The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 220

Chapter 220

Once all the arrangements were in place, Lin Zaozao took an early look at the carriage behind her, and the majestic Han Country soldiers.

The soldiers who came with her to Canglan Country this time were all elites that brother Han Ye had picked out from thousands of miles away in Han Country.

It's not an exaggeration to say they can take on a hundred men each.

In addition, there were the secret agents brother Han Ye raised in Canglan Country and the hidden soldiers he had planted in Canglan. Even if the Canglan Female Emperor really pulled off the most foolish moves and wanted a "fish dead net broken" situation with her when she arrived at Canglan Country soon, as long as she had these soldiers and secret agents, she would not be afraid.

Besides, since Lin Zaozao clearly knew this was a trap, but still dared to ostentatiously come to Canglan, in her heart she must have had full confidence in her own safety.

After all, those high-tech things her dad left for her were not left for nothing.

Although she did not want to casually use thermal weapons in this world, when her life was in danger, she would not have to worry about these things anymore.

Being alive in this world, in order to ensure her own safety, what was wrong with Lin Zaozao being selfish for once?

"Uncle Zhang, Dashan, are you ready?"

"Young lady boss, everything is ready."

"Then let's go to Lan City now and meet with the Canglan Female Emperor."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Zhao Cai, Jin Bao, let's go!"

Sitting on Zhao Cai, Lin Zaozao, wearing the mask given to her by the system, exuded an unfathomable aura of quackery.

From the moment she entered Canglan Country, the war between her and the Canglan Female Emperor began.

Although they had never met, there was too much hatred and too many lives lost between them.

Today she ought to go see what kind of person this cold-blooded and ruthless Female Emperor of Canglan really was.

When she reached the gate of Lan City, Lin Zaozao took the opportunity to scan the soldiers guarding outside Lan City.

At a glance, their bodies were all covered in some black fog. In that black fog, there was even some blood color mixed in.

The red and black together made these Lan City soldiers look as if they had crawled out of hell the moment one laid eyes on them.

Calmly retracting her vision, Lin Zaozao ordered Zhao Cai and Jin Bao to continue toward the interior of Lan City.

The first feeling Lin Zaozao had upon entering Lan City was prosperity. But when she looked again, she felt as if the whole of Lan City was shrouded in a thin veil of blackish red fog. That thin fog's color was exactly the same as what was on those soldiers just now.

What on earth was there in this Lan City that could turn the entire huge Lan City into this kind of appearance?

System, what exactly is that black and red fog?

Host, as you guessed, that is the fortune of people's bodies. The black and red thin fog represents that people will have bad luck at the same time as a blood disaster.

And those white lights represent the good luck and blessings on people's bodies.

Right now, the entirety of Lan City's fortunes are black and red added together. If this continues, Lan City will suffer an apocalyptic disaster.

But System, what exactly is capable of influencing the fortunes of an entire city? Not only are they on people's bodies, how can even the stray dogs on the sides of the road be covered in that red and black fog?

Host, please use the mask to carefully observe where exactly that red and black fog originated from. And carefully discern where the white lights on people's bodies are being transmitted.

Hearing the System's words, Lin Zaozao narrowed her eyes and inconspicuously sized up the flow of qi luck on people's bodies.

The red and black air of misfortune, representing the blood disaster, floated over slowly from the front on the ground.

And the white lights on people's bodies slowly floated up from the commoners, then slowly drifted toward the front overhead.

Following the direction of the advancing white lights, Lin Zaozao saw Canglan's majestic imperial palace at a glance.VSit no(v)3lb/!n(.)cm for new ovl

Through the mask, Lin Zaozao clearly saw that beneath the entire imperial palace of Canglan was a bottomless abyss of red and black blood fog. Above the imperial palace were those white lights.

The red and black blood fog floated out from the imperial palace, while those white lights floated in.

Could it be that someone inside the imperial palace was seizing the qi luck of all the people in Lan City?

With such a huge qi luck siphoning array, aside from the Canglan Female Emperor, no one else could even arrange something like this. But the Female Emperor of Canglan was already the lord of a nation here.

Being able to become the ruler of a nation meant that she herself was already the darling of this world, the child of fortune.

Then why did the Female Emperor of Canglan still need to seize the qi luck of others! Most importantly, just where did this blood-red qi luck that floated out from the imperial palace come from!

Just as Lin Zaozao was silently pondering this in her heart, Uncle Zhang rode up to Lin Zaozao's side on horseback and softly said,

"Young lady boss, there is killing intent mixed among the commoners kneeling on both sides of the road, there are assassins blended in.

Young lady boss, there will be an assassination attempt soon. Stand where you are and don't move. I will protect you well."

"Killing intent? Could it be that the Female Emperor of Canglan sent them! I'm the female emperor of Han Country coming personally to Canglan Country for the marriage alliance. Would she really assassinate me right in front of Canglan's commoners?

Even if those assassins were not sent by her, then with Lan City as her territory, shouldn't she at least send imperial guards to protect me in order to save Canglan's face?

Uncle Zhang, the Female Emperor of Canglan isn't stupid! Just who is she putting on this show for?!"

"Young lady boss, if those assassins were not sent by the Female Emperor of Canglan, then they were most likely sent by the Female Emperor of Fengshuo.

If you were to die in Canglan Country, His Highness Han Ye would definitely annihilate Canglan. However, the Female Emperor of Fengshuo seems to have forgotten that if Canglan is gone, how long could Fengshuo still last.

Moreover, as long as I'm here, how could I possibly let you suffer the slightest harm."

Listening to the scorn in Uncle Zhang's voice, Lin Zaozao's eyes involuntarily narrowed. From the news brought back by her secret agents, Canglan's female emperor was indeed much smarter than Fengshuo's female emperor.

Likewise, Canglan's female emperor was also much more sinister than Fengshuo's female emperor. Her methods were even more despicable, making people unable to look straight at.

Lin Zaozao did not understand why, with the intelligence of the female emperors of Canglan and Fengshuo, instead of being a wise ruler, they just had to turn themselves into female demon kings that everyone hates!

Just as Lin Zaozao was silently pondering this, assassins suddenly burst out from among the people kneeling on both sides of the road and rushed straight toward Lin Zaozao.

The assassins' sudden appearance caused panic among the commoners kneeling on both sides.

They scrambled over each other to flee for their lives. In a short time, adults' screams and children's cries were a chaotic mess.

When one of the assassins pounced to Lin Zaozao's front, knife in hand and on the verge of slashing at her, without waiting for Uncle Zhang to make a move, Jin Bao who had been guarding by Lin Zaozao's side the entire time leaped forward in a blur and bit that assassin's neck clean through in one bite.

Seeing the bloody scene before him, Uncle Zhang had assumed Lin Zaozao would be frightened. But when he turned to look at Lin Zaozao, she was unexpectedly calm instead.

Faced with wave after wave of assassins rushing over, Uncle Zhang and Dashan remained by Lin Zaozao's side.

Because in their eyes, Lin Zaozao's safety was paramount. However, when they saw the endless waves of assassins, they couldn't help the anxiety in their eyes.

Just who arranged so many assassins?

Rather than assassins, they were more like some well trained soldiers.

Just then, the six little poison humans who had been hiding inside the carriage, when they saw wave after wave of assassins pouncing toward Lin Zaozao, they...

Originally golden blue heterochromia, at this moment suddenly turned bloody red.

Those people, want to kill sister!

After exchanging a bizarre look, the six children flew out of the carriage bare-handed and pounced towards those assassins.

"Da Bao, Er Bao, San Bao, you six naughty kids, come back quickly! You run out to get yourself killed!"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's raised voice, Lin Zaozao's six treasures turned back expressionlessly, glanced at Lin Zaozao, then turned around and pounced towards those assassins.

In Lin Zaozao's shocked eyes, the six well-behaved children who usually stayed quietly in the carriage and liked to play with Jin Bao.

At this moment, their eyes were bloody red, their figures were like ghosts, shuttling through those assassins.

Wherever they passed, those assassins twitched a few times on the ground before losing any sign of life.

With the addition of Da Bao and the six children, the battle that was tense just now ended in victory for Lin Zaozao's side after a while.

After killing all the assassins, the eyes of Da Bao and the six children returned to their original golden blue color.

They turned back, walked to Jin Bao's side with innocent faces, gently wiped the blood splashed on Jin Bao, then walked to Lin Zaozao with Jin Bao.

"Sister, candy!"

Looking at the six little hands stretched out in front of her and the innocent eyes of these six children, Lin Zaozao felt a little stuck.

That sorcerer must have trained them like this! As long as they complete the task, they will have food to eat.

So after killing those assassins, her six treasures would subconsciously walk to Lin Zaozao and ask her for candy.

It seemed that she had to change the habits of these six children in the future. Because she only wanted these six children to be happy, ordinary children, not to train them as assassins to sell their lives for her.

Even if she was not a decent person, she could not do such an indecent thing.

Unfastening the purse around her waist, Lin Zaozao gave all the candy in it to the six children.

As for Jin Bao and Zhao Cai, Lin Zaozao took the jerky handed over by Dashan and fed it to their mouths.

Thinking of the reward from the system that she would not gain weight this month. So after Lin Zaozao transferred the illnesses from the six children, she fed them all the level three marrow washing liquid.

As for the beauty liquid, forget it! Except for being thin, these six children were not ugly at all.

Besides, her beauty liquid had the effect of losing weight. While her six treasures needed to gain weight instead of losing weight.

Even after Lin Zaozao transferred Dashan and Uncle Zhangs illnesses, she also dripped the marrow washing liquid into their water bags for them to drink.

"Uncle Zhang, take advantage that the guards of the Female Emperor of Canglan Country have not arrived yet, let the injured soldiers come to me and I will treat them."

"Yes, young master."

After Lin Zaozao transferred illnesses for all the soldiers and gave them level three marrow washing liquid to drink, the guards sent by the Female Emperor of Canglan Country arrived late.

"Ming Zhu, I'm late. Those damn assassins didn't hurt you, did they!"

Hearing this cold voice, Lin Zaozao subconsciously looked up. At a glance, her eyes widened in shock.

Riding a horse, Lin Zaozao actually saw a ghost that looked exactly like her next to that woman!

Or in other words, a person with two souls!

How could a person possibly have two people's souls?

Chapter end

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