A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 22: Mixing in with the Main Characters

Chapter 22: Mixing in with the Main Characters

, While speaking, Hexi fiddled with an Invisible Needle between her fingers. It was like her hands were mimicking the action of repeatedly stabbing his eyeballs, harshly damaging his eyesight!, "It's true! It really was the Second Miss! I’m absolutely not telling any lies!" Zhang Dezhong repeatedly shouted in fear as faeces flowed down his pants, "Second Miss said you’re…you’re a fox spirit, you seduced his Highness the Crown Prince, so she ordered me to deal with you. Master had previously passed down an order to not cause the death of Third Miss, therefore Second Miss didn’t dare try to kill you, and just ordered me to sell you to a filthy place. I…I simply couldn’t disobey Second Miss's order, but, but I sold you to Gluttonous House which ended up being a good place, it was a blessing in disguise for you, I beg of you to spare me…please spare me!", Hexi's eyebrows wrinkled slightly, faintly saying, "His Highness the Crown Prince and I have never even seen each other, she said that I seduced him, not even an idiot would believe that? Is Nalan Feixue's IQ really so low?", In Nalan Hexi's memories, there was never any memory about his Highness the Crown Prince? She would even go so far as to put the accusation of seducing the Crown Prince on her, really funny!, Zhang Dezhong didn’t know what the meaning of IQ was, but he could clearly sense the ice coldness of the Invisible Needles, how could he dare lie to her, "I…I only knew that Second Miss received a letter, in the letter it mentioned about how after the Crown Prince returned he would go visit Master to propose marriage, to marry you off as the Crown Prince's concubine., "The Crown Prince and I are unrelated in any way, how could he know me! Do you think I will believe you?" Hexi sneered, sending the Invisible Needles flying. Instantly they cut into Zhang Dezhong's forehead, causing his blood to flow, "If you dare to misstate a sentence, I will cut open your head and dig out your brain!", "I wouldn’t dare! I wouldn’t dare!" Zhang Dezhong shouted in fear, "I only know that the letter mentioned Third Miss's special constitution, that you use some kind of secret method to get men, and no matter the cultivation base of the martial artist, they’ll be able to obtain the greatest promotion. I…I also because of this, did not listen to Second Miss's order to sell you to the pig market, rather I sold you to Gluttonous House, and the owner of Gluttonous House gave me a huge sum of money after assessing you. The rest I really don't know, I don't know anything! Third Miss, please spare me!", Hexi's eyes flashed, she recalled what the host of Gluttonous House had said about a pure yin constitution, but it seems that it wasn’t so simple. Nalan Feixue and the Crown Prince also aren’t fools, could it be that because they heard people say that Nalan Hexi had a special constitution, they were able to believe it?, Who was is it that wrote that letter and gave it to Nalan Feixue? That person spared no effort to provoke Nalan Feixue into dealing with Nalan Hexi, but for what purpose?", But regardless of who is behind this, since he has offended her, Hexi, then don't have hopes of being able to escape unscathed., Hexi’s face showed the traces of a sneer, her gaze landing on the bag of yuan, "You said the owner of Gluttonous House gave you a lot money after the assessment?", "Yes! Yes! The shop owner, Wu Yu, only saw you, Third Miss, with a glance, then he gave me six million yuan. I was ecstatic, in these last few days I haven’t even returned to Nalan Manor to receive the reward that Second Miss promised me. The other matters really have nothing to do with me, so please spare me!", Gluttonous House actually spent six million yuan to buy Nalan Hexi, however, when she awoke, why she was being treated as a low ranked slave and locked in a cage? Isn’t it because she was humiliated by a low level martial artist, so she knocked her head on the cage?,

Chapter end

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