The Maknae Has to Be an Idol – Chapter 88

Chapter 88

The mini-game episode of The Showcase 2 could be considered break time for the contestants. Contrary to the prediction of people who expected it to be boring because it was an episode without stage competitions, the episode became quite popular and spread through the internet. The first part of the episode began with a summary of the previous competitions. It showed the groups' preparatory process and edited the scenes with appropriate slow-down, sentimental, and heart-wrenching effects.

The members of each group are running with all their might

With this caption, the screen changed, and a bright set with a completely different atmosphere appeared in view. Members of each group came out in pastel-toned gym clothes, and up to this point, it felt just like any normal sub-episode of a survival competition show.

Theyre giving them a break after making them suffer so much? lol

Giving both pain and healing haha

I sometimes wonder if the producers of survival shows have a conscience

People quickly skimmed over the videos and waited for the interesting parts to come out as even for the most ardent fangirls and fanboys of The Showcase, this opening part was usually boring for them. Until this point, they would be looking at their phone to do SNS more than looking at the broadcast screen. Before the game officially started, scenes of different groups coming out in their respective cars were played out in slow-motion, retro vibes. Then, there was a scene where each group was asked what game they wanted to play.

Hmm. Is there a game with vaulting involved? Or is that too much like a physical education performance evaluation? Haha.

Bleshus Han Do-Young said this.

Lets, uh, do thatguessing the song quickly!

Only Ones Kim Ju-Hyun said.

I saw a hot dog eating contest in the US last night? Or something like that? Will there be a game like that?

OnebyOnes Choi Jin-Young suggested a hot dog eating contest.

Eating lemons?

Sirens Woo Yeon-Hoon suggested eating lemons.

If its a mini-game competition, wouldnt it be nice to have a game like a treasure hunt?

Lastly, Luminins Yoo Jin-Won mentioned the treasure hunt, and the screen went dark. The background changed to Wnets prop warehouse, and a staff member wearing work clothes and holding a phone in their hand came out.

Yes. One member from each group just said eating lemons, eating American hot dogs, listening to the intro and guessing songs, treasure hunt, and vaulting.

As soon as they heard the games through their phone, the staff began searching the warehouse and began to search for the equipment.


Theyre preparing the props on the spot after listening to the games?

crazy hahhahaha why do even the staff here have to fight for their survival?

One staff member found the vault and mat, and another staff member found a speaker to play the song guessing game by listening to the intro. Then another staff member found plastic balls for the treasure hunt and even started writing a treasure list. Other staff members carried out tasks such as buying lemons and obtaining American hot dog ingredients in bulk. These videos inspired a sense of urgency in them.

Quickly, Quickly!


Lemon! Please give me all the lemons!



Oh my, you sure are good at eatin those sour lemons. Haha. But you'll die if you eat all of it.

I wont die!

Haha, got it.

One staff member and a fruit stores rambling became a hot topic of conversation due to the stark difference in their attitudes.

lol this is like watching my fav idol and me haha

I've never heard someone say you'll die in such a relaxing way haha

However, there was a meme that became an even more hot topic.

Woo Yeon-Hoon eating lemon.jpg

WTH, how can he be so cute while saying that?

Reply: Woo Yeons face is insane

Our cutie peach pie wants to eat lemon so precious aww

The way he tilts his head while saying eat lemon? Looks like a fox??

I didnt know but Woo Yeon-Hoon is brutal

hes eating his own family

is it okay for a peach to eat a fruit?

It was a GIF of Woo Yeon-Hoon eating lemon. A lot of K-pop fans who were disappointed in male idols visuals these days were starting to gather around Woo Yeon-Hoon. There were all sorts of talks among fans about whether Kang Hyun-Sung or Woo Yeon-Hoon was better looking, but the general consensus was that in terms of facial features and objective beauty standards, Woo Yeon-Hoon was better.

The type of games they would play was revealed then, and thanks to the funny interaction with the staff member and owner of the fruit store and Woo Yeon-Hoon, who created a sensation with his visuals alone, more and more people began to gradually join the live broadcast. When it was time to grab the audiences attention and speed up

Finally, what everyone is waiting for! Ill announce the big prize that goes to the team that wins first place overall in todays games! Oh, I think everyone will be surprised by the huge prize! A chance to appear in PepColas commercial!

Wow, thats amazing.

The Showcase 2 must be doing well. They got a big sponsor right away.

Then lets start with the first game! Are you ready!


The first game iseating lemon quickly!

The first game, eating lemon, immediately began.

Ah wtf, theyre going to eat lemon on an empty stomach?

Wasnt that a morning shooting?

F*** my stomach feels queasy just watching

People swore at the viciousness of the production crew who started lemon eating as the very first game of the mini-game series.

Okay! Who will go first? Ah, will the Sirens want to go?

Yes, since it was our leader who suggested the game, we want to take responsibility for it.


But once the actual game began and the show became interesting, the viewers all enjoyed watching it. The audience typed away as they watched the show.

He shows no mercy to even his elders.

Its so funny that Bong Tae-Yoon keeps his objectivity at all times lol

Hes the real deal

Most of the screen time for the lemon-eating game was taken by Siren.

Mr. Tae-Yoon, are you good at eating sour food?


But your face is too calm.

These are very sour though.

No, but it doesnt seem sour to you at all!

They are really sour though.

Dont tell me that while grabbing another one!

Thanks to Tae-Yoons hard work and skill and


Mr. Yeon-Hoon! Are you all right?


Quite an entertaining scene unfolded with Woo Yeon-Hoons obnoxiously loud hollering.

Face of someone after eating two and a half lemons.jpg

Reply: Face of someone after eating one piece of lemon.jpg

Reply: Who is the normal one?

Reply: Neither of them are normal;

Reply: But both of them are handsome

Reply: Ah, but looking at them both together, their visuals go super well together

Afterward, Kang Do-Seung, Lee Woon, and Park Dong-Jun also played a small role, and Siren ended up winning the lemon-eating game.

2 minutes and 10 seconds! Wow, thats fast.

The editing for the song guessing game they played after was also focused mostly on Siren due to Bong Tae-Yoon, who was basically like a machine that spitted out the correct answer.

Correct! Bong Tae-Yoon! Aros The One in the Sad Picture!

Correct! Bong Tae-Yoon! Kim Nam-Kyougs The Guy From the Pier!

Correct! Bong Tae-Yoon! Hyung-Jungs Strange Time!

The audience was blown away by Bong Tae-Yoons expressive play.

What the hell is up with him?

For real, what is his identity?

I laughed so hard that tears are coming out of my eyes hahhaha like wth hahahaha he really seems crazy haha

I think someone just possessed him?

Other team members are also staring weirdly at Bong Tae-Yoon lol

Peoples responses poured out at Bong Tae-Yoons brilliant play that almost seemed as if he was possessed, and naturally, Siren won the second game as well. However, perhaps due to the overwhelming amount of screen time they had since the start of the broadcast, people began to speak of injustice once again.

Ah but Siren has too much screen time;;

Theyre pushing Siren way too much

If the producers dont favor you, no matter how good you are, you really fail.

In contrast, refutation for this injustice was fiercer than before.

What, even if Im the PD, wont you want to highlight that crazy answering machine out of everyone else?

A person who was fine after eating two and half lemons and a person who was sobbing after eating one piece of lemon are in the same group, so which group should the PD have given the screen time to?

They gave reaction cuts and narratives for others too. Its just that theyre not funny ok

If you cant remember them cause theyre not interesting and youre arguing about their lack of screen time, it must feel so unfair to the PD

Does your fav group not have much screen time? Then please think carefully about whether your fav is ugly.

Sirens Woo Yeon-Hoon was being spotlighted as the male idol visual of the next generation, and all the members of Siren had unique talent and gave excellent performances. Furthermore, while Woo Yeon-Hoon was just on another level, the other members were also handsome as well, and Siren had the title of self-producing idols.

Although there was still little public exposure for Siren, The Showcase 2 was the most popular show among K-pop fans in the first half of the year, and Siren had gathered a sizable fandom by this time. Thus, in short, Sirens had enough fans who systematically responded to unfair accusations.

Furthermore, after that, Bleshu came out more than Siren for the hot dog eating competition. Bleshus fans were quite happy to see their idols in the spotlight for the first time in a while.

Wow Bleshus leader eats so well

They say he used to be on the swimming team

No wonder his shoulders are like Mount Everest

However, Woo Yeon-Hoon stood out again because he was the only one who deliciously chewed one hotdog while everyone else was stuffing hotdogs into their mouths with all their might.

Did our cutie pie just say hes full after just eating one hotdog??

Ah so cute; hes not even a hamster but hes chewing like that?

Too cute aww

After that, the broadcast went smoothly without much trouble. There was a game called Vaulting, but there were no noticeable scenes from that. It was a game that just ended with a simple appreciation such as handsome guys are also athletic. Siren received the main role in the vaulting game again, but this point was quickly passed over as the editing emphasized Sirens athleticism by putting cuts where they succeeded in all the vaults that other groups failed to jump over.

Wow, Siren is really athletic.

Yeon-Hoon is even good at sports.

Why does Lee Woon look so elegant even while vaulting?

Lee Woon looks strangely elegant in whatever he does lol

Reply: Ive felt this before but doesnt Lee Woon kind of feel like a princess? Hahaha

Reply: hahahhaha Princess Lee Woon?

Reply: I think I kind of get what u r saying lol

Reply: Then I propose my boyfriend Kang Do-Seung as Princess Lee Woons bodyguard:)

Reply: Then Park Dong-Jun as the puppy that Princess Lee Woon raises:)

After that, the treasure hunt came out. The broadcast ended by highlighting that all the treasures from the treasure hunt were a real treat. However, there was a small commotion at the end.

OnlyOne won the rights to appear in PepColas commercial on the treasure hunt?

Didnt Siren get it for winning first place in the games overall?

They must be filming it with OnlyOne

I have a lot to say but will keep my thoughts to myself.

There was controversy over OnlyOnes right to appear in PepCola's commercial.

Well, this is an obvious choice from the advertisers point of view.

Sigh, lets just move on

Although the audience was simply viewing the show, they knew how the entertainment industry worked and everyone seemed to move on easily. Like this, the show ended. While the audience started their second round of consumption by talking about video clips taken from the broadcast show on various SNS platforms, the main characters of the show were not very cheerful.

Siren was explicitly given the main role of this episode. Following the first and second episodes, the main characters were the same for the third episode. That being said, everyone had a hunch who the winner of this game was and that their struggles really had been nothing more than desperate struggles.

The show was edited in a really fun way.

Ah, haha, yes. I agree.


I thought you guys were good at the games and were funny, but youre even more funny on TV.Finndd the newst ovels on n//velbin(.)com

Siren, you guys must be happy.

The MVPs of this episode!

Im so jealous~

The problem with this was that while Siren was a powerhouse in the broadcasting show, they were still rookies on the scene. There were contestants like Kang Hyun-Sung, and Siren hadnt made their official debut yet. While sarcastic comments under the guise of compliments were being heard from all sides, especially from Luminin, Bong Tae-Yoon said one line.

It was so fun even from my perspective. Thank you for the compliments. I will work harder thanks to everyones support.


With one line from him, everyone became instantly silent. Although he was the youngest, Bong Tae-Yoon overwhelmed everyone by his energy alone and refused to back down.

* * *

I immediately stopped the tense and uncomfortable atmosphere that was flowing out. Rather than other groupsI just accepted it as Luminins giving us shade for no reason. The members looked quite surprised but maintained their poker faces. I thought we should especially remain confident in times like this.

It was true that the episode was edited so that we got most of the screen time, but what did they want us to do? We really did our best. Although it was true that the atmosphere was uncomfortable, there was no reason for us to feel discouraged. We should be proud of ourselves.

But above all, I thought, Why the ** are they trying to pick a fight with us?

It was so ridiculous that they were trying to put us down. Thus, I faced their mockery head-on and said, Since were coming out on broadcast in such a favorable light, I think we have to work harder to meet your expectations. Not just my group but all of us together.

By saying all of us together, I actually meant, If you guys dont want to be edited out like today, dont blame us and do better, you **ers. This was exactly what I meant if I didnt soften my words.

Chapter end

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