Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 465

Chapter 465


Olympus has undergone many changes.

These were not negative changes. In fact, Olympus enjoyed an unprecedented resurgence in history.

Although Poseidon, one of the Three Great Gods, disappeared, Olympus still had Hercules and Zeus.Aall west chptrs on n.o./vli/n/(.)cm

Both single digits. Two of the most prominent Rankers.

There were even people claiming that Olympus' current power rivaled Asgard.

"If that's the case, why the hell did I reclaim the throne?"

Although he lagged behind in terms of the names of these two, he was still one of the Three Great Gods.

Or rather, Hades, who had now become one of the Two Great Gods, sat on the throne of Olympus Castle instead of Zeus, with his head resting on his hands.

He was overwhelmed by the overwhelming amount of accumulated work.

"Cheer up. There's more here."


Another stack of documents slid toward him.

Hades pressed his tired eyes with his hands and spat resentment at Apollo, who had brought the documents.


"This is the last one. You've managed to complete what piled up over half a year in just a month. It's truly impressive."

"Can't you lend me a hand?"

"I don't have the authority to sign those documents, uncle."

Though said in jest, Apollo's help was quite significant.

After all, Apollo, following Zeus, was the one who best understood Olympus administration, organizing the documents neatly by hour, place, and priority.

If not for that, it would have taken more than double the time.

"What about Zeus?"

"He hasn't returned yet."

"It makes no sense for him to wander around like that."

"True. He's not someone who moves much in the field."

Poseidon was known for being the most active among the Three Greats, while Hades and Zeus rarely ventured directly into the field, except in exceptional situations.

However, recently, since purple skies began to appear here and there...

Zeus plunged into the field, casting Lightning Bolts whenever he had the chance.

"It's strange. Very strange..."

Perhaps it was because he was finally catching up with the accumulated documents?

Although he had found it strange for a long time, when he finally had free time, his suspicions deepened.

It didn't make sense for someone as powerful as a High-Ranker like Zeus to become so careless suddenly.

Why was he suddenly doing things he had never done before?

"Could he have started enjoying fights?"

Several thoughts crossed his mind, but none seemed right.

Beyond the familiarity they had shared for a long time, Hades and Zeus were blood brothers.

There was definitely something wrong with him.

The time it took from when he started organizing the documents to realizing something was amiss was not short.

That question had been on his mind all the time he had held the accumulated documents.

"I can't go on like this."


"The rest, you do it."



A shadow spread over Hades' body.

Apollo, surprised, reached out to him. But even if Apollo was a High-Ranker who could fly, he couldn't catch Hades who disappeared.

Thus, Apollo, left alone, muttered.

"... Me, this?"

After containing the collision that threatened to burn the accumulated documents, he finally had no choice but to sit in that spot.


Firee, firee.

Inside Hephaestus's forge. The blazing flames stirred, enveloping Hephaestus's body.

Within those flames, Hephaestus showed not the slightest tremor.

At this moment, he was busy creating.

Standing at the hottest point, Hephaestus closed his eyes as he melded the Otherworld Sword and the Edge of Nightfall.

After sweating profusely for a while, Hephaestus shouted.

"You're not increasing the fire enough!"


With Hephaestus's shout, the flames in the forge intensified.

It was YuWon, supplying more intensity to the fire.

The hands holding the hammer and tongs were so swollen they looked about to burst. The sweat dripping from his forehead evaporated before touching the ground due to the scorching heat.

Watching closely the process, YuWon couldn't help but marvel.

'There's a reason he's the best, after all.'

The flames burning in the forge were by no means weak.

No, they were not at a weak level.

Even the highest Rankers coming into contact with them would instantly turn to ashes.

Even High-Rankers with two digits in their ranking would struggle to withstand that fire.

'How much fire resistance does he have?'

Suddenly, YuWon felt that Hephaestus's confidence was not unfounded.

He had lived his whole life alongside fire.

Even in the battle with Crises, maybe he wouldn't have been penalized if not for his flames.


"Still, how far can he endure?"


The drops of sweat flowing from Hephaestus's body turned into vapor.

It was as if he were burning his body like firewood. His hand holding the tongs trembled, and the hammering didn't stop.

On the other hand, he was melting the Edge of Nightfall.

'No matter how much I try to control the heat, there are limits. You have to be very close to the flame.'

In his heart, YuWon wanted to stop him.

Despite having high resistance, his skin was gradually turning red.

It was still weak, but it meant he was beginning to suffer burns.

A whole day had already passed. Hephaestus had been burning in these flames.

The forging of the Edge of Nightfall and the Otherworld Sword merged. Hephaestus, who had been absorbing the flames throughout his body for a while, combined the two forges.

And at that moment...

Hephaestus, who had been waiting for this moment all the time, took the stone he had left aside.

The cooling stone entered the molten metal.

The cooling stone, emitting intense cold on its own, rapidly solidified the molten metal flowing like water.

At the same time...

To avoid burns, Hephaestus raised the sleeves that had lengthened and swung the hammer.

Kang, Kang, Kang-!

Repetition of hammering and cooling.

In that simple process, one could feel Hephaestus's soul.

Bang, Bang, Baang-.

Different materials blended. The tales of different swords clashed.

The two forges repelled each other, trying to separate again.

And to stop that...


Hephaestus lowered the hammer.

At this moment...

He became the flame.


Hephaestus's work continued day and night for over three days.

Heating in the blazing fire, hammering, and reheating over and over again.

The two forges that were about to separate calmed down. Now they had an approximate shape and were transforming into another sword.


Hephaestus's body trembled.

The hand holding the hammer trembled. Burns all over his body were now in an irreversible state.

YuWon, who reflexively tried to approach him, soon stopped.

Sympathy was not allowed. What Hephaestus was doing was not simply forging a weapon.

He was a Blacksmith.

As a Blacksmith, he fought with his skill. Now, in front of Hephaestus burning before his eyes, he was fighting the most difficult and exhausting battle he could wage.

Had Hephaestus ever gotten involved in his fights?

Each fought in their own territory. YuWon had no place to intervene in this fight.

'Not a fight I would participate in.'


Within those flames, YuWon's eyes glowed red.

The roof blocking YuWon's view was reflected in his field of vision. Hephaestus's workshop was covered with thick and sturdy iron plates blocking the heat, so even with Golden Cinder Eyes, the outside was vaguely visible.

'... Were they watching us?'

If not, I don't think the sky would appear precisely at this moment.


A gigantic flame appeared behind YuWon.

With the arrival of the Heavenly Demon Spirit, a huge flame rose above the giant's body.

["Holy Fire" merges with the "Heavenly Demon Spirit."]

YuWon looked at the giant burning in flames.

"It's only a temporary solution, but..."

Even so, it wouldn't be so bad.


Just in case, YuWon took cautious steps to avoid inconvenience.

Fortunately, Hephaestus seemed not to notice YuWon's movements; he didn't even turn his head. His only concern was the heat YuWon provided.

So, both headed to different battlefields.


The sky above the forge was purple.

It's been quite some time since the sky started appearing.

'It advanced more than I thought.'

Is it the decision of Foolish Chaos? Or the decision of all of them?

It couldn't be known. But one thing was sure: now he wouldn't have to feel guilty with his companions anymore.

"This side will also become a battlefield."


Out of habit, YuWon reached for his waist. Not finding anything, his hand hesitated for a moment.

"... Right."

Fortunately, if it was a sword, he still had other options.


A shadow rose under YuWon's feet.

["King of the Dead" summons "Susanoo."]

The shadow changed shape, and Susanoo appeared. He looked slowly, opening his eyes with a fierce laugh.

-It's a fight.

"Yes, a fight."

YuWon gestured toward Susanoo.

Susanoo looked at YuWon's hand as if wondering what this was.


-I can't.

Susanoo shook his head, holding the sword's scabbard at his belt with his hand.

They didn't need to say anything. What YuWon wanted was one of the Three Sacred Treasures he had given to Susanoo: Kusanagi.

"I'll give it back later."

-Are you telling me to fight with bare hands?

"In any case, just take something from the corner there and use it. After all, a craftsman doesn't blame the tools."

In the first place, this fight already had a predetermined winner. If YuWon wished it, Susanoo had no way to resist the order.

Finally, Kusanagi was in YuWon's hands.


Too light and sharp, that was the advantage and disadvantage of Kusanagi.

But in moments like these, when it was unknown how long the fight would last, it wasn't a bad choice.


YuWon swung Kusanagi in the air.

Among the purple clouds waving in the sky.



Through the purple clouds in the sky, an annoyed cry was heard.

"These purple swirls will never cease to be annoying."

The presences outside the Tower, revealed in the purple sky.

Countless tentacles and twisted masses gathered toward Hephaestus's forge.

Although he didn't know why they appeared, it seemed they had a purpose.

"Are they trying to prevent the completion of the sword?"

The Otherworld Sword and the Edge of Nightfall.

They seemed to want to prevent the two swords from merging into one.

Those senseless beings wouldn't move by themselves.

It wasn't necessary to think much to know who was above.


The Arcane Power imbued in Kusanagi glowed red.

Keeping only the minimum amount of Arcane Power on the blade, YuWon muttered while standing on the roof of Hephaestus's forge.

"No way."

He didn't know if he would tire first or if the sword would be finished first.

With the determination to never release the legs supporting him on the roof, YuWon brandished Kusanagi toward the purple sky.


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