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Now, the solution substantially as can make the fourth cubic meter of logistics ing that our company becomes qualified to sure, including supplying the chain and managing tactics, design business procedure giving a new lease of life to, ability with technology intergration and manpower resources management; In leading position in integrating and supplying chain technology and wrapping up ability outside, and have richer specialized personnel; And supplier on can a plurality of management different have good management and ability to organize.

It has the following three solutions that our company supplies the demand for managing the solution and according with the customer with the chain:

1. In coordination with the operation scheme
In this scheme, have internal cooperation relations only to manage with third party’s logistics to supply with the chain, namely supply the chain to manages the service supplier and does not keep in touch with enterprise’s customer directly, implement supply chain solution, logistics operation procedure,etc. given a new lease of life to that it puts forward through the logistics service supplier of the third party.

2. Integrate and serve the scheme
Supply the chain to manage besides putting forward the feasible solution of supplying chain management as the trader that integrates scheme, also combine the logistics resources of third party, plan to serve enterprise’s customer in unison.

3. Whole scheme of the logistics
In this scheme, our company offers the whole solution of the trade logistics to customer, so can make it expand to maximum degree not to supply the scale of managing operation of the chain, make the whole trade obtain incomes on operating in the logistics.

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