Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 419

Chapter 419


So far, many people have wondered about the face behind the cloak.

However, only a few have seen what lies inside.

And YuWon was one of those few.

"So, you really called me."

"Didn't you come here knowing that?"

"You have your reasons for causing such a commotion. I thought something was calling me."

Foolish Chaos's gaze lifted from his seat and followed YuWon as he moved.

Calmly, while preparing tea, YuWon spoke.

"Well, you've come to the right place."

"How did you know I'd come back?"

"Because you didn't really die. I thought you'd come back right away."

Foolish Chaos had many eyes.

The grand guild meeting of Asgard was currently the loudest thing in the Tower. Foolish Chaos, whose purpose was to cause chaos in the Tower, couldn't help but take an interest in that commotion.

Even if he had to exaggerate a bit, he would definitely show up.

A fairly believable response.

But Foolish Chaos didn't think that YuWon would reveal everything in front of him.

"Do you want to have a cup of tea, at least? After all, you're a guest I called today."

"Are you mocking me?"

"It seems like you have no intention of taking off that cloak even if you die. In that case..."

YuWon took a sip of steaming tea. In a relaxed atmosphere, Foolish Chaos felt an inexplicable discomfort.


"Aren't you afraid of 'us'?"


The air in the room turned cold.

The teacup that YuWon was holding froze completely.

An obvious threat.

But that was it.

YuWon put down the teacup he was holding and looked at Foolish Chaos.

"That 'us' probably includes that giant goat."

Anyway, the guy in front of him right now wasn't his real body.

No. Not to mention the main body, he was nothing more than a hastily constructed alter ego.

So there was no reason to be scared.

Hercules also knew that fact, so he kept his distance.

"Based on what you've said, it seems you know a lot about us. Also about me."

"Why do you think that?"

"Because it wouldn't make sense otherwise. Your existence, and what you've been doing until now."

The hidden gaze under the cloak seemed to move.

Foolish Chaos's gaze shifted from YuWon's outer appearance to something deeper.

"And also about the person who's with you."

The Outers had noticed that Danpung's presence was something special.

But what surprised YuWon even more was that even Foolish Chaos referred to him as a "person."

This only piqued his curiosity.

Who the hell was Danpung?

"But as for 'how,' I'm still not sure. So I'm not convinced."

Foolish Chaos was intrigued.

How could YuWon, who was right in front of them, know something about them?

And if he did, how could he stand so confidently in front of them?

"Who are you?"

"Did you come here expecting an answer?"

A rhetorical question that implied he had no intention of responding.

Of course, Foolish Chaos didn't think YuWon would answer his questions without getting something in return.

After all, they were enemies.

Revealing information only made sense when both parties benefited.

"I've been talking nonsense."

Foolish Chaos's voice mixed with laughter.

First of all, it didn't make sense to have this conversation.

"Let's talk about the truth. I came here to hear your story."

"To get to know me a little better?"

"If you already know it, what else do you expect? As I said before, the only thing that's certain is that you know about me. But I don't know anything about you."

If you want to beat your enemy, you must know them well.

This wasn't an expression exclusive to YuWon's world.

It was a universal saying in any world.

And in this saying, YuWon had the upper hand over Foolish Chaos.

"It won't hurt us to look each other in the eye and talk. The most I can do is try to get more information about you."Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

This was why Foolish Chaos responded to YuWon's provocation.

Hoping to get more information about him, even if just a little.

"Well, let's drop the trivialities."

"You're right. You called me because you have something to tell me, right?"

"That's correct."

"That's fine too. All those stories will add up so I can understand who you are."

The only puzzle piece that Foolish Chaos had overlooked.

He closely observed YuWon to discover the identity of that piece.

If he could figure out why he had summoned him, he would have a clue to get to know YuWon better.

"So, what is this story you want to tell?"

"I want to make a proposal."

"A proposal? From you to us?"

A question that seemed absurd.

There was no other way to interpret it.

So far, how many plans had YuWon thwarted from Foolish Chaos?

Any proposal would be hard to accept.

"Exactly, it's not 'you,' but it's for you."

It wasn't a personal vendetta.

It wasn't for the Outers, but a proposal directed straight at Foolish Chaos.

Although it was strange, it couldn't simply be ignored.

Depending on YuWon's proposal, Foolish Chaos might get what he had been looking for.

"Go on, I'll listen."

"Well thought."


The tea in the cups cooled again. The tea began to emit a pleasant aroma. YuWon sat on the sofa's armrest and began to speak.

The story wasn't too long.

The delay was due to contemplation.


"Think it over carefully. I'm willing to wait while I drink this."

The response had to be given right now.

YuWon rarely publicly disclosed his position in this way. Foolish Chaos knew it, that's why he couldn't just listen to the proposal and leave.

A prolonged silence.

After standing silently for a while like a tree, Foolish Chaos finally looked into YuWon's eyes.

"You also have a purpose for making a proposal like this, don't you?"

"My purpose is the same as yours; that's why I'm making this proposal."

"I don't know how you found that out. Do you come from the future or something?"

It was a sharp statement, but YuWon didn't show any change in his expression.

Not receiving a response from YuWon after attempting to probe with that statement, Foolish Chaos realized he couldn't continue wasting time needlessly.

"I accept."


The response made YuWon have to make an effort not to smile.

What if the other had not accepted the proposal?

He had been worried about not fastening the first button correctly, but in the end, everything went well.

"You can laugh if you want. Do you feel like you're about to go crazy?"

Foolish Chaos accurately sensed YuWon's inner thoughts.

Thanks to the truly fraudulent advantage of knowing the future, Kim YuWon had so far thwarted his plans, making them crumble. However, Foolish Chaos was like the chief strategist of the Outers.

He wasn't so foolish as to not even know that YuWon was inwardly laughing.

"Although I feel that you're interfering with my plans, it's not a bad proposal for me."

"Then, it seems we're done with the conversation."

"When the time comes, I will act on my own. At that time, you will decide for yourself."

"That's right."

YuWon nodded.

And at that moment...


A club flew from behind, and Foolish Chaos's head flew off.


Purple smoke rose above the decapitated head.

It was Hercules who beheaded Foolish Chaos with a club that flew from behind.

"Did you intend to act like good friends and say goodbye with a handshake just like that?"


Was it because the head flew?

The alter ego's body of Foolish Chaos lost its strength and dispersed into the air.

And in the midst of that dispersed smoke...

"It doesn't matter. As long as you keep your promise."

Foolish Chaos's voice was heard.

Perhaps he had already anticipated a situation like this from the beginning since his response didn't seem surprised.

YuWon nodded.

That's what he had been waiting for from him.

"Don't worry about it."

"I'm waiting."


The smoke dissipated completely.

That was it.

The not-so-good, not-so-bad encounter with Foolish Chaos came to an end.

"What kind of promise did you make?"

Hercules asked with his club resting on his shoulder.

They had had some conversation and made some kind of agreement, so Hercules had a general idea, but he hadn't heard the details.

"Exactly, I don't need to know the details of that promise. Anyway, you two are enemies, right?"

Hercules' concern was understandable.

"But do you think that promise will be properly fulfilled?"

A not-so-good relationship between the two.

Especially considering that if these guys really came from outside this Tower and consider us enemies, then the promise itself was senseless, something even someone not as intelligent as Hercules could understand.


"We didn't make a promise."


"Sharing the same goal, that's what we shared."

YuWon didn't trust Foolish Chaos.

The Inside and Outside of the Tower were clearly enemies, and the notion of shaking hands made no sense.

However, YuWon extended his hand to Foolish Chaos for a reason.

'This is a fight we can't win against each other.'

There were opponents who couldn't be defeated without resorting to the enemy of the enemy.

"Based on the shared information, he and we are going to act together. It's not just the other party that can break the promise. We don't necessarily have to keep that promise either."

"So, what does this promise mean, then?"

"It's like a map to reach our destination. But if there are other ways to get to that destination..."

The corner of YuWon's lips lifted as he chuckled.

"We'll find any other way to get there."

"So, why make a promise with someone we don't plan to keep...?"

Hercules, who was about to continue speaking, asked in surprise again.


YuWon nodded.


That single word was the core of this promise.

"Neither he nor I have any intention of keeping our mutual promises."

From now on, it would be a battle of cunning.

The same desired goal.

The means to achieve that goal.

For that, they would have to be used and, at times, ally with each other.

"A complicated relationship."

"Where aren't there complicated relationships?"

With a sigh, YuWon left his tangled thoughts on the couch as he sat, almost lying down.

Looking up at the ceiling.

He remembered the moment he was planning this scheme in his mind.




Everyone remained silent.

An unbeatable enemy.

The question of how to fight against that enemy had no answer. Hours passed with no one opening their mouth. Even the most absurd ideas were better than silence, but not even those absurd ideas were emerging.

At that moment, YuWon's comrades realized.

Even if they could go back in time, it would be useless against overwhelming power.

"We're at a dead end."

"There's no way to do it."

"What if we just face them all together?"

"Please, shut up for a moment."

Son OhGong's impulsive suggestion of fighting without a plan was naturally dismissed. Frustrated, he repeated the same idea, with his lips even more pursed, as he leaned back in his chair.

The silence continued.

And then, at that moment.

"What if we do this?"

Finally, Kim YuWon spoke.

"Let's use Foolish Chaos."

Using Foolish Chaos was what he proposed.


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