Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 120: Werewolf vs. Dog

Chapter 120: Werewolf vs. Dog

Just when both were in despair, thinking that everything was coming to an end, Evan saw a black dog, huge like a bear, emerging suddenly from the side alley.

It was Sirius Black who swung fiercely on the werewolfs body from the side.

The two men rolled over to the side of the snow. Black caught the werewolfs neck and pulled it back, keeping him away from Evan and Hermione.

Greyback was madly clawing and trying to tear up the big black dog.

The werewolf and the dog tangled together, their jaws against each-others chins, and their claws ripping each others skin.

The other three stood aside and were completely overwhelmed by the spectacle. If Evans orthodox magic fight against Greyback was impressive, then how about Blacks full-out physical encounter with the werewolf?

The two beat each other in the most primitive of ways, biting each others flesh till the point of bleeding.

Stupid, leave the dog, and go bite the two young wizards. The dark wizard shouted.

He waved his wand and was ready to separate the werewolf from the big dog on top of him.

But he stopped immediately as he saw a huge figure far beyond the ordinary man rushing in his direction from the alleyway.

It was Hagrid, who shouted the names of Evan and Hermione.

The Dark Wizard shot a stunning spell at Hagrid. Just like it was with Greyback, it shook him slightly, and he yelled.

Damn, damn! The Dark Wizard screamed, as he got ready to use Avada Kedavra.

Before he could do it, a few red lights came from behind Hagrid, and he had to bow down to avoid the spells.

Evan struggled to raise his head and he saw Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, and the two Aurors from the Ministry of Magic following behind Hagrid.

It was rescue. He and Hermione were saved.

Evan finally was able to settle down. He really got tired and exhausted today, and he had nothing left in him.

It didnt take him long to see nothing but dark.

Enough, thats enough! I will never cooperate with a werewolf again, NEVER! The black masked man got up from the ground. He rushed towards Sirius Black and Greyback, rudely, waving his wand.

They were separated and Black wanted to rush back but failed.

The dark wizard immediately grasped his wolf man companion and it looked as if they were turned into a phantom as they vanished.

Black blinked, his body was bruised, and he groaned back, looking at Evan and Hermione. Then he disappeared into the dark corner of the street.

.. .

When Evan regained his consciousness, he realized he had returned to the school hospital. His limbs were like lead, and his eyes were too heavy to lift.

He forced himself to open his eyes and found himself lying in a comfortable bed. He could see Madam Pomfrey at one end of the ward, giving him her back and leaning over the edge of the bed.

Evan moved his head on the pillow. Hermione was laying on the bed on his right. The moonlight shined over her head with her eyes open.

She seemed terrified, and when she saw that Evan woke up, her face was relieved.

Seeing that Evan wanted to speak, Hermione hurriedly put a finger on her lips, and then pointed to the side door of the school hospital. The door was half open, and Evan heard the voice of the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge from the outside hallway passing through the door.

This is so shocking and alarming. The werewolf Fenrir Greyback appeared in Hogsmeade. And he actually attacked two students. It was a miracle that neither of these two children died!

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Fortunately, Masons child is very strong. He resisted the monster for a while, if it wasnt for that That was Professor McGonagalls voice.

Yeah, Minerva, thanks to Evan! Fudge agreed uneasily. Who would have thought that this would happen? When the attack happened, we were actually sitting in the Three Broomsticks Inn nearby. If it was a graver incident, I can hardly imagine what the Daily Prophet would say tomorrow morning.

The Ministry has already been in a mess because of Sirius Blacks jailbreak, and heres Fenrir Greyback coming to add fuel to the fire. Both of them are the most dangerous wanted criminals at the moment. Fudge sighed. And the Dementors, I just saw them. They demanded reinforcements and an increase in their numbers.

You will not approve their demand, right Fudge? There are already 200 of these monsters lurking outside Hogwarts. This is not Azkaban. Those horrible creatures are floating everywhere. How are we supposed to teach?! Professor McGonagall said sharply, Albus will not agree with this matter.

Yeah! said Professor Flitwick, screaming. I think we cant just keep increasing the number of Dementors. They havent been of any effect except for spreading fear. Theyre not doing anything. Not the capture of Sirius Black, not stopping Greyback. Two months ago, they even tried to get into the school.

Just like you, I dont like them either. But with the current situation, its very difficult for me to not approve. Like we did after the Basilisks attack during the last semester, the Ministry of Magic must take action to preserve the safety of young wizards who attend school in Hogwarts. Fudge twisted his body. Ill talk to Dumbledore about this and he will agree.

Theres nothing to talk about in this matter. Ive told you about my position concerning this, Cornelius. Dumbledores voice came in. He had just arrived at the school hospital. Do you remember the conversation we talked before the beginning of the semester? Two hundred Dementors is the limit of what I can accept.

When he heard Dumbledores words, Fudge smiled and he remembered the conversation.

More precisely, it was more like a tradeoff. He agreed to support Dumbledore in hiring a werewolf to become a professor at Hogwarts, while Dumbledore supported his decision to bring the Dementors around the school to help the Ministry of Magic seize Sirius Black as soon as possible.

Looking at Dumbledores calm face, Fudge was embarrassed. There was a strange feeling in his heart. Even if he was the Minister of Magic, the man he was facing was the greatest white Wizard in the world today. He had nothing to do but accept his choices.

It felt really bad, but Fudge had to admit that he needed Dumbledores support.

With Dumbledores prestige, if he had to replace him with anyone else, he knew that it wouldnt be an easy task!

Chapter end

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