Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 64 Dumbledore’s Test

Chapter 64 Dumbledore’s Test

Lucius was ready to leave but the house elf who stood behind him was behaving strangely.

His two gigantic eyes stared at Harry, it was pointing at Dumbledores desk and then to Malfoy while pounding his head with his fist.

Harry then understood what Dobby was trying to tell him.

He nodded at Dobby, and Dobby backed into a corner, now twisting his ears in punishment.

Mr. Malfoy, dont you want to know how Ron got the diary? asked Harry.

What! Lucius looked at Harry with disgust, My time is precious, I have no interest in learning how a twelve-year-old got a diary.

Harry raised his voice, Ron said that he got it from Ginnys Transfiguration book, and I remember at Flourish and Blotts you picked up Ginnys book, that must of been when you secretly stuffed the diary in. Am I right?

When Mr. Wealey heard this he jumped up and stared at Lucius angrily. He would have rushed over if Mrs. Weasley didnt stop him.

Ivan noticed that Lucius clenched his hands into fists and then loosened them.

Where is your evidence? said Lucius with a hoarse voice.

Thre is no way to provide evidence! Smiled Dumbledore and said, Riddle has vanished from this book but Lucius, I would like to give you a piece of advice. Dont give out any more of Voldemorts things and if anymore find there way into innocent hands, I think for one, Arthur will make sure it is tracked back to you

Lucius stood still for a moment, his right-hand twitched, as if he was about to draw his wand but he restrained himself.

I will remember your advice, Dumbledore. He turned to the house elf and said, Lets go, Dobby!

He wrenched open the door and as the elf hurried over, Lucius kicked Dobby out of it. Everyone could hear Dobby squeal in pain as he was kicked along the corridor.

While Ivan was looking at the back of Lucius, he felt a little bad for him since when the dark lord returns in a few years he will have a horrible time.

Harry stood in silence while staring at the diary, he frowned and pondered for a moment.

Professor Dumbledore! said Harry hurriedly, May I return this diary to Mr. Malfoy?

Of course you can, Harry! said Dumbledore calmly, But after that, you need to go to the school hospital so Madam Pomfrey can treat your wounds.

Harry then grabbed the diary and rushed out of the office. Ivan thought for a moment, he then whispered something in Hermiones ear, she nodded and ran. Ron, Hagrid, and the Weasleys looked worried so the followed.

In the blink of an eye, only Dumbledore and Ivan were left in the office.

Sit down, Ivan! Dumbledore pointed to a chair, It seems you have something to say to me.

Ivan nodded and sat down since he had caught Dumbledores attention, it would be better to avoid it then to take the initiative.

Relax would you like some cockroach clusters, I heard you like. Dumbledore took a jar of sweets and offered it to Ivan.

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No thank you, Professor! Ivan shook his head in a hurry, he only advertised the candy in the paper once and even the ghost knew how he liked it.

In fact, I have something I would like to say to you. First, I must thank you for helping Harry in the Chamber of Secrets. Dumbledores eyes shone, I havent seen an excellent young wizard like you in a long time, excluding Riddle of course. Seeing you reminds me of an old friend.

Ivan was still secretly wary even though the other side told him to relax.

He knows Dumbledores history, and he knows who his old friend is. He is probably thinking about the dark lord before Voldemort so it wasnt a good comment.

You flatter me, Professor! I just know a little more than others in the same year. said Ivan modestly, But in Hermiones words, Im just a bookworm.

You arent a simple bookworm though, I have read your articles and they are brilliant. I have subscribed to almost every issue of the Hogwarts magic.

Professor, if youre talking about the articles in the academic research section, Im sorry but they were given to me by Riddle before I knew he was Voldemort.

Yeah, those studies were really profound, and like I said Riddle was the best student Hogwarts has ever had. Dumbledore stared at Ivan, You are like him in some place but you are different and you have friends.

Ivan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Dumbledores remark.

He knew it was his relationship with Harry, his attitude toward power and his Muggle origins the finally put the other person on his guard.

Otherwise, with Dumbledore paying attention to him, he wouldnt be able to keep a single secret at Hogwarts.

If I am even a little bit dangerous, I will probably be illuminated.

After all, Dumbledore wouldnt let a third dark lord rise to power.

But then again, Ivan doesnt have an interest in power, immortality, or anything like that.

So Dumbledore is just a little worried.

When Ivan was preparing to leave to look for Harry, Dumbledore suddenly asked, Ivan do you know what this diary is?

That is simple, it is a Horcrux! said Ivan without thinking.

Damn it isnt a wise thing to expose what I knows prematurely, even though I intend to fight Voldemort but I dont want to become a disposable pawn. thought Ivan.

He didnt know why he said it but Dumbledores voice seems to have a magic about it. It can make people unconsciously say what they are thinking.

Dumbledore was surprised when he heard Ivans words. He didnt think the boy would have guessed what it was. He was going to disclose some information but he didnt think Ivan knew so much.

Yes, it is a Horcrux but can you tell me how you know? said Dumbledore kindly.

Rowena Ravenclaw told me, she said it was a wicked spell, capable of splitting the soul.

What?!When Ivan mentioned Rowena Ravenclaw, Dumbledore really froze.

To avoid the suspicion of the other, Ivan hurriedly told him what had happened, including that the four founders left secret treasures.

Ravenclaws time turner is marvelous! Dumbledore soon regained his composure, I hope you can find the hidden treasure through the four founders test.

Ivan nodded, Dumbledore seemed to believe him.

You must already know Voldemort is the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin, he should be the last Parseltongue but Harry can speak parseltongue to. If Im not mistaken, he shifted some of his self to Harry the night he left that scar.

Ivan shrank back, he wondered what Dumbledore meant. Of course, he knew what the other side said and he even knew Harry was a Horcrux.

I mean, no matter the circumstance, no matter the incident, you will certainly stand on Harrys side, right?

Yes! replied Ivan hastily, He is my friend and I will help him in the face of Voldemort and anyone else.

Chapter end

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