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The logistics informationization means logistics enterprises use modern information technology to gather all or some information produced in the logistics course, classify, transmit, gather, discern, follow, inquire, punish the activity while being a series of, in order to realize the control on course of flowing of the goods, thus the management activity that lowered costs, increased the benefit.

Our company can offer the following services in information-based management of the logistics:
1.Sell and manage
It set up to customer the dynamic managements of order,lasting customer order fast, it deals with that if you can’t sell, retreat in time /demand of exchanging goods.

2.Stock control
Offer the supplies ABC classification, the grading, classification offering supplies are managed; Support the batch, single one, management style in quality guarantee period to stock articles; Support to distribute the internal order under the mode to allot; The volume of stock that can be maximum / safe, the ultra limit calls the police and deals with, accumulates / shortage is counted.

3.Procurement management
Set up a supplier and appraise the system; Make in order and purchase the inquiry, procurement contract, PO Purchasing Order, set up and purchase the price control system; Support many stages which is purchased the plan of application to examine and approve; Make in order and purchase the supplies to manage, support the warehousing quality inspection which is purchased the supplies to manage.

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