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Air transport:
1,Possess complete first class agency’s business qualification and agency of air transport and declare qualification at the Customs, can guarantee the high-quality transport services.
2,Have strong global agency’s networks, can offer appropriate external custom clearance, through transport, follow inquiring and other relevant derivation services according to the needs of commission of the airfreight.
3,The business of our agent’s many international airlines, the course contains every important empty harbour or city in the world.

Sea transport:
1,There is cooperative partner in the main port city of the whole world, can offer swift, safe "door to door " International transport services.
2,Sign have long-term, the intersection of case and the intersection of quantity and steady freight rate agreement with many of the intersection of ship and Company, thus has guaranteed our service quality and price advantage .
3,Have one’s own professional the intersection of supervision and the intersection of car and motorcade, can all-round to offer to customer customs turn and imprison and transport the business.

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