan?


Lin Zaozao nodded honestly.

As soon as Lin Zaozao finished speaking, Yin Xue pulled up his clothes and knelt straight down to Lin Zaozao.

"Yin Xue of the Divine Doctor Clan, thank you, Your Majesty of Han Country, for saving the lives of the Divine Doctor Clan. In return, I, Yin Xue, am willing to dedicate my medical skills to loyal service to you for life.

However, Your Majesty, I have one condition for my loyalty to you, which is that our Divine Doctor Clan only saves people, not harms them. As long as you need me to save people, I can die for it. But if you want me to harm people in the future, you might as well just kill me directly."

Looking at the man in white kneeling on the ground, Lin Zaozao looked at him woodenly for a moment, then turned to Uncle Zhang,

"Uncle Zhang, please help Uncle Yin Xue up quickly! He is Fan Tian's uncle, and I shouldn't get too close to him. After all, there are differences between men and women!"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's words, Uncle Zhang immediately walked forward and helped Yin Xue up with both hands.

It was rumored among the common people that Divine Doctor Yin Xue of the Divine Doctor Clan had unparalleled medical skills in the whole world.

But ever since he graduated, his whereabouts had been erratic. When he saved people, it also depended on whether he was in a good or bad mood to decide whether to save them or not.

But unexpectedly, today he volunteered to be loyal to her little master because her little master had saved the people of the Divine Doctor Clan.

Such a talented person could be used by the little master, which could indeed provide assistance for the little masters future endeavors.

After Yin Xue got up from the ground, he looked at Lin Zaozao gently and said,

"Your Majesty!"

"Uh uh uh! Uncle Yin Xue, you are Fan Tian's uncle, and I am Fan Tian's wife.

So you can call me directly by my name Zaozao or Mingzhu. There is no need to stand on ceremony between you and me."

Looking at Lin Zaozao's smile, Yin Xue thought for a moment before speaking again,

"Zaozao, I came to Canglan Country this time because Fan Tian asked me to come. Some time ago, when the Divine Doctor Clan was in trouble, I was in Wind Valley outside the frontier refining medicinal materials.

There was no news from the frontier, so I didn't even know that the Divine Doctor Clan had encountered great misfortune.

When I got the news and rushed back, the person who sent me the news told me that the people of the Divine Doctor Clan had already been forced to the Border City by the Empress of Canglan and the Empress of Fengshuo. In order to wipe out the Divine Doctor Clan, they even came up with that sinister plot to burn down the Border City.

At that time, if it wasn't for you Zaozao, there would be no more Divine Doctor Clan in this world. So when I heard the news Fan Tian sent me some time ago, I came specifically to thank you, and I hope I can help you with my medical skills."

Seeing the gratitude in Yin Xue's eyes, Lin Zaozao quickly waved her hand and said,

"Uncle Yin Xue, I saved the Divine Doctor Clan in Border City because Fan Tian is my husband. So saving him was a matter of course. There is no need for you to thank me again for this."

"Zaozao, the life-saving grace should not go unthanked. I came to Canglan Country this time not only because I hope I can help you with my medical skills.

In fact, there is another thing I came to Canglan Country for, and I hope you can give me a hand."

"What is it?"

Lin Zaozao asked puzzledly.

"My old friend Sword Immortal came to Canglan City five years ago and never returned. I came to Canglan City this time hoping to find out what happened to him.

I've been in Canglan City for a few days. Although I haven't found out what happened to Sword Immortal, I did find out one thing."

Yin Xue looked at Lin Zaozao and continued,

"Zaozao, I found out that Sword Immortal was Third Prince Ye Yi's master. He came to Canglan City five years ago at Ye Yi's invitation.

As the Third Prince Ye Yi had been imprisoned by the Empress of Canglan for some time, I couldn't find out his whereabouts for a while."

I came to find you today, and I still hope to inquire about the whereabouts of the Sword Immortal through you and the Third Prince. "

"But Uncle Yin Xue, Ye Yi is still in a coma now. If possible, why don't you come with me to see him now and see why he still hasn't woken up after such a long time?"

"Then, let's go now!"

Yin Xue nodded.

"Uncle Zhang, leave someone here to keep an eye on this place and don't let anyone get close to the Empress Canglan's corpse. As for her corpse, let's wait until Ye Yi wakes up and let him deal with it himself!"

"Yes, young master. I'll order someone right away to guard this place."

Lin Zaozao took Yin Xue with her and went behind the main hall where Ye Yi was lying. Lin Zaozao sat down next to Ye Yi's bed and reached out to touch Ye Yi's face.

Ye Yi had been in a coma for a day, but he was still fast asleep without the slightest sign of waking up.

She knew that Ye Yi's father was still alive and lived in the Flying Floss Palace. But the Empress Canglan did die by her own hands, and now she also didn't know the feelings between Ye Yis father and the Empress Canglan.

So she didn't dare casually go to the Flying Floss Palace and ask Ye Yi's father out. If Ye Yi's father was a lovestruck fool, and upon learning that she had killed his wife, would he beat her with a stick? She couldn't be sure.

Even if Ye Yis father beat her with a stick because of the Empress Canglan, as his junior, she could not fight back!

As an expedient measure, Lin Zaozao could only arrange for Ye Yi to stay in the Empress Canglans rear palace for the time being and wait for Ye Yi to wake up and take charge.

"Uncle Yin Xue, please help me take a look quickly. Ye Yi has been in a coma for a day and still hasn't woken up.

I have treated him just now, but it doesn't seem to work."

Yin Xue walked to Ye Yi's side and placed both hands on Ye Yi's wrists. After a short while, he stood up straight and said lightly.

"Zaozao, the Third Prince Ye Yi's body was originally too weak, but someone suddenly gave him health supplements. His body couldn't absorb them all at once, so he could only slowly digest those supplements while asleep.

Once the Third Prince's body has absorbed the supplements, he will naturally wake up."

"According to what you said, Ye Yi is fine. That's good, that's good."

Lin Zaozao patted her chest and breathed a long sigh of relief.

"Your Majesty, we have news of the Devil Lord Murong Hai."T/his chapter is updatd by nv((l)biin.co/m

The suddenly appeared dark guard knelt on the ground and said in a deep voice.

"Where is that little darling Murong Hai now? Do you have any news about him?"

Lin Zaozao looked at the dark guard and asked anxiously.

Chapter end

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