Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 89: Identifying and Killing Werewolves

Chapter 89: Identifying and Killing Werewolves

A few days after Halloween, the whole school was talking about Sirius Black.

Discussions were focused on how he managed to infiltrate into the castle. Evan heard people saying that Black is invisible and other things of that sort. Hufflepuffs Hannah even wrote an article about it as a contribution to the Hogwarts Magical News. She swore to witness Blacks incarnation as a flowering bush.

This article was submitted while Evan was not there but it had been rejected by Hermione.

Thanks to a series of articles introducing the Dementors, since the beginning of the school year, sales of the Hogwarts Magic News had been good, and the Patronus Charm issue hit the highest record with a full print of more than two thousand copies.

In addition to the schools wizards, many adult wizards learned about this defensive Charm through the Hogwarts Magic News. Evan had just discovered that so many people never knew about this spell before. He was worried about the overall level of power in the magic world.

In addition to the increasing esoteric rumors, there were many changes in the castle.

For example, the portrait of Fat Lady, which had been damaged, had been taken from the wall and replaced by a portrait of a fully armed Sir Cadogan and his obese gray pony.

No one was happy about this matter. Sir Cadogan spent half his time challenging people and asking them to fight him. The rest of the time was spent on pondering complex and ridiculous passwords. He actually changed his password twice a day

As another example, Harry was now under surveillance.

The professors walked with him in the corridor for various reasons and various excuses; Percy followed him everywhere, as if he was his guard dog.

Black invaded the castle. The most affected should be Peter Pettigrew.

Ron told Evan that the rats tonic he gave him had no effect. Now, besides drinking water, Scabbers did not eat anything. It stayed in the corner of his bed all day and did not move, as if it were dead.

A more accurate description should be that he was waiting for his death. Evan already tested it. The tracing potion was effective; he could feel the rats presence whenever he was less than a 100 meters away from him.

The next step was to look for opportunities to contact Sirius Black. This would be the end of the years event. But the first two failed contacts made Black wary of Evan. He became more cautious and Evan did not know where he was hiding.

According to the original story, Black should hide in the Shrieking Shack, but Evan checked after Halloween and he was not there.

On Halloween eve, Lupin also saw Black. He knew the Shrieking Shack. With Blacks caution, he could not stay there.

Just like Lupin did not trust Black, Black did not trust Lupin either.

Twelve years of life in Azkaban left little of his sanity. He didnt trust Dumbledore. He had only revenge on his mind.

Black was now very likely to be hidden in the Forbidden Forest. Evan was not interested in finding a dog all over the woods. He decided to design a plan to bring him out.

At the lunch table, Evan saw Crookshanks running out of the auditorium with a big loaf of bread. It suddenly flashed in his mind; maybe he could use it

Hermiones cat was clever and incomprehensible, and sometimes Evan suspected that it was also an Animagus. It must have become a friend with Sirius Black. The bread he had just taken was for Black.

Just as Evan stared at Crookshanks, who had slipped past him, he saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione entering the auditorium with a look of frustration.

You know what Snape told me to do! He actually asked me to wipe the pots in the school infirmary. And I wasnt even allowed to use magic! Ron gasped, his fists clenched tightly.

Why cant Black hide in Snapes office, so he could take care of him for us!

How, Ron! Dont the 3rd year students have the Defense Against the Dark Arts class this morning? Colin asked. How could you be punished by Snape?

Good question, Colin! Ron yelled heavily. I actually was punished by Snape in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class in the morning. Then I went to the Potions class in the afternoon and I had to endure him once again. .

But why?

Because Snape said Professor Lupin was ill and couldnt attend classes, this session of Dark Arts defensive was his. Harry sat down angrily. Snape must have something to do with this. You guys remember when I said that he had given Professor Lupin a recipe of potion a few days ago? What did he put in that potion?!

Harrys words were approved by Ron. Evan knew that Snapes potion was a scorpion venom agent. The potion needed to be taken one week before the full moon night.

Today should be the day of Lupins transformation. No wonder no one did see him.

Dont talk nonsense, Harry, why would Snape do this? Hermione took out her Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook.

He has always wanted to teach this course. Ron shouted, Look at what he did in class, he spent half the time criticizing Professor Lupins teaching methods and the rest half of class time asking us a strange question!

What did he ask?

It was about werewolves, Colin! Ron turned and said, Snape has been asking us the way we recognize the werewolf. Hermione knew the answer. But he didnt let her talk. I asked him: if he didnt want to hear the answer, why did he keep asking. And thats why Ive been punished!

But there must be a reason for this. Why does he want us to know how to identify werewolves? said Hermione thoughtfully.

Anything is possible; maybe he was bitten by a crazy werewolf, so he came out of his mind! Ron said yelling, I mean check this out. Snape left us with homework that discusses the identification and killing of werewolves. At least two parchment papers. He is absolutely crazy!

The difference between the werewolf and the real wolf, the symptoms of the werewolf in the human form Hermione looked through her Dark Arts defensive textbook.

God, Hermione, youre not really going to finish the assignment, on how to identify an evil werewolf and kill him?

The middle finger and the ring finger are the same length, weak, full moon, change of time, fear of Hermione ignored him. Her hands quickly crossed through the book. Then it seemed like she found something. She raised her head sharply, and her beautiful chestnut eyes were full of shock.

A werewolf is not necessarily evil, Ron! Seeing Hermiones look, Evan knew she had discovered the truth and he sighed. Wizards usually think that he has no reason and feelings, and that he only knows destruction and Killing, being full of bloodthirsty desires. In fact, this image is incorrect.

Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

You must know that even a pure hearted person, a person who does not forget to pray at night, will inevitably be transformed into a wolf on a full moon night when exposed to the moonlight. Evan calmly looked at Hermione, but he is kind in nature. Just because he is a werewolf, that doesnt mean we cant trust him.

Isnt it, Evan?! Hermione asked this question, being troubled. But with his regard, she became less worried.

Yes, I trust him! Evan nodded.

Harry, Ron, and Colin looked at Evan and Hermione. They were confused and they couldnt understand what the two were saying.

Chapter end

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