The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 193

Chapter 193

Little Xibei looked at the grief that was about to spill out of Ye Yi's eyes. He stood up, looked at him lightly and said,

"Third Prince, didn't I tell you before? Your tribulation will naturally be helped by Zaozao herself. When you meet Zaozao again, your tribulation will also come to an end."


Ye Yi murmured softly, as if thinking of something. Ye Yi suddenly grabbed Little Xibei's clothes and pleaded,

"National Master, my Empress Mother wants to harm Zaozao. I know you can freely access the Canglan Imperial Palace. Can you tell Zaozao this news and ask her not to come to Canglan anymore?

My father's clan is beyond saving. And I have already become a cripple. I don't want any harm to come to her..."

Little Xibei looked at Ye Yi's lifeless face. His eyes flickered as he squatted down to look Ye Yi in the eye and said solemnly,

"Ye Yi, what if I said that not only will nothing happen to Zaozao when she comes to Canglan this time, but you and your father's clan will also turn danger into safety? The only price is your Empress Mother's death.

Ye Yi, if Zaozao were to kill your Empress Mother, would you still want her to come to Canglan to save you?"

Stunned by Little Xibei's probing gaze, Ye Yi couldn't help but laugh out loud after a while.

From an initial chuckle, it turned into loud laughter later on.

In the end, tears were coming out from his laughter. He kept on laughing with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Seeing Ye Yi's mad state, Little Xibei was unmoved. He just watched quietly.

It was only when Ye Yi laughed silently that Little Xibei held Ye Yi's shoulder and asked solemnly,

"Ye Yi, would you stop her if Zaozao were to kill your Empress Mother? Or would you hate Zaozao because of this? After all, the Female Emperor of Canglan Country is indeed your birth mother. It would be hard for you to accept that your own wife killed your own mother with her own hands."

"National Master, I won't stop her. If possible, I'd rather plunge the dagger into my Empress Mother's heart with my own hands.

I want to dig out her heart and see if it's black or red. What's more, I want to know if my Empress Mother even has a heart.

I want to know why for the sake of the throne, she not only killed all of her brothers and sisters, and brought my father's clan to this state, but she also wants to kill her own children one by one.

If I hadn't sent Little Nuo to Zaozao, do you think Little Nuo could still be alive under my Empress Mother when I brought her back to the Canglan Imperial Palace?

A person like her really doesn't deserve to be human, let alone my Empress Mother."

Seeing that Little Xibei remained silent, Ye Yi used his hands to prop himself up from the ground with effort and pointed at the coffins behind him,

"National Master, lying inside those coffins are all members of my Baichi Clan. Plus those young children I sent out of the palace and my eldest sister, there are a total of three thousand two hundred and nineteen coffins.

Not only do my clansmen have the purest hearts in this world, they are also the freest people between heaven and earth.

Ever since my father married my Empress Mother, he has never caused any storms in the political arena. All he ever wanted was a happy family.

But look at it now! Other than my father and Little Nuo, my clansmen can only lie inside the coffins like the living dead, never to open their eyes again despite still breathing.

National Master, there have been many times when I wanted to take them out of their coffins and hug them. But once they leave the coffins, they will stop breathing and truly become dead.

So I don't dare, I can't do it.

And so day after day I watch these living dead without daring or being able to leave. If I leave, they will undoubtedly die. National Master, now my Empress Mother has poisoned my father.

Sooner or later there will be one more coffin added here, and lying inside will be my father.

Or maybe the person lying inside will be me.

Now my Empress Mother wants to kill Zaozao again. If possible, why can't I kill her first?"

"National Master, my Empress Mother is a monster who devours people without spitting out the bones."

Seeing Ye Yi's mad state, Little Xibei walked to Ye Yi's side and gently patted his shoulder,

"Ye Yi, hold on for a few more days. You don't need to make a move on your Empress Mother, Zaozao will deal with her herself.

There is a causal relationship between Zaozao and your Empress Mother and that Female Emperor.

Only Zaozao herself can resolve that karma. Han Ye and I can only restrict them, we simply cannot kill them.

When Zaozao comes, the suffering you and your clan have endured will end. On that day, you and your clansmen will return to where you belong."

"National Master, are you saying my clansmen can still wake up? What about my Master and Eldest Sister! Can they regain consciousness too?"

"They can. Ye Yi, I have divined for Zaozao before, and my divination result is 'deliverance from a hopeless situation'.

And this deliverance from danger is not meant for her, but for all of you. Just like the High Priest Hanye of Han Country, if not for Zaozao, his fate would have ended a few months ago.

Also, back at the Border City, if not for Zaozao saving Ji Fantian there, Ji Fantian and his Divine Doctor Clan would have perished in the Border City.

And a few days ago at the battle outside Han Country's border, if not for Zaozao, the outcome would have been dead bodies covering the field and rivers of blood, instead of..."

At this point, Little Xibei's eyes unconsciously revealed a smile.

"If not for Zaozao, the outcome for the hundred thousand troops would have been more than just farting loudly and pulling down their pants, right?"

Speaking of this, a hint of warmth also slowly rose in Ye Yi's eyes.

Wherever his little wife was, even the most lifeless place would become vibrant because of her.

Just like back at the Sunken Village when they first married Zaozao, the hearts of all five of them were filled with bleakness then.

They didn't have the slightest hope for the future.

But one day, that well-behaved little wife suddenly came alive. She would make noise, be naughty, and even act indecent.

But it was precisely because she was so vibrant that they started to have a glimmer of hope for the future.

Having hope again, they got in touch with their old subordinates and prepared to return to Canglan to save their clansmen.

Now the National Master told him to persevere, saying that the day Zaozao comes to Canglan Country is the day he and his clan will escape from their plight.

The current Ye Yi both anticipates and fears that day.nw stries at n/vel/b/i/n(.)co

He hopes that Zaozao can really save him and the Baichi Clan as the National Master said, as well as rescue his Master.

What he fears is that if he drags such an undeserving self of his into this bottomless quagmire, what should he do?

When Ye Yi regained his senses, National Master Little Xibei had already left. All he left for Ye Yi was a small medicine bottle.

Ye Yi opened the medicine bottle to find four ginseng berry pills made from white jade ginseng.

It turns out that the little pills the National Master left behind were for his four dark guards.

Of course, the dark guards that Gu Shan left for him were top assassins from the Eighteen Floors. Any assassin with a Grade A ranking had crawled out from hell after overcoming numerous hardships and adversities.

Having gone through so much torment to crawl out of hell, how could they return there again?

Coming back to his senses, Ye Yi tucked the little pills into his waist pouch and turned to walk towards his Master, Sword Immortal.

Ye Yi looked at the unconscious Sword Immortal, his hand trembling as he gently brushed aside the messy hair covering Sword Immortal's face.

The moment the dirty hair was brushed aside, an extremely resolute and handsome face appeared before Ye Yi's eyes.

If not for his Master being trapped here, how boundless would his world be!

"Master, wait a little longer. The National Master just said that Zaozao will save me and save our Baichi Clan, and will also save you."

Master, you have not seen my wife yet! She is a chubby little girl. Although her temperament is irritable, the colors surrounding her are the brightest I have ever seen.

Master, when you see her, you will find that in this filthy world, there are still people as pure and lively as her.

In her world, there is no depression or gloom, only warmth and brightness like a little sun.

Just standing by her side, I feel like a normal person, not a walking dead.

Master, at first, I tried to test her, thinking she was a spy sent by the Empress to monitor us.

But I didn't expect that she is just a girl who likes to make trouble and is a bit horny.

Master, I've been back for so long. I, I really miss her. If she was with me, would the ending be different?

As he spoke, Ye Yi hugged the Sword Immortal's body and shed silent tears.

"Ye Yi!"

Hearing this familiar voice, Ye Yi quickly wiped away the tears on his face and turned to look at his father.


"Ye Yi, you cried?"

Luo Xuan walked to Ye Yi's side, wiped away the tears on his face, then turned to look at the Sword Immortal who was half lying in Ye Yi's arms.

He skillfully held the Sword Immortal to one side, picked up the basin of water and towel he had brought, and carefully wiped the Sword Immortal clean.

In a short while, the dirty Sword Immortal was cleaned up neatly by Luo Xuan.

Looking at the Sword Immortal's resolute and transcendent face, Ye Yi and Luo Xuan's hearts ached.

Ye Yi watched everything his father was doing now. He knew very well that after he finished cleaning up, in just one day, his master Sword Immortal would uncontrollably dirty his body again when the poison took effect.

But his father still cleaned the Sword Immortal spotless day after day whenever he lost consciousness.

Perhaps now what his father was tidying up was just the dignity and honor the Sword Immortal once held.

Chapter end

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