Swordmaster's Youngest Son – Chapter 84: A Terrifying Clan

Chapter 84: A Terrifying Clan

A f-favor?

The Tona twins tilted their heads.

They were already astonished by their youngest sibling returning alive after meeting their father, but him asking for a favor out of nowhere was very confusing for them.

Oh, uh, its nothing too grand. My factions cadets Until I come back, please take care of them. Ill also tell them myself before I leave.

Before the Tona twins could even respond, Jin walked away. He had to tell Luna and Gillywho were probably worried sickthat he was okay.

Nothing changed about him He came back from meeting Father, right?


Watching Jins back, the Tona twins shrugged.

Wait, why are you worrying about him so much in the first place?

I dont know.

Hm Whatever. Well, I guess hes gonna leave his factions cadets to us. Hehe. I guess we gotta deal with the intermediate classes.

Outside, the siblings guarding Luna and Gilly were shocked at the sight of Jin walking out of the doors unscathed.

Myu and Anne especiallywho really wanted Jin to diegrew pale in the face.

It seems like Father and the youngest had a nice talk. Now, why dont you move your sword? Before I kill all of you.

At Lunas low tone, her siblings and the guardian knights immediately lowered their weapons.

The guardian knight who had a blade on Gillys throat was about faint, eyes rolling back in the presence Lunas murderous glare.

Damn, you little runt. You luckily survive each time!

Myu and Anne thought while grinding their teeth.

As expected, hes not a guy who would die that easily. Grow a little older and entertain your older sister!

Mary grinned while looking at Jin.

Eldest Sister Luna, I think you should pay Father a visit. He seems to be curious about some things regarding the events of that day.

Alright, I understand.

Ive also received some homework from him, so I will make a trip to the transfer gate. Ill see you later.

Transfer gate? Hm, I dont know what kind of homework that is, but Ill see you.

Jin and Luna calmly exchanged words.

In fact, the others had no idea what they were talking about.

That day?

A trip to the transfer gate? Wait, does that mean hes gonna come back?

What does he mean by Father giving him homework?!

And it wasnt anything to ask about either. The siblings could only exchange glances.

Lets go, Gilly.

Oh, yes, Young Master!

Gilly never expected the situation to proceed smoothly, so she was still in a state of awe. They quickly left the Garden of Swords, and Luna proceeded to the study.

All the rest of their siblings could do in the courtyard was to stand around and do nothing.

* * *

Three hours later, in Cyrons study.

Although he didnt show it, Cyron was a little surprised that Jin confronted him with a confident expression.

Just as I expected. You werent startled at all after hearing the details about the test. Your confidence wasnt for nothing.

Cyron puffed a laugh and directed his eyes towards Kashimir.

He had just traveled through the transfer gate to come to the Garden of Swords while hiding his identity.

This man is the worlds strongest knight, Cyron Runcandel Errrrr, just meeting him is making my stomach ache.

Kashimir had refused multiple offers of being the instructor of Runcandels beginner class cadets.

In the process of making Tikan a country, becoming an instructor in the Runcandel Clan would not help at all. Moreover, it would be a distraction from his main goals.

Additionally, Cyron was someone he didnt want to meet. Though, Kashimir couldnt blame Cyron for feeling disrespected when he rejected the offer multiple times.

Furthermore, if Cyron tried to ally with Tikan, Kashimir wouldnt have many ways to resist it.

Well, I came because of Young Master Jins favor But its very awkward. Have I been declining a favor from this person all this time?

Actually seeing Cyron for the first time.

The overwhelmingness was way beyond the rumors. Although Kashimir was also a pretty strong knight, he knew that his swordsmanship was childs play in the presence of Cyron.

So this is the dignity of the absolute strongest Still, lets keep our composure.

Kashimir grew conscious of Jins goals and fixed his posture.

I am Young Master Jins guest. Theres no need to fear Lord Cyron

So youre Ghostblade Kashimir.

Y-Yes! However, its embarrassing for Lord Cyron to call me Gh-Ghostblade, so p-please refrain from doing so!

He instinctively stuttered as he responded. He himself didnt even know what he was saying.

Inside, he shed tears, and from the outside, sweat ran down his face. He didnt even feel embarrassed from the fact that Jin was right next to him.

Give me a break. Last time I almost got beat by Sir Murakan. This time, its showing disrespect towards Lord Cyron

It seemed that after meeting Jin, he just kept meeting troublesome people.



To describe my relationship with Sir Kashimir, we have intertwined fates or something like that. Moving on, it is now your turn to keep your end of the promise.

Kashimir doubted his ears as he listened to Jins perfectly enunciated speech.

Young Master Jin, how are you so confident when talking to Lord Cyron? And having intertwined fates! I know I said that first, but if you say that in front of Lord Cyron!

For a moment, multiple possible dark outcomes zipped through Kashimirs brain.

Kashimir So you and my son have intertwined fates? In that case, Tikan now belongs to the Runcandels.

You share the same fate The Runcandel Clan and Tikan can do that too, then.

If thats so, starting today, the Runcandel Clan and the Free City of Tikan would also have intertwined fates. Hahaha!

Kashimir envisioned Cyron in these horrific conversations.

Of course, that was only a result of Kashimirs fear.

You petty runt You dare trick your father?

Completely different from Kashimirs imagination, Cyron looked down on Jin with an undecipherable expression.

In reality, Cyron was very satisfied. He didnt know what Jin did to meet Kashimir, but his youngest son was surpassing his expectations.

What do you mean by trick, Father? Youre mistaken. I was merely lucky. In fact, as soon as I arrived in Tikan, we immediately formed relations.

Alright. Anyways, you pass the test. Starting today, no Runcandel will step into Tikan without your permission. Even if that Runcandel is me.

Thank you, Father.

If that is all, you can go on ahead. I have other things to talk about with Kashimir.

Jin bowed and left the study.

Being left with Cyron alone, Kashimir cleared his throat while looking at Jins back, getting farther and farther.

Dont get too nervous. You make it look as if Im going to eat you or something.

H-Haha I apologize. Lord Cyron, Ill be honest. Seeing you in-person, I cannot hide the respect and fear within me.

Cyron said nothing and walked towards the tea table. He brewed a cup of tea and handed it to Kashimir, who received the teacup with two hands.

The reason I dismissed the youngest and kept you here

Kashimir unintentionally gulped.

Is he going to talk about forming an alliance? Or maybe to ask for the reason as to why I constantly declined the Runcandel instructor position offer?

In the midst of his guests fretting, Cyron continued.

Chck out ltst vl on novl/bin(.)cm

is because I wanted to request something from you.

Kashimirs heart sank at the word request. However, he reminded himself that he was going to be the leader of many and will soon become the ruler of a country.

I cant act like an idiot. If he asks for Tikan, I have to firmly refuse!

Strengthening his resolve, Kashimir looked Cyron in the eye.

I am listening, Lord Cyron. If its anything that doesnt harm Tikan, I am more than happy to help.

His response drew the line, but Cyron didnt really care. Kashimir calmed his burning insides and waited for Cyrons next response.

From now on

Yes, Lord Cyron?

Please report my youngest sons progress whenever you can. I think he needs some supervision.

It was something completely unexpected.

Well it isnt about an alliance, so thats good. And I can infer how much Lord Cyron cares for Young Master Jin.

A Runcandelthe Cyron Runcandelcared for someone.

He didnt expect this kind of favor. Kashimir began to wonder more about their father-son relationship.

I knew something was off. Enough for Lord Cyron to request for supervision? According to the Seven-Colored Peacocks information, he doesnt even care about Joshuawho is presumed to inherit the throne.

Kashimir nodded.

That is not at all difficult, Lord Cyron. If you just establish a faster means of communication, then I will report every single bit of information.

This was an opportunity for Kashimir. It was a way for him to repay his debt to Cyron as well as a direct contact to the Runcandel Clan.

Being able to contact Cyron Runcandel at will wasnt an easy feat. It was a special offer that even Emperor Vermont did not have.

I am very grateful. I wont forget your kindness. And no one should know about this agreement.

Affirmative. I will keep it a secreteven to Young Master Jin.

Before you leave, a guardian knight named Khan will give you an address. Direct all your reports there. If there is a special conflict, please come here yourself and tell me. I will even offer you good wine.

Thank you, Lord Cyron.

You are dismissed.

When Kashimir bowed and prepared to leave, Cyron opened his mouth once more.

Oh, and

Yes? I am listening.

Brace yourself. The youngest said that he wasnt satisfied with just the Runcandel Clan. I am expecting great growth from you and Tikan. Enough for him to want your country.

Afterwards, before they left for Tikan, Kashimir wasnt able to meet the guardian knight named Khan.

Im pretty sure he said that hed establish a means of communication Do I have to come back when Young Master Jin isnt present?

Confused, he shoved his hands in his pockets and felt an unknown piece of paper.

A note.

(Greetings, Sir Kashimir. I am Khan, a Runcandel guardian knight. The patriarchs address is)

Kashimir didnt notice that Khan had already approached him and slipped the note into his pocket when he wasnt looking.

Realizing how quickly executed the action was, goosebumps raised on Kashimirs skin.

It means that they could easily get rid of me without anyone noticing. The Runcandel Clan truly is a terrifying clan.

Kashimir turned his head towards Jin, who could possibly become the next patriarch of the said fearsome clan.

How does it feel knowing that Tikan is guaranteed to be free from any Runcandel, Sir Kashimir?

Im very confused at this very moment, but I really look forward to the things about to come.

Kashimir frantically hid the note and grinned.

Chapter end

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