The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 200

Chapter 200

Thinking of that scene, Ruo Qiu subconsciously shook his head.

Look at what his brain was thinking! His little girl has such a lively and cheerful personality, how could she possibly be an emotionless priestess!

Coming back to his senses, just as Ruo Qiu was about to go forward and praise Lin Zaozao for looking beautiful, Lin Zaozao's next words made Ruo Qiu's body stiffen involuntarily.

"Ruo Qiu, I feel like if a few more white flowers were added to my head, I would look exactly like someone specially crying and mourning for the dead. If you don't believe me, I'll wail for you now."


"You don't believe me? Then I'll cry for you to see now." Lin Zaozao disgustedly pulled at her clothes, and wanted to plop down on the ground.

But thinking that she was dressed all in white now, she was afraid of dirtying the clothes. So she reluctantly shifted the battlefield and sat down on a chair, pretending to cry:

"It's so painful to have no money,

With only two coins and five left on my body.

I can only boil water for my three meals,

I'm so sad to lack oil and meat.

Regretting not making money before,

Now I'm so poor I can only suffer.

That stupid neighbor is even laughing at me!

A broke person can only hug the quilt.

I also want to find a husband,

To warm my bed every night


"Zaozao, stop, don't sing..."Red the latest stories n novlbin(.)com

Ruo Qiu first glared at the shopkeeper Li who was laughing while squatting on the ground, before forcibly holding back his smile and interrupting Lin Zaozao's self-indulgence in time.

"Ruo Qiu, I haven't finished singing yet! Believe me, what comes next sounds even better."

Seeing Lin Zaozao's exaggerated expression, Ruo Qiu was directly amused by her.

A good little fairy dressed in white was forcibly made to seem like a female ghost by Lin Zaozao herself.

Ruo Qiu took the shawl wrapped around Lin Zaozao's neck off, and nicely draped it over her shoulders.

"Zaozao, if you don't like it, we can change to a more colorful one?"

"Forget it! It's too much trouble to change again. But Ruo Qiu, don't get me white clothes in the future."

"Alright, as Zaozao says."

Ruo Qiu put on the veil that the shopkeeper Li handed over on Lin Zaozao's head, then pulled her along to go out.

"Ruo Qiu, I haven't taken my pastries yet!"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's voice, the shopkeeper Li immediately handed the pastries on the table over to Lin Zaozao with both hands.

"Shopkeeper Li, thank you! Right, just now pack up that flower dress for me, and let Ruo Qiu bring it back to me when he has time.

Also, if you have time, make a few more of those flower dresses for me, I quite like them. As for money, put it on Ruo Qiu's tab. Anyway he has more money than me."

The shopkeeper Li helplessly looked at Ruo Qiu, and could only nod to Lin Zaozao.

Her Ladyship's aesthetics were really unconventional! After Lin Zaozao left, the shopkeeper Li could only pick up the flower dress under the chair and look at it again.

Really, the more he looked, the more vulgar and ugly it was!

How could Her Ladyship have taken a liking to such a dress! And asking him to make a few more, it was really difficult for him.

After all, it was not easy to make such an ugly dress!

Outside the shop, Ruo Qiu watched Lin Zaozao who kept stuffing pastries into her mouth, and asked in puzzlement:

"Zaozao, where are we going now?"

"Oldest Brother Han Ye said the Divine Doctor Clan opened many clinics in Han City. I miss Fantian, I want to go take a look at them."

"Zaozao, did High Priest Hanye let you come out today?" Ruo Qiu tentatively asked.

"It was Oldest Brother Han Ye who suggested letting me come out. Ruo Qiu, you don't know, I was going crazy being cooped up in the study every day. Being able to come out and play now, I'm so happy I could die."

"Right, Ruo Qiu. Have you seen Xiao Taohua? That guy, I don't know where he's gone these days. I can't even see his shadow all day long."

"Zaozao, he's at Fantian's clinic. Zaozao, poison skills have always run in the family. He heard that the Divine Doctor Clan was also exceptionally skilled in poisons, so he went to learn from them."

"Is that so? Then let's hurry, I really want to see, see if they will compete with medical and poison skills."

Seeing Lin Zaozao's excitement, Ruo Qiu had just walked a few steps with her when he suddenly pulled Lin Zaozao behind him and looked around warily.

"What's wrong? Ruo Qiu."

"Nothing, I just spaced out for a moment."

Ruo Qiu turned back and smiled at Lin Zaozao.

However, when Ruo Qiu walked again, he subconsciously kept Lin Zaozao half-embraced in his arms protectively.

If his feeling just now was not wrong, he clearly sensed a strong killing intent.

Where are Invincible and Matchless? Aren't they top assassins? How could they not even handle an assassin?

Ruo Qiu had wanted to take Lin Zaozao straight back, but when he saw the excitement in her eyes, he couldn't bear to take her back to the palace directly.

Zaozao was just a girl who had just come of age. Locking her up in the palace to look at memorials every day, it was strange that she wasn't bored to death!

Now the killing intent was gone again. He was probably too nervous, so he felt wrong!

Although he thought this way in his heart, Ruo Qiu's pace quickened slightly as he held Lin Zaozao.

Although he had hidden guards by his side, if real danger came, he was afraid his guards were simply no match for those top assassins.

And his own martial arts skills were only second-rate. Compared to first-rate assassins, they were far from enough.

When they arrived at Fantian's clinic later, with Fantian and Xiao Taohua around, Zaozao would be safer. After all, their medical and poison skills were nothing to sneeze at.

When Ruo Qiu finally escorted Lin Zaozao to the Divine Doctor Clan's clinic, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, nothing had happened along the way. Now, he still hoped that the people he had sent into the palace could bring the guards out in time to protect Zaozao well.

Unlike Ruo Qiu's caution, Lin Zaozao, the big silly girl who only knew how to stuff pastries into her mouth, was much more carefree.

Because she had never thought at all that someone would assassinate her.

After stuffing the last pastry, Lin Zaozao saw Ji Fantian taking a patient's pulse with his head lowered. She didn't dare disturb him, and just sat quietly with Ruo Qiu on the long bench in the clinic.

Seeing Ruo Qiu intimately holding a white-clothed girl walking in, the Divine Doctor Clan members couldn't help frowning slightly.

Now that Young Master Ruo Qiu was a married man, how could he so openly hold another woman.

When they saw Lin Zaozao's face under the veil, their eyes couldn't help lighting up excitedly.

They really didn't expect that Lin Zaozao, who usually wore flashy clothes, would look like a completely different person dressed in white now.

Noble, holy, like an untouchable immortal.

Just as the Divine Doctor Clan members wanted to greet Lin Zaozao, when they met Ruo Qiu's gaze, they could only forcibly suppress the excitement in their hearts and pretend to be nonchalant as they handled the tasks at hand.

From the look Ruo Qiu gave them, it seemed Lin Zaozao had come out from the palace incognito this time.

Since this was so, they should not disturb her.

Looking at the Divine Doctor Clan's clinic, because the Divine Doctor Clan had many people, this clinic looked particularly big.

Lin Zaozao stared at the medicine cabinets on the two walls, which were labelled with the names of various medicinal herbs. After looking at them for a long time, her eyes felt strained.

The members of the Divine Doctor Clan moved up and down in an orderly manner, grabbing the herbs they needed from the plethora of medicinal materials.

Due to the Divine Doctor Clan's famous reputation, many people came to the clinic to seek treatment, making the spacious building seem very small.

Although the clinic was crowded, it was not noisy. Apart from the doctors' voices patiently asking about symptoms and grabbing medicine, the shop seemed quiet and extremely orderly.

Lin Zaozao held Ruo Qiu's hand as they sat on chairs at the side. She rested her chin in her hand, watching Ji Fantian take a patient's pulse.

Seeing Ji Fantian's focused and attentive expression, Lin Zaozao could not help sighing in admiration. Her mother was right that men look most handsome when engrossed in their work.

It was just like how her mother would prop her chin, staring at Lin Zaozao's father with infatuation as he conducted experiments, exclaiming "So handsome! So handsome! Really handsome!"

Now as she watched her husband attentively asking an elderly man sitting in front of him, even though the old man was not speaking clearly, Ji Fantian listened patiently.

Gazing at this dedicated man, Lin Zaozao thought to herself that this was her husband. Unfortunately, the two of them had not yet consummated their marriage!

She wondered when she would be able to fully make this handsome man hers!

With such an attractive man by her side, other than hugging and kissing him, she had not even gotten a taste of his flesh!

Just as Lin Zaozao was staring blankly at Ji Fantian, a loud explosion suddenly erupted from the back of the medicine shop, instantly drawing everyone's attention.

The tremendous blast instantly filled the originally quiet people waiting in the clinic with panic. At this moment, Ruo Qiu had already pulled Lin Zaozao behind him to shield her.

"What's going on? What happened in the backyard?" Someone in the crowd asked doubtfully.

The deafening explosion also made Ji Fantian stop what he was doing. Seeing Ruo Qiu, he was initially surprised that this busy man had the time to visit his clinic.

However, when Ji Fantian caught sight of Lin Zaozao being protected behind Ruo Qiu, he immediately threw down his pen and strode forward toward them.

Currently, relations between Canglan and Fengshuo were tense, so how could Ruo Qiu bring Zaozao here?

Did he not know that Canglan and Fengshuo had already dispatched a large number of assassins lying in wait to kill Zaozao?

Moreover, the visitor traffic at his clinic was huge, so it would be impossible to identify the assassins with the naked eye alone.

"What happened in the backyard?" Ji Fantian asked coldly while shielding Lin Zaozao.

Chapter end

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