The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 216

Chapter 216

Dashan, don't keep looking. Now it's not early anymore, everyone tidy up a bit, have a simple breakfast, then set out!

If we stay any longer, who knows what that person will send over to us next time.

After speaking, Lin Zaozao led Zhao Cai and Jin Bao to walk towards her own tent.

Entering the tent, Lin Zaozao put Zhao Cai and Jin Bao's six children on the carpet.

Looking at their naked bodies, Lin Zaozao thought for a moment, turned around and randomly took out a piece of clothing from her own luggage.

When the clothes were taken out, Lin Zaozao realized it was a fiery red cloak.

Lin Zaozao held up the cloak to compare with the six children, and she promptly gave up the idea of changing their clothes for them.

Because she didn't know how.

But letting them keep running around bare-bottomed following her to Canglan Country was a bit indecent after all.

Or should she cut six pieces of cloth and hastily make some simple skirts to make do?

Just as Lin Zaozao was holding the cloak, looking at the six children lying on the ground, at a loss, Nan Yu's arrival was a timely rescue for her.

"Zaozao, can I come in?"

"Come in."

Lin Zaozao looked back and saw Nan Yu lifting the tent curtain, looking at her with some embarrassment.

"What's the matter, Nan Yu!"

"Zaozao, Dashan asked me to call you out for dinner. He's roasting meat and said eating it just roasted tastes better."

"I see, I'll be right there."

After waving to Nan Yu, Lin Zaozao took the cloak in her hand and prepared to lay it over the six little poisonous children.

"Zaozao, I think these six children are not that young either. Letting them run around naked all the time is also inappropriate."

Nan Yu stood awkwardly on the side, suggesting in a low voice.

"I want to dress them too! But as you can see, everyone in the army is an adult, where can I find children's clothes? Even if I make them now, I don't know how!"

Lin Zaozao spread the big red cloak over the children and said helplessly.

"Zaozao, I can make clothes. Why don't I take some old clothes now and simply alter them for the children? When we get out of this dense forest, we can buy new ones. "

"Huh? Nan Yu, you can make clothes?"

"A little."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's surprised voice, Nan Yu nodded a little shyly.

"Ah! Nan Yu, not only do you look good and have great martial arts skills, now you can even make clothes. You are simply the perfect man."

"Then I will humbly accept Zaozao's praise."

"Nan Yu, this is not praise, this is being objective. Nan Yu, let's go eat quickly. We're too rushed for time, you don't have to make the clothes too complicated either, just barely passable to get to the next town will do."

After speaking, Lin Zaozao pulled Nan Yu and walked outside the tent.

"Zaozao, I've already eaten. While you eat, I'll go alter the clothes now."

After speaking, Nan Yu walked outside.

"Wait, Nan Yu. You don't have that many clothes either, just alter mine! You don't know, when I set out, Ruo Qiu packed me with clothes and jewelry, filling up ten whole boxes.

If I hadn't stopped him, he would have kept on packing. I can't wear that many clothes in my lifetime."

After speaking, Lin Zaozao turned around and walked towards the box where she kept her clothes. Without looking, she randomly pulled out a few very loud and colorful clothes and handed them to Nan Yu.

"Nan Yu, take these clothes to your own tent to alter. We don't know if the poison on these six children has been completely cleaned off yet, what if they wake up and touch you?"

Stuffing the clothes into Nan Yu's arms all at once, Lin Zaozao pulled him along as she walked outside the tent.

The bold Lin Zaozao didn't even notice that because of her touch, Nan Yu's face had turned red.

"Alright, Nan Yu, I'm going to eat. We're too rushed for time, you don't need to make the clothes too complicated either, just barely passable will do."

After settling Nan Yu, Lin Zaozao followed the aroma and walked forward.

Nan Yu, left standing in place after Lin Zaozao left. He turned around, looked left and right to make sure no one was there, then buried his head in the pile of clothes in his arms and gently sniffed them.

Nan Yu's behavior was seen crystal clear by Uncle Zhang, who was standing to the side.

No matter what, the young miss cannot take in this Nan Yu now.

Otherwise, once the young miss sets this precedent, she will have to face the endless sending of people to her side by those prestigious families.

It seems he has to find a chance to transfer this Nan Yu away from the young miss's side.

When Lin Zaozao returned to the front of the tent after eating the roasted meat, Nan Yu was already holding the clothes waiting at the door.

"Wow! Nan Yu, how many hands do you have? Six sets of clothes, and you finished them all during the time I ate a meal?"

"Because the style is relatively simple, plus someone else helped, so I was able to finish quite fast."

"Someone else helped, Older Sister Nan Yin?"

Lin Zaozao took the clothes Nan Yu handed over and asked doubtfully.

"No, a brother who shares a tent with me."

"Wow! I thought it was amazing enough that you can make clothes. But I didn't expect the person sharing a tent with you to be just as amazing."

"Zaozao, it's not that we are amazing, but that all the men in the army camp know how to make clothes.

After all, whether in Canglan Country, Fengshuo Country, or our Han Country, most women are delicately raised, and their family and husbands are reluctant to make them do housework.

And men who are good at making clothes can gain more favor from their wives when they have a family."

"Is that so?"

Lin Zaozao murmured and then turned and walked into the tent holding the clothes.REad updated stries at n//vel/bin(.)com

Ever since she transmigrated here, not to mention her own clumsiness, she had never seen Dashan and the others make clothes except for cooking.

Of course, Ye Yi and Ruo Qiu's status is different. Since they have money to buy ready-made ones, why bother making them yourself!

When she and Nan Yu had just walked into the tent, they saw the six children who were passed out just now. At this moment they were bending over with their butts in the air, lying on top of Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, gently stroking their fur with their little hands.

The usually aloof Zhao Cai and Jin Bao were lying flat on the ground, quietly allowing the six children to climb on top of them and use them as furry cushions.

"My children, don't keep your butts in the air, hurry over to Grandpa Great Immortal here to put on clothes."

Lin Zaozao went to Zhao Cai's side, pulled up one of the little butt kids, affectionately touched his head, then took the flowery clothes in her hand and prepared to put it over his head.

Facing Lin Zaozao's intimate actions, the little poisonous child just stood quietly, allowing Lin Zaozao to pull his arms and put the clothes on him.

"Come on, little butt, lift your legs."

Lin Zaozao gently patted the little poisonous child's bottom, signaling him to move a little. But when she finished speaking, this little poisonous child still stood there motionless, without even the slightest thought of wanting to move.

"Little fart, please lift your leg so granny can help you put on your clothes."

Lin Zaozao said, but the child still stood there without moving at all. The only change was that he stared at Lin Zaozao with all his eyes.

He bent down halfway, sniffed Lin Zaozao's body weirdly again and again. After a while, the dull eyes of this little poisonous child actually flashed a ray of light.

The next second, Lin Zaozao's head was hugged in the arms of the little poisonous child.

"Hey hey hey! Little fart, let me go quickly. Your little bugs are rubbing against my clothes. Aren't you ashamed?"

Lin Zaozao gently pried open the hands holding her head, and directly hugged the little poisonous child in her arms, skillfully putting on his pants like dressing a child.

The dog system said that these six children have no thoughts at all. A person without independent thinking, what's the difference from a fool?

It was ridiculous that she had just acted like dealing with a fool, wanting this little poisonous child to cooperate with her to get dressed!

After dressing the first child, when Lin Zaozao dressed the other five children, her actions were much more efficient.

When Lin Zaozao finished dressing these six children, she noticed that the six little poisonous children had now become six little "flower" children.

Because their clothes were really too flashy.

But she liked it.

Colorful clothes are so vibrant!

"Nan Yu, I can't keep calling them little poisonous children! What do you think? Can you give them names?"

"Zaozao, you saved them, and they are only close to you. So their names should still be given by you."

Nan Yu looked at a row of children in colorful clothes and couldn't help laughing.

Lin Zaozao's aesthetics were really unique.

Although she is now the empress of Han Country, the clothes she likes are always bright red and green, extremely gorgeous colors.

So the small clothes made from her clothes were also extremely gorgeous in color. It might be nothing for one child to wear flashy clothes, but when six children wore identical flashy clothes at the same time, it gave a strange sense of joy at first glance.

"I'll name them!"

Lin Zaozao's voice suddenly rose a few degrees.

Looking at the row of children standing in front of her, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but feel a little toothache. She didn't know how to name them!

Even if she wanted to name them, the first thing that came to her mind was something like Little Flower, Little Grass, Little Pebble, etc. For convenience, she couldn't give these six children such names, right!

But when Lin Zaozao turned her head and met the six pairs of emotionless eyes of the children, she couldn't help feeling distressed for them.

Without crossing over, children of this age should be nestled in their parents' arms acting coquettishly.

But these six children! How old were they! They were actually turned into unfeeling little poisons.

Surviving such severe poisoning, they must have suffered a lot originally!

Chapter end

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