The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 208

Chapter 208

She and her little husband Ji Fantian had been married for so long, yet other than hugging, kissing and the like, she hadn't even gotten to drink his meat soup yet!

Today, no matter what, she was going to get her hands on her little darling Ji Fantian. Otherwise, she would have gotten excited for nothing for so long.

On the bed, Ji Fantian looked at Lin Zaozao's overbearing attitude at this moment, and his face instantly turned red.

Lin Zaozao lay on top of Ji Fantian, looking at his shy appearance. At that moment, she felt like their positions seemed to be somewhat reversed.

Thinking to herself, Lin Zaozao simply voiced her thoughts aloud.

"Fantian darling!"

"W-What is it? Zaozao."

"Don't you feel like our positions seem to be reversed right now?"


Ji Fantian asked puzzledly.

"Yes! Generally speaking, isn't it the woman who is shy and the man who boldly displays his masculinity when entering the bridal chamber?

But in my case, it seems to be a bit different. Let's not talk about the two of us for now. Last time when I entered the bridal chamber with Xiao Taohua, after we finished, I was the one who held him and bathed him.

Tell me, aren't I a bit different from other girls when I enter the bridal chamber? And the one exerting effort and being shy isn't exactly normal either!"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's mutterings, Ji Fantian was amused by her to the point that he forgot to be shy anymore. So he placed his hands on Lin Zaozao's waist and jokingly said.

"Zaozao, you said it yourself, that's only the case under normal circumstances, where the woman is shyer in the bedroom than the man.

But you're different, you're not an ordinary young lady. You're now the empress of Han country, and your personality and conduct have always been open and straightforward.

Everyone is born different, you don't need to compare yourself to others. In fact, compared to that demure personality, I prefer Zaozao's lively and cheerful self now."

"Is that so? Then I, Lin Zaozao, will be an extraordinary woman, making waves of extraordinary wind!"

Saying that, Lin Zaozao put her arms around Ji Fantian's neck, and aggressively kissed his red lips.

Damn it, they had already gotten to this point, she really couldn't hold back anymore.


After the passion, Lin Zaozao looked at the sleeping Ji Fantian, and she wanted to take a bite of a handkerchief like those delicate and fragile young ladies.

In those erotic novels she had read, after a man and woman's affair, wasn't it always the woman who couldn't take it first and faintly fell asleep?

But in her case, she was still energetically wide awake, while her little husbands had all fallen asleep before her.

Could it be that? She and her little husbands were born the wrong sex?

She was the one with the strong and sturdy body exerting effort, while her little husbands were the delicate and fragile ones receiving the effort.

So every time she played "fairies fighting" games with her husbands, the first to faintly fall asleep were always her little husbands.

Lin Zaozao turned her head to look at Ji Fantian's exquisite and beautiful face like a peach blossom, and she couldn't help but erotically fantasize in her mind.

Thinking to the end, she laughed at herself.

Sighing helplessly, Lin Zaozao got up, put on a nightgown, then carried Ji Fantian by the waist to the bathroom.

She probably wouldn't get to experience being delicately and fragilely carried by her husband to bathe in this lifetime.

Because her body was simply too extraordinarily gifted.

[System, Sys, Little Sys, Little Rice Sys, are you there?]

[Host, you just finished farming the land and didn't go to rest, what are you howling for me here? Could it be that you want this system to watch the live erotica between you and your husband!?]

[Damn system, you want to watch the live erotica between my darling Fantian and me, no way. Although I don't know if you're a male system or female system.

If you only watch my live show, my skin is thick, my face is also thick, so I don't care.

But if you're a female system, and look at my delicate and weak little husband's fair and tender body, I'd feel terribly sorry!]

[Damn host, since you won't let this system watch your live show, what are you calling me for in the middle of the night? Could it be to let me listen to your little husband moaning!?]

[Damn, damn system, I won't even let you listen to my husband's moans! You can hear but not feel it, what if you get frustrated to death?]

[Stupid host, aren't you looking for me in the middle of the night to pick a fight! Have you gotten tired of living that you want to die!


[Ah! No no, I'm calling you of course not to fight with you! My darling, my precious system! You know, after I finish entering the bridal chamber with my husbands, they always can't take it and fall asleep first.

Um... do you have any invigorating little pills, could you give me a bottle? This feeling of being unsatisfied is really too unbearable.]

[No!!! You lecherous host full of vulgar thoughts, even if I had any I wouldn't give them to you!"]

The system couldn't help but roar.

[Don't! System, this concerns my lifelong sexual happiness. If you don't want to give me a whole bottle, then just give me a few pills, that's fine too!]


[System? Sys? Little Rice Sys? Why aren't you talking, did I anger you to death?]

[Host, you really want "invigorating little pills"?]

The system changed its irritable tone and asked sneakily.

[I do! Very much! This concerns my lifelong sexual happiness, how could I not want them?]

Lin Zaozao answered firmly and decisively.

[Then, host, this system will reward you with a super "invigorating little pill". However, this little pill is a reward this system prepared specially for you after you entered the bridal chamber with Ji Fantian.

However, you can only eat this "invigorating little pill" yourself, you cannot let your husbands eat it.

Once you give the little pill to your husbands to eat, a reaction will occur and cause your husbands to turn into girls and become your sisters.]

[System, one invigorating little pill can't be that powerful, right?]

[Host, you're welcome to try it out. As a reward for the host's hard work sleeping with Ji Fantian, this system specially prepared an invigorating little pill for you, lecherous host please accept it.

This system reminds you again, this "invigorating little pill" can only be eaten by the host herself, and cannot be given to your husbands to eat.

If eaten, once any after-sales issues occur, this system will bear no responsibility.]

Right after the system finished speaking, Lin Zaozao felt an additional little pill appear in her mouth.

Before she could even taste it! The little pill dissolved in her mouth and disappeared.

Damn, this damn system's service was too attentive this time, it actually directly fed the pill into her mouth.

Most importantly, she hadn't even seen what this so-called "invigorating little pill" looked like!

[System, you wouldn't be playing a trick on me right! I hadn't even seen what the little pill looked like before you put it in my mouth.

And also, that's for invigorating, what's the point of me eating it and getting invigorated! Are you trying to invigorate my immortal's wooden plank!]

[Shut up, damn host, dare to scold this system. Hmph! In the upcoming time, host please properly experience the extraordinary efficacy of the "invigorating little pill" this system specially found for you!]

Hearing the system's sly voice, alarm bells immediately went off in Lin Zaozao's heart.

This damn system's voice sounded so sly, it probably wouldn't do anything good!

Sure enough, before Lin Zaozao's alarm bells even stopped, she felt her body heat up.

Some "invigorating" great pill, it was simply an aphrodisiac pill!

In that rush of heat, Lin Zaozao's face immediately turned as red as a big crab. She looked at Ji Fantian, who was still asleep in her arms, and couldn't help reaching out her "sinful" hands towards him.

"Fantian, Fantian baby, it's still early! How about we play Fairy Fighting again?"

Ji Fantian, who was woken up by Lin Zaozao's shaking, had just opened his eyes to see Lin Zaozao's flushed red face.

"Zaozao, what's wrong with you? Why is your face so red?"

"Fantian baby, I took an aphrodisiac. Please help me in this emergency!"

Without waiting for Ji Fantian's shocked expression, Lin Zaozao kissed him eagerly.

After Ji Fantian fell asleep again, Lin Zaozao felt the rush of heat in her body becoming even more unbearable.

But seeing that Ji Fantian had already fallen asleep, Lin Zaozao couldn't bear to wake him up again.

[System, damn system, is there any way to get rid of the effects of this "virility pill"? I'm about to be cooked like a red braised crab.]

[Stupid host, you already ate the pill, how can I have any way? If you really can't stand it, go find your other little husbands to vent your fire. After all, they are your husbands. Sleeping with them is never wrong, and you'll still want more after sleeping with them. Let me tell you one more thing in advance. This virility pill will last at least 12 more hours, so get mentally prepared to play Fairy Fighting games with your husbands all night!]

[Damn! F*cking system, I'll f*ck your grandpa! It's been 12 hours already, it's almost daylight.]

After cursing, feeling her body getting hotter and hotter, Lin Zaozao ran into the bathroom behind the screen.

The more Lin Zaozao soaked in the bath, the more fiery her body became. The fire inside her was almost roasting her.

Even her mind was confused by the effects of the pill.

Although there was only her alone in the bath, when she opened her eyes, she seemed to see Ruo Qiu, Xiao Taohua and Oldest Brother Han Ye. They were wearing light and cool clothes, beckoning to her seductively with their fingers.

Eagerly, she pounced towards them, only to trip and fall headfirst into the bath.

After splashing around for a while, Lin Zaozao stood up in the bath. She wiped the water off her flaming red face decisively.pTodated ovls on o(v)l()bin(.)cm

The system was right. Ruo Qiu, Xiao Taohua and Oldest Brother Han Ye were all her husbands. So wasn't she just wronging herself by soaking in cold water here?

Thinking of this, Lin Zaozao got up from the bath, randomly grabbed a cloak to wrap herself, and walked towards the door.

Chapter end

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