Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 50 – Burning Heavens Raging Flames

Chapter 50 – Burning Heavens Raging Flames

Such petty tricks, you dare to display it in front of your lady, me! Long Chen this is a fake!

Without Lingxi, Long Chen might have been intimidated by this sudden change. After all, the trauma left by the Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf in his heart was too great. But right now, he knew that this beast here was the Violet Mirage Spirit Beast. So even if he was staring at the Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf, he charged ahead nevertheless!

As for that Violet Mirage Spirit Beast who saw that Long Chen was not afraid of even the Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf, was momentarily so frightened that it ran with its tail between its legs. After running for awhile it changed back into its original form, that fleshy butt kept swaying before Long Chens eyes. If not for Lingxi, who told him to chase it and maintaining a distance, he would have caught up to it in the span of a breath and kicked this Violet Mirage Spirit Beast away.

With the Violet Mirage Spirit Beast leading the way, after about three odd hours, Lingxi excitedly exclaimed: Long Chen, Long Chen! I sensed a very concentrated scent, there are at a lot of Dream Spirit Grasses!

Lingxi was elated and Long Chen was happy for her, however he had another concern. The deeper he treads, the surrounding temperature got higher and the charred soil on the earth faintly revealed the red glow of fire below.

What exactly is happening in this Burning Heavens Mountain Plains?

As he was chasing the Violet Mirage Spirit Beast, Long Chen continued to observe his surroundings. These blackened parts of the plains, seemingly and gradually changed colour.

Screw this, I just need to obtain the Dream Spirit Grass. Whatever this phenomenon that the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains has going on is none of my business!

At this point Lingxi gave a startled cry and Long Chen immediately raised his head. In his vision, there was a huge crater on the ground, and this depression seemed to have been formed by a meteorite. At this point the Violet Mirage Spirit Beast suddenly dived into this huge crater!

More importantly, in the deepest area of this depression, a strong aroma could be detected. Long Chen convulsed from this sweet scent. Staring at it again, the crater was actually filled with Dream Spirit Grass as if a sea of purple grass was formed. Seeing this, there should at least be hundreds of stalks.

Long Chen had almost turned dizzy from this sight, much less to mention Lingxi.

II want. Hurry hurry, pick them for me!

Seeing so many Dream Spirit Grasses, even Lingxi did not know what stage her spiritual force would grow into, so she couldnt even speak clearly at this time.

Long Chen also wanted several more stalks of the Dream Spirit Grasses, but he never thought that there would actually be hundreds of stalks gathered here. This amount actually exceeded his mental capacity, so his actions were lagged. After Lingxis anxious reminder, he dashed towards the depths of this depression as quickly as a tornado!

These hundreds of Dream Spirit Grass made Long Chen momentarily forget about the temperature. It was so high that the air around him already contained sparks. Around the perimeter of the Dream Spirit Grass, a small black coloured metal slate the size of a palm was intensely shaking and flames were emitting from it!LaTest novls on (n)velbi/(.)co

In the process of going forward, Long Chen had already sensed that something was amiss. At this point he suddenly saw that at the heart of all the Dream Spirit Grass, a pile of flames were set ablaze, violently burning the surrounding Dream Spirit Grasses. Instantly all of the hundred stalks of Dream Spirit Grass were engulfed by the flames!

Lingxi was so horrified that she turned pale, and frantically urged: Long Chen, in the hearth of the flame, there is a very strange object. Its destructive nature is immense, quickly escape!

Even though the fire had already spread towards him, Long Chen had already gotten this far and the Dream Spirit Grass was just before his eyes, how could he just turn back and run now? He clenched his teeth and upon seeing that the fire continued to grow larger, almost swallowing all of the Dream Spirit Grass whole, Long Chen suddenly shouted and used the [Dragon Soul Transformation]!

As he ran, the blood red scales on his body gradually emerged. Under a span of a breaths time, he was in a complete state of [Dragon Soul Transformation]!

Right now his speed increased by ten times, and with a shout he had appeared right in front of the Dream Spirit Grass. However in the next instant, the flame too increased its speed, and swallowed him whole!

Long Chen!

Lingxis face was drained of colour within the Lingxi sword.

As her voice sounded, Long Chen was already swallowed whole by the flames. At this moment she was at the peak of anxiety because she had no idea exactly how strong the flame was.

Right now, in her heart, Long Chens actions had already been deeply engraved. She knew, right from the start, Long Chen could have avoided this. Yet he still risked his life and dashed into the fire, just for the sake of the Dream Spirit Grass which could prolong her life!

Long Chen was no relative of hers, but there were absolutely no qualms about sacrificing himself for her. This had never happened before in her life! Thinking that Long Chen could suffer from injuries or even die, her heart twitched violently and grief came pouring out from her!

She suddenly sensed that Long Chen was moving, and although the speed of the fire was fast, it was also spreading in all directions. As Long Chen rushed in and bent his back, the flame had already came pouncing on him!

However, it was the [Dragon Soul Transformation] that saved him. Long Chen rapidly escaped from the encirclement of flames and when he had finally rushed out; he discovered that even with the [Dragon Soul Transformation] in effect, his whole body was still afflicted with pain!

Thankfully that dazzling body of red scales had not been burnt, however the raging flames behind his back still came chasing after Long Chen with a tremendous speed. He had no choice but to shield his head and run, and as he ran, he finally placed the Dream Spirit Grass that he clenched tightly in his arms into the cosmos pouch.

Long Chen

Seeing that Long Chen had used his body to salvage 5 stalks of Dream Spirit Grass before finally escaping, Lingxi felt like crying again. This kind of feeling of being taken care and loved for had let her, who had lost her physical self, feel extreme warmth.

Hey, I am really thankful

Thank my ass; if you were to strike it rich next time, you only have to treat me to a good time!

Originally she was thinking that this fellow was rather lovable, but with that one sentence, it had once again revealed his scoundrel characteristics.

At this point the flame that was spreading apart had turned into a sea of fire when Long Chen had escaped the depression. As he turned back, the huge flames continued to set everything ablaze. It was like an epidemic, which headed in all directions!

Lingxi, earlier I saw a metal slate, and the flames seemed to come out from it. What do you think that metal slate could be?

As they were leaving, Long Chen had already stowed away the Dream Spirit Grasses. With these 5 stalks of Dream Spirit Grasses, combined with Lingxis current rate of consumption, there was at least a period of time where Long Chen did not have to worry about Lingxis survival, and he could spend his time finishing his other urgent matters.

However, thinking of all that hundred stalks of Dream Spirit Grasses, Long Chen was extremely unwilling to accept the fact that theyre gone.

If only his speed had been quicker earlier, who knows if he mightve been able to obtain more!

I too sensed that a very strong Yang energy, at least it was extremely strong against you. But earlier we were in a hurry so I did not examine it carefully

Lingxi also felt extremely regretful as she thought of the enormous amount of Dream Spirit Grass that had been lost. If she could have gotten it, her spirit might be able to recover back to the state when she had just lost her physical body.

By now Long Chen already created a large distance from the crater, so he turned his head back to look. He saw the sea of fire that was continuously spreading across the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains. At this moment, countless demonic beasts were escaping the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains, which was a rather pitiful sight.

I dont know exactly what that metal slate was; it could actually create such a gigantic flame! If this carries on, the whole of Burning Heavens Mountain Plains may very well be set ablaze. Also, the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains will really burn right up to the heavens!

During the moment he halted to take a look at it, the flame soon caught up with them. Long Chen had already gotten a few Dream Spirit Grasses, so he knew there was no need to linger on Burning Heavens Mountain Plains any longer.

The metal slate should be a treasure, if one can control it, it could have endless benefits. But this flame is simply too big and right now it has already covered a radius of ten li. If this flame continues increasing, the whole of Burning Heavens Mountain Plains might very well be filled with flames, and I will too be unable to obtain that metal slate. So it is only a waste of time.

Thinking of this point, Long Chen rejected the thought of obtaining the metal slate. Today he could have gotten many stalks of Dream Spirit Grass, but coincidentally it was destroyed by the metal slate, and this metal slate was unable to be obtained by him, so he felt extremely frustrated.

As he was about to leave, Lingxi suddenly let out a shout.

Look, that flame is already retreating!

Long Chen turned his head, and saw that the sea of fire showed some signs of waning. Originally it had rapidly expanded, yet now it shrunk quickly.

Anyway there is still time. Long Chen, why dont you take a look? Who knows, you might be able to find out what that metal slate is.

Lingxi spoke the thoughts that were on Long Chens mind, and right now the flames were indeed shrinking. He still had ample to get back to the Yang Family, so Long Chen was not in a hurry and proceeded to turn around.

As the sea of fire got gradually smaller, it had almost all headed back into the depression earlier. Right now, Long Chen was heading back to the area where the Dream Spirit Grass were, while being concealed.

The sea of fire had only spread for half an hour or so, and the time it took to shrink was also half an hour. Very soon Long Chen had returned to where he was previously, and he was feeling rather excited now.

Quickly, hide! The two Big Brothers from earlier are here.

At this point Long Chen was still in a state of [Dragon Soul Transformation], and he was very clear who the two Big Brothers were. Earlier this devastating scene had happened in the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains, so how could Feng Mingyang and Chen Xiongzhou not know about it?

They were originally here to look for treasures, and when the sea of fire appeared, they knew that it had to be some sort of treasure.

Whether or not the metal slate had posed any dangers, Long Chen did not know, but right now there were two people to test that danger as guinea pigs, so he was extremely relaxed. If it was really some sort of treasure, Long Chen would not hesitate to just snatch it from them.

The flames grew smaller and very soon Long Chen and the other two arrived at the depression. Although Long Chen had discovered the both of them, it was not true of the other way around. When the flames have completely vanished, the two immediately headed towards the centre of the depression!

Long Chen wanted to stick his head out and peek, but never expected that the scene was that both Feng Mingyang and Chen Xiongzhou were having a huge battle. They both stared at each other with bloodshot eyes, as if condemning each others death.

Long Chen was stunned, as he thought of the two earlier, who had still called each other brothers.

Is the allure of treasures so great? Bai Sheng can scheme against that old fellow and these two brothers can kill each other for it

Chapter end

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