The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 206

Chapter 206

Lin Zaozao pinched her throat and said coquettishly,Finndd the newst ovels on n//velbin(.)com

Whats wrong, Zhuzhu? Why does your voice sound so strange, is your throat uncomfortable?

Its so cold at night~ Han Ye, you said Im so tired that I fainted, so can you help me handle those memorials during this period?

Please~ Can you do that for me?

Facing Lin Zaozao's flattering gaze and exaggerated tone, Han Ye couldn't help but want to laugh.

During this period, he had wanted Zhuzhu to handle those memorials in order to train her ability to deal with affairs.

Zhuzhu is now the female emperor of Han Country, she can be lazy and doesnt have to do anything, but she absolutely cannot be incompetent.

The knife can only be safe and reliable when it is held in her own hands.

Zhuzhu, seeing that you have performed well recently, I will handle the miscellaneous affairs of Han Country next.

Use your time in the coming days to prepare to go to Canglan Country! Zhuzhu, when you meet the female emperor of Canglan, you must not go easy on her because of Ye Yi, understand?"

"Okay! What if I kill the female emperor of Canglan and Ye Yi hates me? After all, no matter how bad she is, she is still Ye Yis mother."

"Zaozao, the female emperor of Canglan has done too much evil. If she doesn't die, then Ye Yis Baichi clan and his elder sister Princess Ye Xi will definitely not survive.

Ye Yi hopes for his clan and elder sister that his mother dies more than us.

So when you kill the female emperor of Canglan in Canglan Country, Ye Yi will only be grateful to you and will definitely not hate you."

"Is that so? Then theres no problem. I will definitely kill that evil woman the female emperor of Canglan if I have a chance."

Lin Zaozao readily agreed.

"Oh, right! Han Ye, I've seen the voluptuous female emperor of Fengshuo Country, she's a great beauty. What does the female emperor of Canglan look like? Is she pretty?"

"As ugly as a hideous demon, nothing good-looking."

Han Ye said lightly.


"Of course its true. Zhuzhu, remember, the female emperor of Canglan must die, you cant go easy on her."

"Okay okay! I won't go easy."

Lin Zaozao nodded again and again.

After all, the dog system told her last time to exchange the way to save Ye Yi and his clan by killing the female emperor of Canglan after arriving in Canglan Country.

She didn't believe that Ye Yi would go easy on her even though the female emperor of Canglan was so evil.

Just as Lin Zaozao was leaning on Han Ye with her hands exploring unruly in Han Ye's arms, Dashan's voice came from outside the door.

"Little master, are you awake?"

"Awake! Dashan, I'm awake."

After Lin Zaozao kissed Han Ye's lips loudly, she got up from his body.

When Lin Zaozao walked past the mirror and saw the brightly colored clothes on her body, her face showed a satisfied smile after a moment of stunned.

Hmm! The clothes look pretty good, but they would be even more perfect if some flowers were embroidered on them.

That would set off her even more gorgeously than the flowers!

After smugly raising her eyebrows at her gaudy self in the mirror, Lin Zaozao turned around and walked towards the door.

"Little master, I made some food for you, do you want to eat a little?"

Dashan asked gently with a big plate in his hand.

"Dashan, youre so nice! I was just getting hungry and you brought me delicious food."

Lin Zaozao pouted her lips and gave Dashan a warm hug.

Unfortunately, Dashan was too tall, and when Lin Zaozao hugged him, she could only hug his waist at most.

Seeing Lin Zaozao pounce at him, Dashan could only raise the tray in his hand high.

"Little master, let me go, be careful not to get scalded by the hot soup in the plate."

"Hehehe! Don't worry. Dashan, youre so capable, how could I get scalded."

Lin Zaozao let go of Dashan and praised him unabashedly.

Its still better to have a brother! A brother is considerate.

Her poker face younger brother is her nemesis from their previous life.

Her younger brother Lin Luoluo has a baby face. No matter how she tries to tease him out of ten sentences she speaks to him, he doesnt respond with a single word.

With a straight face every day, she has never seen him crack a smile for as long as she can remember.

Even his eyes are plain and calm.

If she hadnt observed Lin Luoluo eating, drinking and going to the toilet every day, she would have thought he was a robot.

Her cold little brother cant compare to her brother Dashan! Although Lin Zaozao kept complaining about her younger brother, she couldnt help thinking about him.

Little Xibei told her that she had a chance to go back once.

But she didnt know when that chance to go back would come. Would her soul go back? Or would she go back with this body?

Or would her body in the original world have turned to ashes by now?

She didnt know if Lin Luoluo had been eating properly without her at home. Cooped up in the lab with her dad all day, too busy to even eat meals.

With his height of six feet and skinny as a bamboo pole. Her dad was the same, only knowing to do experiments instead of eating.

And her hot-tempered mother, who dresses ostentatiously all day, would she secretly peek at handsome boys?

She didnt know if her dad had discovered the photos of handsome boys she hid under her bed.

Just as Lin Zaozao was lost in thought, Ruo Qiu, Ji Fantian and Xiao Taohua came back from outside the palace one after another.

"Hey! Xiao Taohua, Heita Huahua, you digger! I forgot to check your injuries before I fainted. Youre fine now, right!

Did you get hurt when the medicine furnace exploded? Other than your brain, no other parts got damaged, right!"

As she spoke, Lin Zaozao bit her chopsticks while her eyes ogled lasciviously at Xiao Taohua's crotch.


"Whats wrong? Dont tell me it really got blown off! What should we do? My sex life!"

"Little lewd girl! Always fantasizing about something every day?"

Xiao Taohua walked up to Lin Zaozao and looked down at the radiant smile on her face. He thought back to her painful state when she asked him for help after entering a nightmare just now.

He felt that his little wife had too many secrets that he simply couldnt grasp or figure out.

All he could do now was to hold Lin Zaozao tightly in his arms. What had happened just now was beyond his comprehension.

Clearly a little girl without a shred of inner strength, yet astonishing power had erupted from her body just now, blocking so many masters outside, making it impossible for them to get close.

Although he was a master poison user, he also had some success in medicine. But on the way back to the palace just now, he, Ji Fantian Ruo Qiu had discussed and had absolutely no clue what had been going on with the anomaly in Lin Zaozao's body.

It was as if she had suddenly fallen into a nightmare. Although Han Ye Highness had warned them not to ask too much. But looking at Lin Zaozao with her golden eyes, there was some familiarity in his mind.

And not only he had that sense of familiarity, Ji Fantian and Ruo Qiu had also mentioned it on the way back.

Lin Zaozao hugged in Xiao Taohua's arms, looking at Xiao Taohua's gloomy face, she couldn't help interrupting.

"Xiao Taohua, with you hugging me like this now, I'm suddenly reminded of a saying."

Lin Zaozao obediently leaned in Xiao Taohua's arms and said roguishly.

"What did you think of?"

Xiao Taohua asked sullenly.

"I feel like the way you look distressed now is like a little brat who suffered some grievance outside and came back to seek comfort from his mom!"


"Xiao Taohua, what's wrong?"

"Now you're nestled in my arms, and you still have a cute doll face. Between the two of us, I think you're the little brat."

Hearing Xiao Taohua's mocking voice, Lin Zaozao lifted her head from Xiao Taohua's arms, and said somewhat indignantly,

"Xiao Taohua, do you need me to call you daddy? Ah!"

"No need to call me daddy, I don't want there to be a generation gap between us. However, Zaozao, you can call me dear good husband, I quite enjoy hearing that."

As he spoke, Xiao Taohua cradled Lin Zaozao's face and gently kissed her forehead.

He was the Poison Prince that everyone in the martial arts world feared. His ability to save people was not as good as Ji Fantian of the Divine Doctor Clan, but when it came to killing, he was not much worse than others.

Compared to actual assassinations, his poisons could kill without leaving a trace.

Today, the Female Emperor of Canglan Country actually dared to use gu poison right in front of him. It seemed that she really did not take this Poison Prince seriously.

Gu poison was what this Poison Prince was best at.

The difference between his gu poison and the Female Emperor of Canglan Country's gu poison was that the gu worms he cultivated were nourished by his own blood.

Whereas the gu worms cultivated by the Female Emperor of Canglan Country were accumulated bit by bit using the lives of many people.

Everyone said that he, the Poison Prince, was a detestable devil. However, since he had left his master, he had never harmed an innocent commoner.

The Female Emperor of Canglan Country, on the other hand! Her method of cultivating gu poison using human lives was truly too despicable.

Compared to the Female Emperor of Canglan Country, even he, the Poison Prince, could be considered a good person.

For Lin Zaozao's safety, it seemed he had to make preparations on two fronts. He would have to cooperate with Han Ye and place the gu poison he had cultivated on the Female Emperor of Canglan Country.

For the sake of his little wife, he would trade his life for that old woman's life if necessary.

Trading his life for that woman's life was worth it!

Chapter end

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