The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 207

Chapter 207

Looking at Xiao Taohua's eyes shining with the cold light, Han Ye to change the subject, gently said.

"Zhuzhu, it's late, we can have dinner now. If we don't eat soon, the dishes from Dashan will get cold."

Han Ye's calm voice made Xiao Taohua quickly let go of Lin Zaozao. Zaozao just woke up, and it was time to have a good meal.

However, if he didn't see wrong, how come Zaozao suddenly became a little fatter!

In Xiao Taohua's puzzled eyes, Han Ye looked at Xiao Taohua, Ji Fantian and Ruo Qiu and said.

"Everyone, it's time to eat. Let's dine together. After the meal, I have something to discuss."iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

"Alright, Han Ye Your Highness!"

"Yes, Han Ye Your Highness!"

"No problem, Han Ye Your Highness!"

Xiao Taohua, Ruo Qiu and Ji Fantian agreed.

After everyone sat down at the dining table, Lin Zaozao looked at the empty seat to her left and asked in puzzlement.

"Dashan, do you know where Xiao Liuli has gone? This child, has just recovered, how can he not eat on time."

"Zhuzhu, I have something that needs the Fifth Prince to do. So before you go to Canglan Country, he won't be back for a while."

"Han Ye brother, can you tell me what you need Xiao Liuli to do? This child has just recovered, as thin as a monkey, I'm a little worried about him."

Lin Zaozao leaned over to Han Ye and asked in puzzlement.

"Zhuzhu, I can assure you that what Xiao Liuli is doing has no danger at all. As for what he is doing now, I can't tell you.

Zhuzhu, eat well, and rest well after the meal." After Han Ye picked up a chopstick of food for Lin Zaozao, he turned his head to look at Ji Fantian and said.

"Ji Divine Doctor, Zhuzhu just woke up. Please take good care of her tonight. In three days, accompany Zhuzhu to Canglan Country, alright?"

"Alright, Han Ye Your Highness."

"Ruo Qiu, your parents are still in Canglan Country. I'm afraid it will hurt your feelings, so you have to stay in Han Country this time, help the army mobilize supplies, and build that dam as soon as possible.

The dam will be built by those 100,000 captives from Canglan and Fengshuo, to prevent them from sabotaging it, so you need to have people keep a close eye on them. If you find any issues with them, you can deal with it directly."

"Han Ye Your Highness, I Ruo Qiu will definitely not fail your trust."

Ruo Qiu said solemnly.

"Master Du, you also know that the empresses of Canglan and Fengshuo have been making poisons from living people.

I need you to stay in Han Country and use your lifelong learning to make a poison that can match the empresses of Canglan and Fengshuo. Or, Gu poison!

However, the poison you make must have an antidote. Can you do it?"

"Han Ye Your Highness, I'm extremely willing."

Xiao Taohua said firmly.

"Han Ye brother, what about me! What do you need me to do?"

Lin Zaozao asked anxiously, biting her chopsticks.

"Rest well these three days. After three days, depart from Han Country for Canglan Country.

Zhuzhu, when you get to Canglan Country, you can make all the trouble you want, the more the better.

Remember, if possible, just kill the empress of Canglan Country directly, and seize control of Canglan Country."

"No problem, Han Ye brother. I'm not good at doing good things, but making trouble, I alone can overturn a thousand Canglan empresses."

Lin Zaozao's bold voice made everyone sitting at the dinner table couldn't help laughing.

After the meal, as Han Ye had promised, he didn't let Lin Zaozao handle the memorials.

With the sudden leisure, Lin Zaozao, who was bored sitting in her bedroom, didn't know what to do for a while.

She had been so busy recently that her head was spinning all day.

Now that she suddenly had free time, she felt a little uncomfortable for a while.

"Fantian darling, you are my husband, intimacy between us is legal. Why are you sitting so far from me! Are you afraid I'll eat you up!"

Lin Zaozao looked at Ji Fantian, who was sitting aside reading a medical book, and said resentfully.

"Zaozao, it's still early, can we rest after dark?"

Ji Fantian tidied his undergarment, and said shyly. As for his outer garment, it had been taken off by Lin Zaozao earlier.

"But Fantian darling, it's still several hours before dark! I'm so impatient!"

Lin Zaozao changed her posture, rested her cheeks in her palms, and looked at Ji Fantian's shy face as she said resentfully.

"Zaozao, if we rest now, and get seen by others, I, I..."

"Fantian darling! I'm the empress of Han Country. Which brat dares to barge into my bedroom! Also, Wushuang and Wudi and the other guards are outside, no one can break in!


Facing Lin Zaozao's wicked smile, Ji Fantian couldn't help asking nervously, clutching the medical book in his hands.

"What is it? Zaozao?"

"Fantian, I want to tell you something. That is, you're holding the medical book upside down."

As soon as Lin Zaozao finished speaking, Ji Fantian quickly lowered his head to look at the medical book in his hands.

It was really upside down.

Seeing Ji Fantian's flustered look, Lin Zaozao couldn't help laughing out loud. She really didn't expect Ji Fantian to be such an innocent little boy in this aspect.

Just now she only wanted to tease him a little, but now, maybe not...

Such a handsome man, shy in front of her. If Lin Zaozao didn't react at all, it would be too inappropriate.

But when Lin Zaozao saw Ji Fantian's pretense of seriousness at the moment, she couldn't help teasing him.

"Fantian, I want to ask you something?"

"Wha, what is it?"

Ji Fantian leaned his head back slightly, avoiding Lin Zaozao's pouncing body somewhat nervously.

"Fantian, your medical skills are so powerful, so I wonder if you can make a little pill that allows men to bear children!"

"Men bearing children!"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's question, Ji Fantian's mind went blank for a moment.

Men bearing children, although against the natural order. But it seems, it could be tried.

Moreover, there really is a Gu that allows men to bear children. Just that using that Gu to bear children, even slightly will ruin a man's health. At worst, it will directly take the man's life!

Because that Gu that allows men to bear children is too sinister, so people destroyed it in earlier years.

He had seen that Gu in his master's place in his early years, and accompanied his master to study it. In fact, the Gu that extremely damages men's bodies can be improved.

Unfortunately, they had only studied that Gu halfway when disaster befell the Divine Doctors' clan. And that Gu also disappeared in the Divine Doctors' calamity.

Now that Zaozao mentioned men bearing children, could she have some long-term ideas?

Seeing Ji Fantian's dazed look, Lin Zaozao thought she had frightened him with her words.

"What's wrong? Are you frightened by what I said? I was just casually asking, you don't have to take it seriously."

Facing Lin Zaozao's mocking eyes, Ji Fantian came to his senses and looked at Lin Zaozao seriously.

"Zaozao, now no matter Canglan, Fengshuo or Han Country, women are scarce, men are many. The ratio between men and women is extremely imbalanced.

Plus in recent years fewer girls were born. If this continues, I'm afraid sooner or later there will be great chaos."

"If men could also give birth, wouldn't that solve this problem?"

Hearing Ji Fantian's serious tone, Lin Zaozao's originally joking gaze couldn't help but freeze.

This Ji Fantian guy was serious.

Regaining her senses, Lin Zaozao quickly grabbed Ji Fantian's hand and said seriously,

"Fantian, do you really have a way for men to give birth to children?"

"I had never thought about this issue before, but now that you've brought it up, I feel like I could give it a try.

Success would be great, failure would be fine too. However, for men to give birth, I would need Xiao Taohua's full cooperation.

After all, medical poison has always come from the same family. Xiao Taohua's poison skills are indeed above mine. In addition, her talent for making Gu poisons is unmatched in the world."

"If I can combine my medical skills with Xiao Taohua's Gu poison making skills, wouldn't we really be able to alter men's physical structure and create Gu worms that allow men to give birth without harming their bodies?!"

Seeing Ji Fantian's increasingly bright eyes, Lin Zaozao immediately became interested.

If men could really give birth, it would be hugely beneficial for her and harmless!

She was now the Empress of Han Country, and succession issues would definitely come up in the future. When that happens, whether she wants to or not, she would have to give birth to an heir for the greater good.

If Ji Fantian and Xiao Taohua could really figure out a way for men to give birth, she wouldn't have anything to worry about!

By then, all she would need to do is...


By then, her little husbands could each have a big belly, weakly calling her "wife", wouldn't that be such a nice scene!

"Zaozao, women need a uterus to give birth. And men are naturally born without a uterus.

There is also the issue of breastfeeding and childcare after the man gives birth that needs to be thought through carefully, otherwise it would definitely lead to chaos."

Seeing Ji Fantian's increasingly furrowed brows, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but heave a long sigh.

Men giving birth was still just an idea! Not even a shadow of it yet, and it had Ji Fantian so worried already.

"My precious Fantian, men giving birth is still a non-existent matter! Don't worry about it yet. The most urgent thing we need to do now is get in bed.

After we finish making love, maybe this wife could have planted a child in your belly already!"

Saying so, Lin Zaozao snatched the medical book in Ji Fantian's hands and carried him towards the bed.

The wedding night was the most important thing in the world!

Chapter end

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