The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lin Zaozao sat boredly on the doorstep, her vacant gaze sweeping over the dilapidated courtyard. Within the yard were six small mud houses and a small reception hall that served as a dining room and kitchen.

Outside the yard, there was a low fence made of willow twigs serving as a wall. The two creaking, worn-out doors swayed in the gentle breeze.

The yard was bare, devoid of any furniture. It was filled with people gasping for breath.

Lin Zaozao turned her head and looked at her disabled husbands, each busy with their own tasks in the yard. She let out a sigh and felt like retreating into herself.Yur fvorite stories on /o/(v)/lbn(.)cm

Her five husbands were blind, lame, deaf, mute, and paralyzed, respectively, and she herself was a fool.

Damn it, even TV dramas wouldn't dare to depict such a situation, yet she managed to encounter it all.

Lin Zaozao, a recent college graduate, was just an ordinary student. She wasn't an assassin, didn't possess medical skills, wasn't a businesswoman, and had no extraordinary abilities.

The only skill she had was cooking. And her cooking skills were only good enough to make raw rice edible.

As for the taste...

Well, it was edible enough to avoid a trip to the hospital.

But being so useless, she unexpectedly found herself swept up in the wave of transmigration. It happened when she went on an outing with her classmates during her vacation and choked to death after taking a sip of a drink.

Let's not dwell on her absurd cause of death, but what followed was even more speechless!

After transmigrating, most girls would become princesses or wealthy young ladies. At worst, they would be beautiful with good health.

But what about her?


She actually transmigrated into a fat and stupid fool, one who was unwanted and had no parents. In addition, the transmigration system gave her a damn skill: the ability to transfer any illness or pain from others onto herself.

After the damn system bestowed this skill upon her, it disappeared without a trace.

Damn it, she wasn't crazy! Why would she want to transfer other people's illnesses and pain onto herself?

She was only eighteen, not eighty. She was in the prime of her life and hadn't experienced enough! So, she had no interest in this skill, no matter who wanted it.

Unfortunately, she couldn't get rid of this damn skill now. After that system guy bestowed it upon her, he vanished without a trace.

The place she transmigrated to should be a fictional world. There were two countries here: Canglan Country, similar to the southern region of her previous life, with a humid climate and relatively abundant resources; and Fengshuo Country, similar to the northern region of her previous life, with a drier climate and a more harsh environment. Consequently, the people of Fengshuo Country were more straightforward and tough compared to those of Canglan Country.

There was also the Frontier Barbarian Territory, situated in an extremely harsh and cold border area. Compared to the drier climate of Fengshuo Country, the living conditions in the Frontier Barbarian Territory were even more difficult.

Every winter, the neighboring countries would attack the borders of Canglan Country and Fengshuo Country in order to secure resources for the winter.

And all this was knowledge imparted by that deceiving dog-like system before it disappeared.

The country where she currently resides is Canglan Country, a nation with an extremely imbalanced gender ratio.

Here, men outnumber women, with a ratio as high as 20 to 1. And in the neighboring Fengshuo Country, the gender ratio is even higher, reaching 50 to 1.

It is not a world where women are revered and men are subordinate, so the women here are not confined to their homes like delicate ladies. They can engage in business with men and even take the imperial examinations. In general, they enjoy a certain degree of freedom. However, due to the scarcity of women, they always have their family or husband's group accompanying them when they go out.

After all, there are always some men without wives who would risk being beheaded to capture women and sell them or make them their own wives.

Therefore, among these relatively free-spirited women, there is one thing they must do.

That is, after reaching the age of eighteen, a woman must marry at least five husbands in order to propagate the population of Canglan Country.

But what about the original person?

The original person's name is Lin Xiaohua. She is not only an orphan without parents, but also an incredibly ugly and foolish person.

Not to mention the large black mark on her face, her weight of nearly two hundred and eighty jin (Chinese unit of weight), is enough to deter any prospective suitors.

So, following the principle of utilizing waste, the government managed to keep the original person alive until she turned eighteen.

Seeing that no one came to propose marriage, the government spent money and effort to arrange a secluded small courtyard in the countryside for the original person and forcefully assigned her five husbands who were unwanted by anyone.

Although these five husbands were good-looking, they all had some disabilities. However, in Canglan Country, women choose husbands who are physically healthy and capable.

They would not bring men with disabilities back home to be worshipped as ancestors. After all, good looks alone cannot put food on the table!

Finally, on the day the original person turned eighteen, the government happily got rid of the burden of this stupid, ugly, and fat woman. For the government, which had reluctantly taken care of the original person for eighteen years, this was truly a cause for great celebration!

On the day the original person was getting married, because she had gone hungry the whole day, she absentmindedly grabbed a handful of peanuts and red dates from the marriage bed and stuffed them into her mouth.

Hmm! She choked to death.

So, just as she felt she was about to be choked to death by the red dates lodged in her throat, one of her husbands, Shangguan Fantian, lightly patted her back, and the red dates popped out of her mouth, saving her life.

Perhaps because they found the original person too ugly! It had been three days since she married these five new husbands, and not one of them had touched her even with a finger.

This works out perfectly because Lin Zaozao was just an ordinary passerby in the midst of a great army in her time-traveling adventure.

Initially, Lin Zaozao wanted to follow the original host's path and continue living as a fool, enjoying a life where everything was provided for her.

After all, being taken care of by others was quite nice!

But what was the result?

Her five new husbands, these unfortunate souls, actually found fault with her for being as round as a ball. It had been three whole days, and they hadn't even given her a single meal. They claimed she should starve for a few days to lose weight.

Damn it! When other girls travel to a world where men outnumber women, aren't they all treated like precious treasures, little darlings?

Why is it that when it comes to her, she can't even get a mouthful of food? Even if she looks ugly in her current state, they should at least give her something to eat!

With these thoughts in mind, Lin Zaozao, who had never gone hungry in her life, decided to resist these five heartless bastards.

Hmph! Since she was playing the role of a fool now, she should do some foolish things next.

Otherwise, wouldn't she have assumed the reputation of a fool for nothing?

Chapter end

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