Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 60 - NPC?

Chapter 60 - NPC?

Chapter 60 - NPC?

Looking at Violet Clouds panicked expression, Shi Feng could not help but break into a laugh.

No need. I can still afford to pay such an amount of money. If you really sold them to me for 5 Silvers only, then you wouldnt be able to earn much. Shi Feng waved his hand. Shi Feng was not in a hurry to turn Violet Cloud into one of his subordinates. However, he was absolutely not going to let her go. If Shi Feng acted too impatiently, he might cause her to grow suspicious of him. So, it was better to deepen their relationship first.

Nobody could have imagined that Violet Cloud, one of the top ten Clerics in Gods Domain, would have such an appearance.

A Cleric God!

That was a genuine Tier 6 Job. After ten years passed, there were only a few who reached that standard. Even Fantasy Extinguisher was just a Spirit Saint, at the pinnacle of Tier 5 ten years later.

However, as a future Cleric God, Violet Cloud was actually a Lifestyle player during the initial periods of the game. It was such a waste of talent.

Normally in Gods Domain, only players without any skills would earn money through methods other than killing monsters. However, the popular Auxiliary Jobs usually had very high requirements, such as a lot of funds, coupled with extremely low success rates. It was extremely hard for a player to survive in such a way without the support of a Guild.

Meanwhile, Auxiliary Jobs such as Chef was much easier. The cost to support it was also extremely low and players alone could be supported by it by themselves. If their talents were high, and they were capable of creating delicious cuisines, they could still earn quite a lot of money in Gods Domain. However, delicious cuisines usually required Advanced Cooking Recipes and materials. These items were hard to obtain, so trying to earn a lot of money would not be easy.

It was truly hard to imagine that a future Cleric God would be such a clumsy young lady.

He recalled that Violet Cloud was one of the members of Ouroboros during her first three years in Gods Domain. When the Snow Goddess left Ouroboros, Violet Cloud similarly left the Guild. From then on, she was just a solo player. When she had become a Tier 4 Great Cleric, countless first-rate Guilds tried recruiting her with shockingly high prices. Ouroboros also tried countless times to invite her back. Unfortunately, Violet Cloud did not pay attention to any of them.

Her actions greatly angered those first-rate Guilds. Since they could not obtain her, they would destroy her. Hence, they sent many experts to assassinate Violet Cloud.

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Unfortunately, not only did Violet Cloud not get destroyed, instead, she became even stronger. She massacred the players sent by these Guilds, giving them a crushing defeat. Not long after, she advanced her Job to Tier 5, becoming a Brilliant Cleric Saint. This caused those first-rate Guilds to become even more helpless.

In the end, Violet Cloud became a Tier 6 Cleric God. At that time, she searched for all those first-rate Guilds to have her revenge. These Guilds could only pay the price of blood to quell this matter. From then on, Violet Cloud became one of the top ten Cleric Gods in the entire world. This incident caused the upper-echelons of Ouroboros to greatly regret not asking her to stay all those years ago.

As a result of this incident, everyone made fun of the inability of the upper-echelons of Ouroboros. Instead of utilizing those with potential, they were only using those boot-lickers whom they were fond of. In the end, they had missed the chance to become a Super-Guild.

However, Shi Feng could not find a Guild insignia on Violet Clouds person right now.

In addition to Violet Clouds current appearance, Shi Feng could guess Violet Cloud must have been discovered by the Snow Goddess later on, which in turn resulted in Violet Cloud feeling indebted to the Snow Goddess. Hence, Violet Cloud left Ouroboros when the Snow Goddess stopped playing Gods Domain.

Meanwhile, Violet Cloud currently had yet to meet the Snow Goddess. It was the perfect chance for Shi Feng to recruit her. Even if Violet Cloud was unskilled now, she had the potential to become a Cleric God. As long as she was properly nurtured, she would definitely be able to become a Cleric God in the future.

Violet Cloud was no idiot. When she heard Shi Feng saying so, she stared at Shi Feng in a panic, both her hands covering her poorly-developed chest as she retreated a step.

Sir, aside from selling Fruit Juice, I wont be selling anything else. If you are regretting it now, you can take back your money. Violet Cloud handed over the Silver Coins she had just received. However, her eyes still carried with them a hint of unwillingness as she did.

At her time of despair, a person suddenly emerged, saying that he wanted to purchase a thousand cups of Fruit Juice. Moreover, he was even willing to wait for thirty hours without reducing her pay. She would not believe Shi Feng had no ulterior motives, even if she were beaten to death.

Forget Violet Cloud; even the surrounding players would not believe it. If Shi Feng did not have any ulterior motives, why would he save her? He even spent 10 Silver Coins to buy those unwanted beverages.

Shi Feng looked at Violet Clouds vigilant expression and actions. He then looked towards her smooth flat chest, suddenly laughing, Youre overthinking things. I really have no interest towards your flatlands. Im only buying this many because I just happened to have a use for Fruit Juice. If you dont wish to sell them to me, then so be it. Ill just find someone else to buy them from.

Saying so, Shi Feng released Drifting Blood as he turned away and left.

However, Drifting Blood was not willing to let Shi Feng go. Shi Feng publicly humiliated him by forcing him to kneel with just a single hand. Moreover, when has Martial Union been afraid of anyone?

Since the Guards didnt seem to be paying attention, it would be extremely easy to get rid of Shi Feng.

Thinking so, Drifting Blood pulled out a weapon and used Charge at Shi Feng.

With his sensitive five senses, Shi Feng naturally knew of Drifting Bloods actions. Shi Feng spun around to face him, pulling out the Abyssal Blade and using parry.

Dang! Drifting Bloods greatsword hacked at Shi Fengs sword. Instead of hurting Shi Feng however, Drifting Blood was knocked back by three yards. The durability of the greatsword in his hands instantly reduced by 2 points, and he looked at Shi Feng in shock.

He did not understand how a person like Shi Feng would have such great strength. Shi Feng was like a beast in human skin.

The surrounding players were similarly shocked. Drifting Blood was a Berserker, so he must have definitely added a lot of Strength points. He was also at Level 3, similar to Shi Feng; so how could the gap between them be so great?

These players did not know, however, that this was still only half of Shi Fengs real Strength.

After all, Shi Feng could obtain 6 Free Attribute Points for every increase to his level. It was 1.5 times that of an average player. Not to mention Shi Fengs body was protected by Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Equipment. There was even the powerful Magic Weapon. Even with just half of these aspects, Shi Fengs Strength far exceeded the average player.

If Shi Fengs Strength had not been reduced by half, just by activating the Strength Hidden Basic Skill and the Strength provided by the Magic Weapon, Shi Feng could destroy that basic greatsword without a problem.

Brat, youre courting death! See how Ill take care of you! Drifting Blood naturally would not believe that Shi Feng was his match. He immediately stood back up, lifting his greatsword as he looked at Shi Feng.

Idiot. Shi Feng sheathed the Abyssal Blade, having completely lost interest in Drifting Blood.

Watching Shi Feng store his weapon, Drifting Blood thought Shi Feng had become afraid and wanted to beg for mercy. However, he would not forgive Shi Feng. Drifting Blood further increased the power in his hands.

Just as Drifting Blood was about to slash at Shi Feng, he was immediately sent into a Fainted state. Before Drifting Blood could turn around and curse the bastard that attacked him, he suddenly discovered six silvery-white armored Guards standing before him. Without saying anything further, the Guards placed Drifting Blood in shackles.

Youve violated a Town Law, take a trip with us. Any resistance and youll be killed without consideration, the two Guards grabbed Drifting Blood from both sides, turning around and dragging him away.

Crap, youve got the wrong person! Im just an ordinary citizen! Its that bastard who attacked me first! You guys should be arresting him! Drifting Blood continuously pointed at Shi Feng, yelling injustice in rage. However, the Guards paid no attention to his bellowing, taking him away immediately.

Everyone was also in shock. Why did the Guards only appear now? Moreover, they even apprehended the wrong person. What sort of situation was this, exactly?

Could Shi Feng actually be an NPC, a part of the nobility? Only Nobles would have such authority.

To the side, Violet Cloud had a blank expression on her face, unable to make sense of the situation. Why didnt the Guards arrest Shi Feng? Instead, they arrested Drifting Blood. Was Shi Feng really a Noble NPC?

Violet Clouds eyes were filled with reluctance as she watched Shi Feng leaving. She bit her rosy lips, her delicate hands tightly gripping the hem of her shirt.

Of course, she was not reacting so because of how handsome Shi Feng was, but instead, she was truly in need of money. Those 10 Silver Counts were too important to her.

Chapter end

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